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August 30

Saints Days : Gaudencia, Tecla, Bonifacio, Palmaquio and Rosa

1282 - Peter III of Aragon, originally traveling with his fleet on a military expedition against the Hafsid Kingdom, ends up in the Sicilian town of Trapani, after he was asked by the inhabitants of Palermo to help in the fight against Charles of Anjou.
1483 - The Catholic Kings recognised and extended the University of Mallorca
1673 - Leopold I Spain, Netherlands & Lutherans from anti-French covenant
1896 - Philippine Revolution: After Spanish victory in the Battle of San Juan del Monte, eight provinces in the Philippines are declared under martial law by the Spanish Governor-General Ramón Blanco y Erenas.
1961 - Ladislao Kubala retires as soccer player.
2018 - ‘A massive real estate fraud has been dismantled in Mallorca over five million € and more than 200 people affected’ - victims paid for off-plan developments which were never built.

King Pedro 1 - https://www.geni.com/
1334 - King Pedro I of Castile and León (1350-69), known as the cruel , Pedro was the last ruler of the main branch of the House of Ivrea, He was excommunicated by Pope Urban V for his persecutions and cruelties committed against the clergy   born in Burgos (d. 1369)
1509 - Cristóbal Bencomo y Rodríguez -  Dominican friar was born in Tarancón, New Castile, and later became Bishop of the Canary Islands.
1791 - Ramón de Santillán, politician and soldier was born in Lerma (province of Burgos). He came from a relatively poor family. He matriculated in law at the University of Valladolid in 1805, his studies were interrupted by the Peninsular War. He enlisted in 1809 as a corporal in the army led by the priest Jerónimo Merino fighting for Spanish independence. He soon rose to the rank of lieutenant, and obtained the rank of captain in 1812. He remained in the Spanish Army until 1824, when he was purged from the ranks after the end of the Trienio Liberal for his support of the liberal regime, despite his not having originally been an enthusiast of the uprising that brought it to power  (d. 1863)
1913 - Diego Cháfer, cyclist (d. 2007)
1927 - José Luis Pécker, journalist and radio presenter.
1939 - Carmen Rico Godoy, journalist (d. 2001)
1953 - María Luisa Carcedo, politician.
1974 - Javier y Ricardo Otxoa, twin cyclists. (Javier d. 2018)
1978 - Verónica Moral, actress.
1985 - Aritz Aranburu, surfer.
1988 - Víctor Claver, basketball player.

Engraving of Baltasar Elisio de Medinilla - https://es.wikipedia.org/

1620 - Baltasar Elisio de Medinilla, poet and friend of the playwright Lope de Vega. He was born and died in Toledo (b. 1585)
1818 - Casimiro Gómez Ortega, doctor and botanist (b. 1741)
1985 - El Yiyo (José Cubero Sánchez), bullfighter (b. 1964)
2005 - Antoni Clavé, painter (b. 1913)
2007 - José Luis de Vilallonga, aristocrat, actor, writer and journalist.
2008 - Vicente Marco, journalist (b. 1916)
2008 - Ernesto Segura de Luna, lawyer, former president of the Federación Española de Baloncesto (b. 1922)
2010 - Manuel Urbina, painter (b. 1931)
2012 - Bernardo Bonezzi, composer (b. 1964)
2012 - Carlos Larrañaga, actor (b. 1937)
2013 - Manuel Martín Ferrand, journalist (b. 1940)