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April 4

Saint’s Day for Isidoro of Sevilla and Zoizmus of Palestine.

801 - King Louis the Pious captures Barcelona from the Moors after a siege of several months
1541 - St. Ignatius of Loyola himself elected first general of the Jesuits.
1566 - King Philip II granted the village of Garciaz the title of "Illustrious Villa".
1581 - Sir Francis Drake completes his ring Earth. It is the first Briton to achieve this, 60 years after Juan Sebastian Elcano.
1609 - Philip III of Spain issues the decree of the "Expulsion of the Moriscos" from the Kingdom of Valencia.
1847 - Barcelona’s oldest and most prestigious theatre, the Gran Teatro del Liceo, is inaugurated.

1883 - Alfonso XIII lays the first stone of the Catedral de la Almudena in Madrid, consecrated by Pope John Paul II on his visit to Spain in 1993.

1640 – Gaspar Sanz, guitarist, composer, and priest (d. 1710)
1868 - Felipe Calderon and Roca, lawyer, politician and intellectual Filipino Spanish language (d. 1908)1935 - Gonzalo Torrente Malvido, writer and screenwriter (d. 2011).
1900 - Doña María del Rosario de Silva y Gurtubay, Duchess of Alba de Tormes, suo jure 9th Marquise of San Vicente del Barco, Grandee of Spain
Single heiress of all the titles of her father, Alfonso de Silva, 16th Duke of Híjar, and of the fortune of her mother, María del Rosario Gurtubay, the young Marquise was one of the beauties of her time. She married in London, on 7 October 1920, to Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart, 17th Duke of Alba, thus becoming the Duchess of Alba.
She had one daughter, Cayetana, born in 1926. The Duke and Duchess travelled to the United States in 1924, visiting Chicago, New York, Washington, and Long Island.She stayed with her family in the Liria Palace in Madrid and died there of tuberculosis, aged only 33.
1945 - Jesús Posada, politician. is the former President of the Congress of Deputies, the lower house of the Spanish Cortes Generales.
1951 - María Mercedes Milá Mencos, television presenter and journalist, most notable for her work on Spain's Telecinco's Gran Hermano, the Spanish version of the reality television series Big Brother
1952 - María Mendiola, singer for the band Baccara.
1956 - Norma Duval, actress and showgirl.
1956 - Carmen Mejia Ruiz, philologist and professor.
1960 - Eva Arguiñano, cook and Spanish TV presenter.
1960 - Yolanda Barcina Angulo, politician.
1968 - Jesús Rollán, water polo player (d. 2006)
1982 - Jorge Salán, guitarist from the band Mägo de Oz.
1985 - Rudy Fernández, basketball guard (Olympic silver 2008, 12; bronze 2016; FIBA World Cup gold 2006, 19; Portland TB's, Denver Nuggets, Real Madrid) born in Palma de Mallorca
1986 - Aiden McGeady, footballer.
1991 - Dionibel Rodríguez Rodríguez, is a track and field athlete from Spain, who competes under the T20 classification due to an intellectual disability. He has competed at the INAS World Games, INAS World Athletics Championships and the INAS World Indoor Athletics Championships.
2001 - Daniel Avilés Valiente (born April 4, 2001) is a Spanish actor, best known for his role of Carlitos in the series Los Protegidos

636 - Isidore of Seville, archbishop and saint (b. 560) proposed as patron saint of the Internet, died in Seville.
1284 - Alfonso X the wise, King Castilla y León (b. 1221).
1305 - Juana I, Queen of Navarra (b. 1273).
1851 - Paquiro, bullfighter (b. 1805).
1984 - Joan Ponç, painter (b. 1927).
1995 - Teófilo Martínez, voice dubbing actor (b. 1915).
2001 - Ramón Mendoza, businessman and president of Real Madrid (b. 1927).
2016 - Chus Lampreave,actress (b. 1930)