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April 5

Saint’s Day for Vicente Ferrer, Irene and Juliana.

891 - the Battle of the Castillo de Poley takes place in Aguilar de la Frontera, Córdoba, where the forces of the Sultan of Córdoba put down a rebellion led by Omar Ibn Hafsum.

Ignacio de Loyola - www.aimdigital.com.ar

1541 - Ignacio de Loyola is elected the first Superior General of the religious order he founded seven years earlier, the Jesuits.
1566 - Two-hundred Dutch noblemen, led by Hendrick van Brederode, force themselves into the presence of Margaret of Parma and present the Petition of Compromise, denouncing the Spanish Inquisition in the Netherlands. The Inquisition is suspended and a delegation is sent to Spain to petition Philip II.
1812 - British storm Badajoz fortress in Extremadura, held by the French & Spanish
1818 - In the Battle of Maipú, Chile's independence movement - led by Bernardo O'Higgins and José de San Martín - win a decisive victory over Spain, leaving 2,000 Spaniards and 1,000 Chilean patriots dead
1926 - Spain and the Philippines, Elcano Squadron operating the flight between Madrid and Manila.
1931 - In Spain municipal elections are held in which the monarchist parties defeat the Republicans gaining 14,018 1,832 councilors against the Republicans. Despite this fact represents a consolidation of support for Republicans.
2016 - ‘Spain will ask Panama for help to pursue the tax evaders’. The prosecution service is investigating the money laundering carried out in Mossack Fonseca and will request all their data on front men linked to Spanish clients.
2018 - Greenpeace announces that in November 2007 a radioactive leak was reported at the Ascó Nuclear Power Plant, but it was kept hidden from the press

1733 - José María Coppinger, governor of Spanish East Florida (d. 1844)
1845 - Jules Cambon, French ambassador to US (1897), Spain (1902-07)  and Germany (19-07-14) born in Paris (d. 1935)
1879 - José Millán-Astray, solider (d. 1954).
1902 - José María Albareda, scientist (d. 1966)
1913 - Antoni Clavé, was a Catalan master painter, printmaker, sculptor, stage designer and costume designer. He was nominated for two Academy Awards (Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design) for his work on the 1952 film Hans Christian Andersen.Clavé was one of Spain's best known and most celebrated artists.  
His work evolved from a baroque, ornamental style to a pure, minimal aesthetic. In his later years, his work is completely abstract, employing expressive lines and exploring the boundaries of collage, objet trove, shading, texture and color. He was trained at the School of Fine Arts, Barcelona, where he was taught by Angel Ferrant and Felix Mestres. With his works being influenced by artists such as Bonnard, Vuillard and Roualt. He is best known for his lyrical abstractions, works which combine paint with collage.
Clavé in 1983 photo take by his wife - https://www.antoni-clave.org/
Clavé fought in the Republican Army in the Spanish Civil War, and served as draughtsman for the Republican government. He arrived in France as a refugee in 1939 and went straight to Paris to work as an illustrator. His first one-man exhibition was held at the Au sans Pareil bookshop, 37 Avenue Kléber in Paris in 1940, where Max Ernst and other leading figures from the Dada movement had their first exhibitions in the 1920s. In 1944 Clavé met Picasso and began making figure compositions that were deeply influenced by Picasso's work, featuring kings, harlequins, children, and still lifes.
His theatrical designs have appeared on stages in New York, Munich, London and Paris, as well as in the 1952 film Hans Christian Andersen. His works include sets for opera, theatre, and ballet, most notably for Roland Petit's ballet company, Les Ballets des Champs Elysees (1945-1951) including Los Caprichos (1946) Carmen (1949) and a comic ballet choreographed by Roland Petit called Deuil en 24 Heures. In 1951 he designed La maison de Bernarda Alba (The House of Bernarda Alba) for director Marcel Achard at the Theatre de l'Oeuvre in Paris, and in 1962, a production of The Marriage of Figaro for Maurice Sarrazin at Théatre de la cour de l'Archeveché in Aix-en-Provence
In 1957 Clavé began to design carpets and from 1960 he began to work on sculptural bas reliefs, assemblages and totem-like sculptures of wood and modelled or imprinted lead. He also used some objets trouvé. In 1965 Clavé moved to the South of France, near Saint-Tropez.
His work is displayed in many museums, including the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, National Museum of Serbia, Museo Patio Herreriano de Valladolid in Spain Museo Patio Herresriano, Tate Gallery, London, Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, Museum of Modern Art, Paris, Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia Museo Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo and The British Museum, London.
1928 - Antonio Rodriguez Vicente Redondo, Spanish scholar.
1928 - Pius Caro Baroja, director of Spanish cinema.
1937 - Ángel Pariente, poet.
1942 - Antonio Fernández, football manager (CD Málaga) born in Alicante (d. 2022)
1942 - Juan Gisbert Sr , tennis player
1944 - Xabier Lete, Basque poet and singer (d. 2010).
1968 - Cristina Sánchez-Andrade  is a Spanish writer and translator of partial English descent.
1975 - Marcos Vales, footballer
1976 - Fernando Morientes, footballer formerly with Real Madrid and Liverpool, was born in Cilleros, Cáceres.
1986 - Manuel Ruz, footballer
1997 - Borja Mayoral, footballer

1183 - Ramón Berenguer III Spanish count of Cerdanya and Provence
1419 - Vincent Ferrer, missionary and saint (b. 1350)
1584 - Catherine of Palma, nun (b, 1533)
1617 - Alonso Lobo, composer (b. 1555)
1932 - María Blanchard, painter (b. 1881)
1935 - Juan Picasso González, Spanish solider second uncle the painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso.
1937 - José Benlliure y Gil, painter (b. 1858)
1971 - José Cubiles, pianist and orchestra conductor (b. 1894).
1996 - Encarna Sánchez, journalist (b. 1935).
2009 - Chano Lobato, flamenco singer songwriter (b. 1927).
2012 - Francisco Hernandez Diaz, painter and draftsman. b. 1932).
2013 - Bigas Luna, filmmaker (b 1946.).
2014 - Mariano Díaz, cyclist (b. 1939)