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Spain’s ‘£97 daily rule’ isn’t new nor a worry for British tourists

Despite what the British tabloids have been claiming recently they are spreading disinformation

Theoretically a £97 a day rule exists but not only in Spain but across the Schengen area countries

As non-EU nationals who are not from a Schengen Area – the United Kingdom never was but Brexit has its consequences as British tourists entering Spain could have certain requirements with which to comply if asked by Spanish border officials

Photo - Howard Brereton

Such requirements include a valid passport which must have at least ten full years in vigour, proof of a return ticket, documents proving their purpose of entry to Spain, limits on the amount of time they can spend in Spain (the 90 out of 180 days Schengen rule), proof of accommodation, a formal letter of invitation if staying with friends or family and yes, proof of sufficient financial means for the trip

Third country nationals who want to enter Spain in 2024 may need to prove they have at least €113.40 per day (around £97) with a minimum of €972 (around £830) per person regardless of the intended duration of the stay. It is unclear whether this could also possibly apply to minors

The amount of financial means to prove has increased slightly in 2024 as it is linked to Spain’s minimum wage, which has also risen

Financial means can be accredited by presenting cash, traveller’s cheques, credit cards accompanied by a bank account statement, an up-to-date bank book or any other means that proves the amount available as credit on a card or bank account