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August 14

Saints Days : Marcelo, Eusebio, Calixto, Demetrio and Atanasia

1084 - El Cid, commanded the army of the Taifa of Zaragoza, defeat the coalition of King Al-Mundhir Lleida and Sancho Ramírez of Aragón in the Battle of Morella.
1227 - Fernando III, the Saint, and the Archbishop of Roda place the foundation stone for the rebuilding of Toledo Cathedral

Estrella Morente - YouTube

1385 - The battle of Aljubarrota, where the troops of Juan 1 of Castile are defeated by the forces of Juan de Avis, who becomes Juan I, King of Portugal
1415 - Don Duarte and Don Enrique ‘El Navegante’ conquer the city of Ceuta
1598 - The Casa-Lonja is inaugurated in Sevilla, later to become the General Archive of the India's
1720 - The Spanish military Villasur expedition is wiped out by Pawnee and Otoe warriors near present-day Columbus, Nebraska.
1808 - French invaders, after being defeated at the battle of Bailén, take refuge in Zaragoza
1931 - Julián Besteiro is chosen President of the Cortes of the Second Spanish Republic
1936 - The legion, headed by Juan Yagüe, occupy Badajoz
1939 - Barcelona premiers the film Tango Night, starring Pola Negri.
1953 - in Tiriez (Albacete) a town and a Roman necropolis is discovered.
1961 - in the Madrid metro two trains collide with a balance of 134 wounded.
1967 - The writer Fernando Arrabal is released on bail.
1968 - Spain is re-establishing the law of banditry and terrorism from 1960.
1977 - Spain adheres to the Protocol Extending the Status of Refugees.
1979 - Spanish police kills Tabanera Pedro Perez, one of the most sought GRAPO members.
1988 - Jorge Martinez Aspar motorcycling world champion proclaimed in the 125cc category.
1994 - European Championships in Helsinki three Spanish monopolize the top three in the marathon.
2002 - The largest floating structure in the world leaves Algeciras Bay for Monaco. Built by FCC and Dragados the structure is 350 metres long
2021 - Spain records its highest ever temperature of 47.2 ºC in Montoro, Córdoba

1888 - Julio Rey Pastor, mathematician.
1898 - Carlos González Bueno, doctor.
1905 - Nicolás Cotoner y Cotoner, 23rd Marquess of Mondéjar, nobleman and military officer, born in Palma de Mallorca (d. 1996)
1920 - Eusebio Perez Martin, prisoner of concentration camp (d. 2007)
1924 - Eduardo Fajardo, actor.
1940 - Gabriel Cisneros, politician (d. 2007)
1957 - José Coronado, actor.
1976 - Manuel Calvente, cyclist.
1980 - Estrella Morente, flamenco singer. born in Las Gabias
1989 - Ander Herrera, footballer.
Madre María Rosa - https://obispadodelinares.cl/
1716 - Madre María Rosa, Capuchin nun from Madrid She left Spain in 1712 with four other founding nuns to Lima Peru to establish a new Capuchin convent. She was an example of the early modern women who were part of the expansion of the Atlantic world. Her documentation of her journey is the oldest known travel document written by a woman. It was very atypical for a woman to be literate much less travel to the new world. During the Council of Trent, nuns were strictly enclosed within the walls of their convents. The only exception to this being for the founding of new convents. Her account of the journey is a valuable insight to a pious woman's interpretation of the world outside of the cloistered walls of a covenant and proof that a woman, particularly one tied down by a strict Catholic council, had a burning spirit of mission with 'equal flame' to those of so many men in Catholic Europe  (b. 1630)
1846 - Manuel Agustín Heredia, businessman (b. 1786)
1972 - Manuel Millares Sall, painter.
1998 - Xavier Miserachs, photographer.
2009 - Pablo Antoñana, writer (b. 1927)
2012 - Francisco Pastor, poet and art dealer.