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August 24

Saints Days : Bartolomé and Jorge

1238 - Fernando II conquers Montoro in Andalucía
1542 - Conquistador Francisco de Orellana returns to Spain
1562 - Avila, Santa Teresa de Jesus founded the convent of San Jose, cornerstone of the reform of Carmel.
1639 - in the Valle del Cauca (southwest of Colombia), the Spanish captain Juan de Lemos and Aguirre founded the village of San Bartolome de Tulua.
1812 - Peninsular War: A coalition of Spanish, British, and Portuguese forces succeed in lifting the two-and-a-half-year-long Siege of Cádiz.
1821 - in the city of Cordoba, Veracruz, the viceroy Juan O'Donojú and Agustin de Iturbide, commander of Trigarante Army, signed the Treaty of Cordoba which is recognized to New Spain as an independent empire.
1837 - in Villar de los Navarros (Zaragoza), in the framework of the First Carlist War Battle of Villar de los Navarros is fought.
1937 - Spanish Civil War: the Basque Army surrenders to the Italian Corpo Truppe Volontarie following the Santoña Agreement.
1937 - Spanish Civil War: Sovereign Council of Asturias and León is proclaimed in Gijón.



1379 - John I of Castile King of Castile and León (1379-90) born in Épila (d. 1390)
1826 - Marcial del Adalid, composer.
1903 - Patricio Escobal, footballer (d. 2002)
1903 - Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, eldest son of the dictator Miguel Primo de Rivera, founder of the party and Spanish Falange (d. 1936)
1904 - Ramon Castroviejo, ophthalmologist (d. 1987)
1914 - Coralia Fandiño Ricart, Galician woman, Sisters The two Marys (d. 1983)
1928 - Antonio Ozores, actor and director (d. 2010)
1932 - Xabier Arzalluz, Basque politician
1933 - Prince Rupert Loewenstein, Spanish-born German-Bavarian aristocrat and financial manager of the rock band The Rolling Stones (d. 2014)
1955 - Antonio Valero, actor.
1978 - José Antonio Hermida, cyclist.



1367 - Gil Álvarez Carrillo de Albornoz, curial cardina, archbishop of Toledo from 13 May 1338 to 17 December 1350. Grand Penitentiary from December 1352 to August 23, 1364. Cardinal priest with the title of San Clemente from December 17, 1350 to December 1356. Cardinal bishop of Sabina from December 1356 to August 23 1364. Cardinal legate and vicar general from 30 June 1353 to 1357 who led as condottiere Papal States mercenary armies in two campaigns to reconquer territory in Italy, and statesman. Albornoz was a descendant of the kings of León and Aragón and founder of the Collegio di Spagna, an academic institution of Bologna 
1648 - Diego de Saavedra Fajardo, writer, politician and diplomat.
1809 - Lorenzo Hervás y Panduro, encyclopedist, precursor of Comparative Philology.
1925 - Félix Sesúmaga, footballer (b. 1898)
1982 - Francisco Vales Villamarín, historian and professor.
1989 - Domingo Pérez Minik, writer (b. 1903)
1997 - Tete Montoliu, pianist and Jazz composer.
2002 - Modesto Ciruelos, painter (b. 1908)
2006 - Fernanda de Utrera, flamenco singer songwriter (b. 1923)