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April 9

Saint’s Day for Casilda, Acacio, Marcelo, Demetrio and Hilario.

1609 - the Twelve Years’ Treaty is concluded at Antwerp between Spain and the United Provinces, a period of ceasefire in the 80 Years War for Dutch independence from Spain.
1609 - Felipe III  issues the decree of the 'Expulsion of the Moriscos' 
1767 - Malaga issued a proclamation ordering the immediate expulsion of all Jesuits.

Seve Ballesteros - photo www.europeantour.com
1977 - the PCE Partido Comunista de España is made legal, seen as a key event in the transition to democracy.
2015 - National Court Judge Pablo Ruz processed eleven important Moroccans for the crimes of genocide in Western Sahara
2017 - Sergio García – the first ‘major’ for Spain in the XXI century – 18 years after his debut at the Masters at Augusta, just when Olazabal gave Spain her first major in 1999, the Spaniard finally was wearing the famous green jacket at the 74th attempt.

1618 - Agustín Moreto y Cavana, Catholic priest and dramatist (d. 1669)
Ezequiél Moreno y Díaz - https://en.wikipedia.org/
1848 - Saint Ezequiél Moreno y Díaz, OAR was a member of the Order of Augustinian Recollects and now venerated as a Saint in the Roman Catholic Church. 
Born in the city of Alfaro, La Rioja, to Félix Moreno and María Josefa Díaz, he was the third of six children along with Eustaquio, Juana, Valentina and Benigna. His fourth sister, named María de las Candelas, died. Moreno first wore the habit of the Recoletos in Monteagudo, Navarra, Spain on September 21, 1864. Later, he made his solemn vow in Marcialla (also in Navarra) on September 22, 1868.
The monastery in Monteagudo was known for dispatching missionaries to both the Americas and the Philippines. As expected, Moreno sailed for Manila, the capital of the Captaincy General of the Philippines, arriving there on February 10, 1870.(d. 1909)
1850 - Diego de los Ríos y Nicolau, was the last Spanish Governor-General of the Philippines. (d. 1911)
1878 - Enrique de Mesa, poet (d. 1929).
1899 - Rafael Porlán, poet (d. 1945).
1906 - The Goya award-winning actress, Rafael Aparicio, was born on this day in Marbella (d. 1996)
1908 - Anselmo Carretero, essayist. (d. 2002)
1914 - Joaquim Muntañola, historian (d. 2012).
1916 - Juan Eduardo Cirlot, poet and art critic.
1929 - Manuel Jiménez de Parga, jurist and politician.
1946 - Francisco Vázquez Vázquez, politician.
1957 - Severiano Ballesteros golfer and architect, in Pedreña, Cantabria. (d. 2011)
1958 - Manix Mandiola, football trainer.
1960 - Isabel Coixet, film director. She is one of the most prolific film directors of contemporary Spain, having directed twelve feature-length films since the beginning of her film career in 1988, in addition to documentary films, shorts, and commercials. Her films depart from the traditional national cinema of Spain, and help to “untangle films from their national context ... clearing the path for thinking about national film from different perspectives. The recurring themes of “emotions, feelings, and existential conflict” coupled with her distinct visual style secure the “multifaceted (she directs, writes, produces, shoots, and acts)” filmmaker's status as a “Catalan auteur.
1973 - Carmen Alcayde Ballesteros, journalist.
1977 - Gloria Ríos, singer.
1981 - Sergi Vidal, basketball player.
1986 - Carlos Martínez Díez, footballer.

1779 - Antonio Maria de Bucareli y Ursula, Viceroy of the New Spain.
1809 - Alejandro Malaspina, noble and marine (b. 1754).
1857 - Antonio María Esquivel, painter (b. 1806).
1904 - Isabel II, Queen of Spain for 35 years, died in exile in France in 1904, having seen both her son and grandson come to the Spanish throne following her abdication. (b. 1830)
1936 - Francisco Villaespesa, poet (b. 1877).
2003 - Jorge Oteiza, sculptor (b. 1908).
2011 - Isabel Osca, actress (b. 1931).
2012 - José Guardiola, singer (b. 1930).
2017 - ‘Sudden death of Carme Chacón – the first Spanish woman defence minister’ – the body of the socialist leader, who suffered congenital heart disease, was found this afternoon in her home in Madrid by the emergency services.