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August 1

Saints Days : Félix, Alfonso María de Ligorio, Nemesio, Esperanza and Caridad

939 - The troops King Ramiro II from León beat the Andalucian troops of Abd añ-Rahman III in the battle of Simancas

Eduardo Noriega - photo www.commons.wikipedia.org

1137 - Ramon II of Aragon allowed the marriage of his daughter Petronila to Ramón Berenguer IV
1492 - The Catholic Monarchs ordered the expulsion of the Jews, which had coexisted harmoniously during the seven centuries of Arab occupation.
1498 - Christopher Columbus sees land, which would later be Venezuela
1704 - British and Dutch forces, led by Admiral Rooke, started an assault on Gibraltar during the Spanish Succession War
1898 - The Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art opens at the Palace of Libraries and Museums of Recoletos street in Madrid (current headquarters of the National Library), with Pedro Madrazo as director.
1911 - Giro postal came into force in Spain
1911 - In Huelva, a great fire destroyed the Rio Tinto smelter Bessemer.
1917 - Puig becomes the new president of the Catalan Commonwealth, following the death of Enric Prat de la Riba.
1942 - Franco's Spain in the first book in Catalan is published after the war: Mystic Rosa, religious work of the priest Camil Geis.
1965 - Hospital Clínic of Barcelona concludes surgery successful kidney transplant.
1972 - In Lanzarote the San Bartolomé Club de Fútbol is founded.
1977 - Newly liberated from the dictatorship of Franco, all parliamentary groups except the mixed group, choose the text of the paper to draft the new Spanish Constitution.
1980 - Inside his chalet in Somosaguas, (Madrid) was found murdered body of the Marquis de Urquijo.
2022 - Alonso to join Aston Martin for 2023 in surprise F1 move, Aston Martin has announced Fernando Alonso will join them from next season in a 'multi-year' deal at the Silverstone team. Alonso, who was expected to stay with Alpine, said he was happy to be joining 'one of the most exciting teams in Formula 1 today

1578 - Luis Vélez de Guevara, dramatist and novelist. He was born at Écija and was of Jewish converso descent, After graduating as a sizar at the University of Osuna in 1596, he joined the household of Rodrigo de Castro, Cardinal Archbishop of Sevilla and celebrated the marriage of Felipé III in a poem signed Vélez de Santander, a name which he continued to use till some years later. It seem he served as a soldier in Italy and Algiers, returning to Spain in 1602 when he entered the service of the count de Saldaña, and dedicated himself to writing for the stage He died at Madrid on 10 November 1644
Vélez de Guevara was the author of over four hundred plays and is most widely known as the author of El diablo cojuelo (1641, 'The Lame Devil' or 'The Crippled Devil') 
1718 - Pedro Pablo Abarca de Bolea, soldier and aristocrat.
1757 - Pedro Estala, writer, humanist, philologist, translator, literary critic, editor and priest.
1837 - José María Galván y Candela, painter and engraver.
1847 - Pedro Palacios y Sáenz, engineer (d. 1921)
1859 - Pedro Núñez Granés, architect and engineer (d. 1944)
1918 - Mario López, poet and painter.
1928 - César Leante, Cuban writer nationalized Spanish.
1929 - Inigo Cavero, politician and aristocrat (d. 2002)
1948 - Carmen Lomana, businesswoman and collector of Spanish couture.
1949 - Santiago Ramos, actor.
1950 - Loles León, actress.
1952 - Juan Ribó, actor.
1970 - Luis Callejo, actor.
1973 - Eduardo Noriega, actor (Open Your Eyes) born in Santander
1973 - Edurne Pasaban, mountaineer
1978 - Begoña Maestre, actress.
1979 - Roberto Hoyas, actor.
1980 - Isabel Marcos Naranjo, radio broadcaster.
1987 - Iago Aspas, footballer
1993 - Álex Abrines, basketball player

1900 - Lagartijo (Rafael Molina Sánchez), bullfighter (b. 1841)
1969 - Miguel Labordeta, poet and dramatist.
1995 - Julián Berrendero, cyclist (b. 1912)
2008 - Leopoldo Alas Mínguez, writer (b. 1962)
2011 - Concha Alós, writer (b. 1926)