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Costa Press Club press release

By Liz Parry

The Costa Press Club held its February meeting in Malaga this week, and there was an excellent turn-out of members and their guests to hear the pre-dinner discussion about “Writing and publishing under the microscope”. The subject was close to members’ hearts, and there was the additional attraction of fine dining provided by La Alvaroteca making for a  hugely enjoyable evening.

CPC President Neil Hesketh with the three panelists

The panel of authors taking part in the event were Joan Fallon, author of 17 published books, many set against a Spanish historical backdrop; Nick Foster, who writes true crime books, and bilingual fantasy writer Katie Lewis, whose book, “A Curse of Love and Law” is available in both English and Spanish and is the first of a series. All three spoke about their own backgrounds and what inspires them to write, and offered advice to aspiring authors.

Founded in 2002, the Costa Press Club is a fully recognised and accredited association under Spanish law, providing members with a unique social and professional forum. Meetings are held in a variety of venues on average every two months, normally with guest speakers. Club membership is open to anyone with a background in journalism or media content provision, including print newspapers and magazines, online digital, photography, television, radio, multimedia and social media.