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April 7

Saints Days : Epifanio, Donato, Rufino, Juan Bautista de la Salle

It’s World Health Day
1798 - The Mississippi Territory is organized from disputed territory claimed by both the United States and Spain. It is expanded in 1804 and again in 1812.
1823 - The 100,000 sons of San Luis, entered Spain and re-established the rule of Fernando VII of Spain. The 100,000 sons of San Luis was the name given to the French army led by the duke of Angulema, son of the future Carlos I.
1906 - The Algeciras Conference gives France and Spain control over Morocco.
1917 - Manuel de Falla's ballet ('El Sombrero de tres Picos' - 'The Three-Cornered Hat') premieres at Teatro Eslava in Madrid

Niceto Alcalá Zamora - Photo  www.abc.es

1936 - Niceto Alcalá Zamora was sacked as the President of the Spanish republic.
1956 - Spain relinquishes its protectorate in Morocco.
2006 - Congress approved the new military law which allows soldiers to remain in the army until 45.
2006 - the 6th Congress approves the Law on Education. The new standard establishes common teachings to 55%. Religion is optional, free choice. Sum a new subject, the education for citizenship. High school students may not exceed 3 course with more suspense.

1506 - Francis Xavier, missionary and saint, co-founded the Society of Jesus (d. 1552)
Juan José de Austria - https://en.wikipedia.org/
1629 - Juan José de Austria, was a general and political figure. He was the only bastard son of Philip IV of Spain to be acknowledged by the King and trained for military command and political administration.
Don John advanced the causes of the Spanish Crown militarily and diplomatically at Naples, Sicily, Catalonia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Dunkirk and other fronts.
He was the governor of the Southern Netherlands from 1656 to 1659.
He remained a popular hero even as the fortunes of Imperial Spain began to decline.
His feuds with his father's widow, Queen Mariana, led to a 1677 palace coup through which he exiled Mariana and took control of the monarchy of his half-brother Charles II of Spain.
However, he proved far from the savior Spain had hoped he would be.
He remained in power until his death in 1679.
1893 - Claudio Sánchez Albornoz, historian
1895 - Eduardo Toldrá, Catalan composer and conductor, born in Vilanova i la Geltrú (d. 1962)
1936 - Xosé Manuel Beiras, politician.
1936 - José Martín Colmenarejo, cyclist (d. 1995).
1939 - Alberto Ormaetxea, football player and trainer
1942 - José María Maravall, sociologist and politician
1948 - José Enrique Ruiz-Domènec, historian
1963 - Jaime de Marichalar, nobel, businessman and former husband of the Infanta Elena, 
1964 - Ángel Garrido García is a politician, President of the Community of Madrid since 2018.
1965 - Ángeles González-Sinde, screenwriter and film maker.
1972 - José Javier Hombrados, handball player.
1975 - Actor - Sergio Peris Mencheta
1979 - Ruth Núñez (born in Nerja) is an actress. She is perhaps the best known for her television roles of Bosnian girl Tanja Mitjovic in Compañeros (1998–01) and Beatriz "Bea" Pérez Pinzón in Yo soy Bea (2006–08), Spanish version of Ugly Betty. In 2016 she had a cast appearance with Andrea Duro in the ninth season of La que se avecina.From 2006 she is dating with Alejandro Tous.
1983 - Andrea Fuentes, synchronized swimmer.

1234 - Sancho VII, the strong King of Navarra (b. 1154).
1557 - Jerónimo de Alderete, conquistador (b. 1516).
1611 - Antonio Pérez, politician (b. 1540).
1614 - El Greco (Domenikos Theotocopulos), Spanish painter of Greek origin (b. 1541).
1658 - Juan Eusebio Nieremberg, mystic and philosopher (b. 1595)
1845 - Julia Clary, Queen consort (b. 1771).
1877 - Fernán Caballero (Cecilia Bohl de Faber), writer (b. 1796)
1905 - Apolinar Brull Ayerra, composer (b. 1845).
1961 - Jesús Guridi, musician (b. 1886).
1998 - Luis Díez del Corral, political scientist (b 1911).
2007 - Mariano Gonzalvo, "Gonzalvo III", footballer (b. 1922).
2011 - Jerónimo Arozamena, judge (b. 1924).
2012 - Manuel Albaladejo, judge (b. 1920).
2014 - Josep Maria Subirachs, sculptor and painter (b. 1927)