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April 3

Saint’s Day for Sixto I, Ricardo, Benigno, Urbino and Pancracio.

1493 - the Catholic Kings receive Christopher Columbus in the Palacio del Tinell in Barcelona upon his return from his first voyage of discovery to the New World.

Christopher Columbus - Archive photo

1559 - Spain & France sign 2nd Treaty of Le Cateau-Cambrésis
1979 - the first democratic municipal elections take place in Spain following the death of Francisco Franco.
2000 - El Ejido (Almería) returns some tension on burning shanties immigrants and several cars and greenhouses of residents.
2004 - Islamic terrorists involved in the 2004 Madrid train bombings are trapped by the police in their apartment and kill themselves

1890 - Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera,  was a lawyer and Christian democrat Catalan nationalist politician.
His execution, by order of Francisco Franco, provoked protests from Catholic journalists such as Joseph Ageorges, the President of the International Federation of Catholic Journalists.
Ageorges wrote, "Even more than the death of the Duke of Enghien stained the memory of Napoleon, the death of Carrasco has stained the reputation of Franco".
Such protests, in turn, provoked the anger of the Francoist press.
His funeral in Paris on 27 April 1938 was attended by many notable people, including Joan Miró, Ossorio y Gallardo, Josep M.de Sagarra, Joaquim Ventalló and Jacques Maritain and his wife Raissa.
1904 - Dionís Bennássar, artist (d. 1967).
1922 - José Hierro, poet (d. 2002).
1923 - Eusebio Sempere Juan  was a sculptor, painter and graphic artist whose abstract geometric works make him the most representative artist of the Kinetic art movement in Spain and one of Spain's foremost artists.
 His use of repetition of line and mastery of color to manipulate the way light plays on the surface give depth to his pictorial compositions.(d. 1985).
1941 - Salvador Sadurní, footballer.
1945 - Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, economist and politician.
1946 - The internationally-renowned actress, Marisa Paredes, was born in Madrid
1952 - José María López Sanfeliu  born in Figueres, Girona is a musician better known by his stage name Kiko Veneno
1956 - Miguel Bosé, singer was born in Panama while his mother, the Italian actress, Lucía Bosé, was with his father, the bullfighter, Luis Miguel Dominguín, on a tour of South America. Bosé became an honorary Colombian citizen in 2010.
1956 - Ricardo Iniesta, theatre director.
1956 - Eduardo Zaplana, politician.
1959 - Fermin Velez, racing driver.
1962 - José Maldonado Gómez, artist.
1968 - Sergi Arola, Top chef.
1974 - Inma del Moral, model and actress.
1980 - Fernando Ramallo, actor.
1986 - Sergio Sánchez Ortega, footballer. (Espanyol) born in Mataró
1987 - Julián Simón, motorbike rider.

1055 - Idris II, King of Málaga (b. 1030).
1545 - Antonio de Guevara, chronicler and moralist (b. 1481)
1682 - Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, painter and educator (b. 1618)
1909 - Pascual Cervera y Topete, Admiral (b. 1839).
1918 - Agustín Lhardy Garrigues painter and cook (b. 1847).
1930 - Fernando Guerrero Strachan, architect (b. 1879).
1990 - Luis Felipe de Peñalosa y Contreras, historian (b. 1912).
1995 - Gracita Morales, actress (b. 1928).
1997 - Luis Sánchez Agesta, historian and politician (b. 1914).
2012 - Mingote, cartoonist and journalist (b. 1919)
2012 - José María Zárraga, footballer and manager (b. 1930)
2013 - Mariví Bilbao, actress (b. 1930)