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April 17

Saint’s Day for Aniceto, Elias, Isidoro, Roberto and Esteban.

796 - Al-Andalus, Al-Hakam I comes to power as an independent emir.
1492 - a document known as the Capitulaciones de Santa Fe is signed by the Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabella, setting out the terms of the agreement reached with the explorer, Christopher Columbus, for his first voyage to Asia to aquire spices.

Capitulaciones de Santa Fe - Photo www.rtve.es

1535 - in New Spain, the Spanish conquistador Antonio de Mendoza was appointed Viceroy (the first).
1610 - King Philip III ordered the expulsion of the Moriscos of Aragon.
1711 - the Army Corps of Engineers is formed by royal decree of Philip V.1931 - the ABC newspaper publishes a manifesto to the country from Alfonso XIII, who had left Spain after the Republican victory in the municipal elections on 14 April, where the monarch states that he is not giving up his rights but is suspending the use of his Royal Powers, and recognises Spain as in charge of her own destiny.
1797 - Sir Ralph Abercromby attacks San Juan, Puerto Rico, in what would be one of the largest invasions of the Spanish territories in the Americas
2004 - José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero is invested Socialist Prime Minister of Spain.
2005 - elections are held in the Basque Country and Galicia.

1271 - Juana I of Navarra, Queen of Navara.
1497 - Pedro de Valdivia, Spanish conquistador conquered northern Chile (d. 1553)
1849 - Luis Adaro, engineer (d. 1915).
1867 - María Guerrero, actress (d. 1928).
1891 - José Enrique Varela, soldier.
1896 - Señor Wences, ventriloquist ( his hand acts as a puppet) and comedian, born in Peñaranda de Bracamonte, Salamanca (d. 1999).
1946 - Àngel Casas, Catalan journalist.
1950 - Miguel Morales Barreto, guitarrist from the band Los Brincos.
1963 - The actor, Pedro Casablanc, was born in Casablanca, Morocco.
1980 - David Otero (El Pescao), guitarrist from the band El Canto del Loco.

1723 - Tomas Vicente Tosca, mathematician, cartographer and theologian (b 1651.).
1902 - The Duke of Cádiz, Francisco de Asís de Borbón, King Consort to Isabela II of Spain, died in France.(b. 1822)
1996 - Jose Luis Lopez Aranguren, philosopher and essay writer (b 1906.).
2008 - Rosario la Dinamitera, milicia (b. 1919).
2011 - Alfonso Martínez, basketball player (b. 1937).