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CPC June 2024 press release

The Costa Press Club held a Summer Kick-Off party this week at El Faro Playa in Mijas Costa,

where members welcomed the onset of summer with an excellent beach-side meal, and some

light-hearted entertainment in the form of a competition to find the best “summery look”.

Patrick Meehan, Louise Cook-Edwards and Gary Edwards - Photo by Karl Smallman

Members were also invited to take part in an Open Mic session to talk about their latest projects or

whatever topic was close to their hearts. Rachel Haynes, editor of SUR in English, spoke about

plans to celebrate the newspaper’s 40th anniversary - some of those present said they

remembered reading the first ever edition, on July 20th 1984 - and all the changes in media

technology that the last 40 years have brought. Nicole King talked about her TV programme “Good

Morning Spain”, which despite its relatively recent appearance is getting excellent feedback, and

she welcomed CPC members Ali Meehan and Neil Hesketh who have joined her as regular

contributors to the programme.

Wendy Cowham of The Costa Connection Magazine took the opportunity to pay tribute to the late

Anne Hernández MBE, of Brexpats in Spain, who had been a regular contributor to the publication.

Wendy also explained how the magazine had successfully gone about attracting a younger


David Tweed, who is a trustee of the English Cemetery in Malaga Foundation, has been working

hard to raise the profile of the cemetery, pointing out its prime position in the centre of the fastest

growing and most cosmopolitan city in Spain. He aims to make its 19th century garden a drought-

tolerant sustainable icon, and enable it to be self-financing by the sale of burial plots (for ashes).

As the club president, Neil Hesketh, was unable to decide on an outright winner of the “summery

outfit” prize, the accolade was finally shared between Patrick Meehan, who was attired in a

Hawaiian type shirt with the peculiarity that the trees in the pattern were upside down, and Louise

Cook-Edwards and Gary Edwards, who were wearing colourfully coordinated outfits and hats.

The next meeting of the Costa Press Club will be in September - if you would like to join please

visit the website for details.http://www.costapressclub.com/