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April 19

Saint’s Day for Rufo, Expedito, Dionisio, Cayo, Vicente, Timón and Galicio.

1013 - Córdoba Caliphate, Berbers commanded Sulayman ibn al-Hakam troops enter and loot the city for several days.
1528 - in the courts of Madrid, Prince Felipe II is sworn heir to the kingdoms of Spain.
1587 - the British naval commander, Sir Francis Drake, sails his fleet into port in Cádiz, destroying more than 100 Spanish Armada ships assembling there for an attack on Britain. Drake described the day afterwads as 'Singeing the King of Spain's beard'.

Drake's victory in Cádiz - photo http://minerdescent.com/2011/03/30/john-parker-sr/

1677 - The French army captures the town of Cambrai held by Spanish troops.
1880 - Madrid, Mateo Sagasta-founded the Liberal Party Fusionista.
1898 - the US Congress passes a joint resolution supporting Cuban independence and demanding Spanish withdrawal from the island.
1902 - La Coruna two missionaries are stoned while preaching
1911 - in Bilbao is a society is to build direct railway from Madrid to Valencia and Madrid to Bilbao.
1917 - Count of Romanones presents the resignation of his cabinet to King Alfonso XIII.
1924 - the telecommunications company Telefónica is born as la Compañía Telefónica Nacional de España.
1928 - The Spanish military aviation acquires its first airplane bombing.
1928 - The ship school - Juan Sebastian Elcano embarks on his first trip.
1930 - the talking film The winery, starring Conchita Piquer, based on a novel by Blasco Ibáñez and directed by Benito Perojo opens.
1932 - in the Basque Country, mayors approved the draft statute.
1937 - within the framework of the Spanish Civil War, the dictator Francisco Franco dictates the Decree of Unification, which dissolved all political parties and establishing a new one: the Spanish Falange Traditionalist and JONS (Juntas of the National Syndicalist Offensive) under the command only the "Caudillo".
1947 - in Franco's Spain, the Cabinet approved a decree law of repression of banditry and terrorism.
1954 - Spain wins the World Championship youth soccer.
1956 - seven people die in an earthquake in Granada province, followed by another five deaths the following day when a cave collapses in Granada City.
1958 - Franco's Spain in the choice of procurators in the Spanish Cortes is performed.
1961 - Spain adopts the European labor hours, allowing continuous working day.
1977 - in Orense (Spain) 12 children die when a bus fell down an embankment.
1978 - Spain takes place in the First Congress of PCE in the legality after the Franco dictatorship.
1978 - preautonomic regime in Andalusia is approved.
1979 - in Spain's first democratic councils are constituted after the elections, in which UCD obtains the majority of councilors.
1980 - a particular complaint to the Senate an alleged embezzlement of one billion pesetas in compensation to evacuees Sahara.
1989 - after the end of the truce of ETA, the Spanish government initiated the expulsion of ETA members of Algiers, beginning with the negotiators.
1995 - the future Partido Popular Prime Minister, José María Aznar, at the time the leader of the opposition, escapes unhurt in an ETA car bomb attack in Madrid.
2000 - The ambassadors of Spain and the United Kingdom to the European Union signed an agreement in London promises to be the competent authority in relations between Gibraltar and the EU.
2001 - the veteran journalist Matías Prats Cañete receives the "Toda Una Vida 2000" award at the Awards Gala TV.
2002 - Madrid, the Cabinet approved the draft Political Parties Law, designed to achieve the outlawing of Batasuna.
2002 - President of PRISA, Jesus de Polanco group, delivered to the Argentine writer Tomas Eloy Martinez the V Premio Alfaguara de Novela for his book The Flight of the Queen.
2004 - An unknown desecrated the grave and burned the body of the dead policeman in the explosion of the building in Leganés (Madrid) where seven Islamic terrorists blew themselves up.
2004 - the sailors Iker Martinez and Xabi Fernandez sailing world champions proclaimed in the 49er class.

1637 - Mateo Cerezo, painter (d. 1666).
1660 - Sebastián Durón, composer born in Brihuega; Guadalajara  (d. 1716)
1832 - José Echegaray y Eizaguirre, the engineer, mathematician, playwright, and politician who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1904. He was born in Madrid (d. 1916)
1895 - Manuel D. Benavides, journalist and politician (d. 1947).
1916 - Delio Rodríguez, cyclist (f. 1994).
1934 - Salvador Sánchez-Terán, politician and engineer
1940 - José Luis Gómez, actor.
1943 - Lorenzo Sanz, businessman
1945 - Ginés Morata, biologist.
1949 - Paloma Picasso, French-Spanish fashion designer
1958 - Roberto López Ufarte, footballer.
1965 - Mayte Martín, flamenco singer songwriter.
1967 - Herri Torrontegui, motorcycle rider.
1970 - Abelardo Fernández Antuña Asturian footballer

1013 - Hisham II, Umayyad caliph of Córdoba (b. 966)
1686 - Antonio de Solís y Ribadeneyra, historian and playwright (b. 1610)
1969 - Juan Modesto Guilloto, soldier
1983 - Federico de Castro y Bravo, Judge (b. 1903).
2007 - Ramón Godínez Flores, bishop (b. 1936).
2010 - Manuel Fernández Álvarez, historianl (b. 1921).