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April 23

Saint’s Day for Jorge, Félix, Fortunato and Gerardo - of Aragón and Castilla y León

1229 - Fernando III of Castilla conquered Cáceres.
1521 - the revolt of the comuneros, the troops of Charles I defeated the commoners in the battle of Villalar.
1563 - the first stone of the Monasterio San Lorenzo de El Escorial is laid, founded by Felipe II to commemorate his victory at the Battle of San Quintín.

Camilo José Cela

1655 -The Siege of Santo Domingo begins during the Anglo-Spanish War, and fails seven days later.
1868 - Luis González Bravo is named president of Government.
1909 - A large earthquake hits Madrid
1925 - Edited he first edition of Don Quijote in Braille.
1925 - Having badly defeated Spain and driven her out of Spanish Morocco, the native Riffi, led by Abd-el-Krim, turn on the French in French Morocco
1929 - Barcelona reaches a million inhabitants.
1951 - Mexico begins in the First Congress of Academies of the Spanish Language, which ends on May 6 with the creation of the Association of Spanish Language Academies.
1976 - the Cervantes Prize in Spain (which is delivered at the Colegio Mayor de San Ildefonso of Alcala de Henares) is inaugurated.
1976 - First edition of the newspaper Avui Barcelona in Catalan.
1977 - Unions were legalized, prohibited by the Franco dictatorship.
1977 - Barcelona, 100,000 people demonstrate calling the Statute of Autonomy for Catalonia.
1983 - The program Box of Rthymns played the single by Vulpess called I like being a slut, which unleashed a national controversy.
1996 - The novelist and Nobel for Literatura Camilo José Cela is awarded the Premio Cervantes.
2000 - First broadcast of the reality show Big Brother.
2004 - The Chilean poet Gonzalo Rojas awarded the Premio Cervantes 2003
2015 - Juan Goytisolo won the Cervantes Prize

1594 - Serrallonga, Catalan bandit.
1837 - Juan Bautista Cabrera Ivars, poet, theologian and reformist (d. 1916).
1896 - Charlie Rivel, clown.
1915 - José Lahoz, cyclist (d. 2011).
1917 - Gerardo Antón, politiican (d. 2011).
1919 - Epifanio Fernández (Epi), footballer(d. 1977).
1926 - Gerardo Rueda, abstract painter.
1926 - Amalia Avia, artist (d. 2011).
1927 - Manuel Rivera Hernández, artist (d. 1995).
1934 - Jaime de Jaraíz, painter.
1943 - Carmen von Thyssen, philanthropist and art collector, born in Barcelona
1943 - Iñaki Sáez, football player and trainer.
1944 - Juan de Loxa, writer, poet and journalist.
1946 - Andrés Junquera, footballer.
1948 - Álvaro Caruncho, painter (d. 2011).
1969 - Martín López-Zubero, swimmer.
1976 - Pasión Vega, popular singer.

1728 - Tomás de Torrejón y Velasco, organist and composer.
1865 - Diego de Argumosa, doctor(b. 1792).
1868 - Ramón María Narváez y Campos, solider and politican.
1918 - Nicholas Achúcarro, physician and neuroscientist (b 1880.).
1931 - Isabella, Princess of Asturias, "La Chata" daughter of the Spanish Queen Elizabeth II.
1936 - Eugenio Noel, pseudonym of Eugenio Muñoz Diaz, writer.
1967 - Edgar Neville, writer, filmmaker and painter (b. 1899).
1976 - Jose Antonio Elola-Olaso, politician (b. 1909).
1978 - Juan de Contreras and Lopez de Ayala, nobleman, politician and writer (b 1893).
1981 - The Catalan writer and journalist, Josep Pla.
2014 - Benjamín Brea, Spanish-Venezuelan saxophonist, clarinet player, and conductor (Los Cañoneros) (b. 1946)