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August 28

Saints Days : Agustín, Cayo, Pelayo and Moisés

1524 - The Kaqchikel Maya rebel against their former Spanish allies during the Spanish conquest of Guatemala.

Fernando Fernán Gómez - photo www.rtve.es

1565 - Pedro Menéndez de Avilés sights land near St. Augustine, Florida and founds the oldest continuously occupied European-established city in the continental United States.

1744 - Agustín de Pedrayes mathematician. (d.1834)
1810 - Jaime Balmes, philosopher and theologian. (d, 1848)
1875 - Jose Agustin Perez del Pulgar, physicist and Jesuit. He entered the Society of Jesus at a very young age and in 1897 he was already a Physics teacher at the Chamartín de la Rosa school, where he founded the Meteorological Observatory. He travelled through France and England, doing studies at different observatories, and was part of the Commission that in Elche did studies on the solar eclipse of 1900  (d. 1939)
1907 - Francisco Prieto Moreno, architect (d. 1985)
1910 - Ramón Zabalo, footballer (d. 1967)
1911 - José Antonio Girón de Velasco, politician born in Herrera de Pisuerga, Palencia was a prominent Spanish Falangist politician. He was minister for labour (1941-57), counselor of the Council of the Realm and member of the Cortes Españolas. He was one of the most heard voices against any kind of changes during the last years of the Francoist regime, taking part in the political group known as 'the Bunker' for their reluctance to the Spanish transition to democracy after Franco's death  (d. 1995 Fuengirola Málaga)
1913 - Josep Raich, footballer (d. 1988)
1914 - Josep Escolà, footballer (d. 1998)
1916 - Carlos Conti, draftsman (d. 1975)
1917 - Ricardo Muñoz Suay, film director (d. 1997)
1921 - Fernando Fernán Gómez, an actor, screenwriter, film director, theatre director and member of the Royal Spanish Academy for seven years. He was born in Peru while his mother, Spanish actress Carola Fernán-Gómez was making a tour in Latin America. He would later use her surname for his stage name when he moved to Spain in 1924 (died 21 November 2007 from a heart failure aggravated by pneumonia and colon cancer. On November 19, 2007, he was admitted to the Oncology area of the Madrid Hospital La Paz to be treated for pneumonia. After, Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero announced the death of the actor, the Government of Spain posthumously awarded Fernán Gómez the Grand Cross of the Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise on November 23
1944 - Enric Margall, basketball player (d. 1986)
1948 - Enrique Guerrero Salom, politician.
1957 - Manolo Preciado, football player and trainer (d. 2012)
1961 - Roberto Marina, footballer.
1962 - Francisco Camps, politician.
1962 - Pablo Carbonell, comic
1966 - Julen Lopetegui, footballer.
1967 - Santiago Fernandez, drummer (Los Secretos).
1977 - Juanín García, handball player.
1979 - Shaila Dúrcal, (Shaila de los Ángeles Morales de las Heras) singer-songwriter, born in Madrid (allegedly used a pin and a map to get her surname - Dúcal is in Granada province)
1989 - César Azpilicueta, footballer
1990 - Bojan Krkić, footballer born in Linyola
Junipero Serra y Ferrer - https://dbe.rah.es/

1528 - Pedro Navarro, Count of Oliveto was a Navarrese military engineer and general who participated in the War of the League of Cambrai. At the Battle of Ravenna in 1512 he commanded the Spanish and Papal infantry, but was captured by the French (b. 1460)
1676 - Juan Cererols, Baroque composer. (b. 1618)
1784 - Junípero Serra y Ferrer, Roman Catholic priest and missionary of the Franciscan Order. He is credited with establishing the Franciscan Missions in the Sierra Gorda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He later founded a mission in Baja California and the first nine of 21 Spanish missions in California from San Diego to San Francisco, in what was then Spanish-occupied Alta California in the Province of Las Californias, New Spain
Serra was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 25 September 1988 in Vatican City. Amid denunciations from Native American tribes who accused Serra of presiding over a brutal colonial subjugation. Pope Francis canonized Serra on 23 September 2015 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC during his first visit to the United States. Serra's missionary efforts earned him the title of 'Apostle of California'
Both before and after his canonization, Serra's reputation and missionary work during the Spanish occupation have been condemned by critics, who cite alleged mandatory conversions to Catholicism, followed by abuse of the Native American converts  (b. 1713)
1983 - José Bergamín Gutiérrez, writer His father served as president of the canton of Málaga; his mother was a Catholic. Bergamín was influenced by both politics and religion and attempted to reconcile Communism and Catholicism throughout his life, remarking "I would die supporting the Communists, but no further than that." (b. Dec 10 1895)
1991 - Emiliano Piedra, producer (b. 1931)
2001 - Juan Muñoz, sculptor. (b. 1965)
2007 - Antonio Puerta, footballer (b. 1984)
2007 - Francisco Umbral, journalist and author (b. 1935)
2012 - Ramón Sota, golfer (b. 1938)