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April 13

Saint’s Day for Hermenegildo, Martín I and Quintiniano.

1499 - Pope Alejandro VI published an order to authorise cardinal Cisneros the creation of the University of Alcalá de Henares
1534 - Sir Thomas More is called to Lambeth Palace to swear allegiance to the parliamentary Act of Succession which declared Ann Boleyn the legitimate Queen of England and invalidated Henry VIII’s marriage to Katherine of Aragón – Catalina, daughter of the Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabella. More refused due to a preface to the Act which denied the authority of the Pope, and was later executed for high treason.

Sir Thomas More - markarayner.com

1931 - Granada Football Club founded
1978 - The Andalusian parliamentary meeting (held in the Provincial Council of Malaga) approves the project the Andalusian autonomous regime.

1546 - Isabel de Valois, the daughter of Henri II of France and the third wife of Felipe II of Spain, was born in Fontainebleau. (d. 1568)
1923 - Fernando Lazaro Carreter, philologist.
1928 - Matilde Conesa, voice actress.
1928 - José Agustín Goytisolo, poet.
1928 - José Ignacio Tellechea Idígoras, Historian and theologian.
1942 - Ricardo Blázquez, archbishop.
1944 - Pedro Mari Zabalza, football player and trainer
1959 - Salva Maldonado, basketball trainer
1964 - Miguel Colino, bass player in band Extremoduro.
1964 - Eusebio Sacristán, footballer.
1971 - Diana Lázaro, actress
1973 - .Roberto Fernandez Canuto (born  in Gijon) is a  film director and screenwriter. He belongs to a new generation of filmmakers from Spain with learning or working experiences internationally and with multicultural influences. Roberto F. Canuto is one of the first European directors to establish stable collaborations within the Chinese industry. Since 2010 he co-directs all his films with the Chinese director Xu Xiaoxi and together open a film production company in China, Almost Red Productions.
Even still at an early stage of his career, Roberto obtains international recognition as all his films have been selected and awarded in many international film festivals. Due to the themes treated and the distinct style of his films, Roberto F. Canuto is considered in some circles as a promise and a director to follow
1975 - Frank Blanco, radio and TV presenter.
1978 - Carles Puyol, footballer, born in La Pobla de Sugur
1988 - Rita Maestre Fernández , politician . 

1684 - Nicholas Antonio, scholar and bibliophile.
1908 - Eleuterio Delgado y Martín, politician (b. 1852).
1956 - Blanca de los Ríos, writer and painter (b. 1862).
1983 - Mercè Rodoreda, writer.
2002 - Francisco Miguel Molina, karateka (b 1988).
2008 - Elías Amézaga, writer (b. 1921).
2009 - Abel Paz, writer, self-taught historian and anarcho-syndicalist (b 1921).