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A large, well-organised terror cell planned and staged the deadly Madrid train bombings

Incredible iron bridge that is the longest in Spain now recognised as cultural monument

Christmas Day 1884: The Day Andalucía Shook

Carbonell: the oil from Córdoba which fed the British fleet

The El Escorial Conspiracy 

Spanish author Rafael Torres has taken a look back at the memory of the British in Spain

SS Namur: Fire and gold under the Alborán Sea

The British psychological tricks used to defeat Hitler

The Gentleman and the Civil War in Spain

The history of Spain counted in 82 objects

The La Herradura Shipwrecks

The refugees who escaped the Nazis via Málaga

Spanish War of Independence - The Motín de Aranjuez

The Spanish Irregulars

The Battle of Trafalgar, October 17 1,805

Great Britain bribed Spain to stay outside the Second World War

Navarra: the autonomous community

On March 28 1939, the last boat carrying republican exiles on board, 'Stanbrook' left the port of Alicante

The Titón and the Herver: the English Cervantes family.

When Britain went to war over the ear of a British sailor

¡No Pasarán! Madrid: The Crucified City

The Siege of Algeciras

Republican Spain : Images of tragedy and compassion

Spain: The Centre of the World 1519-1682

The 1812 Spanish Constitution

The last British International Brigadier

'The last combat of Glorioso'

The only excommunicated and damned village in Spain

The Spaniard who defeated 1,500 Britons and Indians

The Isthmus of Tehuantepec

Castillo de Loarre