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December 11

Saint’s Day for Daniel, Damaso, Sabino, Vitorico and Graciano.

1474 - Isabella inherits the crown to Henry IV of Castile died.
1576 - Fray Luis de León, after almost five years of imprisonment without trial, is acquitted by the Inquisition.
1602 - Surprise attack by forces of the Duke of Savoy and his brother-in-law, Felipe III of Spain repelled by citizens of Geneva. Commemorated since as Fête de l'Escalade
1675 - Antonio de Vea expedition enters San Rafael Lake in western Patagonia
1813 - By the Treaty of Valençay, Napoleón Bonaparte grants Ferdinand VII to become King of Spain.
1829 - Fernando VII contracts fourth marriage with his niece Maria Cristina de Borbón.
1831 - General José María de Torrijos y Uriarte is shot in the company of the 52 men who had followed him in his company to restore freedom in Spain.
1892 - A liberal government is constituted presided by Práxedes Mateo Sagasta
1946 - Spain suspended from UN
1987 - A bloody day in Spain, when three ETA terrorists parked a car loaded with explosives outside the Civil Guard barracks in Zaragoza. The blast brought the building down and eleven people lost their lives, including five children. Another 36 were injured. In Guipúzcoa, a Civil Guard sergeant died in another ETA attack, and a National Police officer lost both his hands in a letter bomb explosion.

Louise Élisabeth d'Orléans - https://en.wikipedia.org/

1709 - Louise Élisabeth d'Orléans was Queen of Spain as the wife of King Louis 1. Their reign is regarded as one of the shortest in history, lasting for seven months. Louise Élisabeth was the fourth daughter to survive to adulthood born to Philippe II Duke of Orléans and Françoise Marie de Bourbon (d. June 16,1742 in Paris)
1833 - Ramón Silvestre Verea Aguiar y García was a Galician journalist, engineer and writer, known as the inventor of a calculator with an internal multiplication table (d. 1899) 
1835 - Dámaso Zabalza, composer and pianist. (d. 1894)
1890 - Carlos Gardel, singer, composer of tangos and film actor. (d. 1935)
1897 - Sabino Bilbao, footballer (d. 1983)

Carlos Arias Navarro - https://es.wikipedia.org/

1908 - Carlos Arias Navarro, 1st Marquis of Arias-Navarro was one of the best-known Spanish politicians during the Francoist regime.  Arias Navarro was a moderate leader in the last phase of Francoism and the beginning of the transition to democracy (d, 1989 in Madrid)
1930 - Chus Lampreave, (María Jesús Lampreave Pérez) actress(Volver. Belle Epoque) born in Madrid (d. 2016)
1940 - The journalist, Manuel Martín Ferrand, founder of Antena 3 radio and later General Director of Antena 3 Television, was born in La Coruña.
1947 - Andres Rabago, humourist and cartoonist.
1948 - Juan Andújar Oliver, football referee.
1953 - Álvaro Forqué, film director.
1954 - Julio Fuentes Serrano, El Mundo newspaper special correspondent who was gunned down with three colleagues on 19th November 2001 in Afghanistan, was born in Madrid
1954 - Alberto Ruiz Gallardón. Ex Justice Minister.
1969 - Mario Picazo, television weather forecaster.
1969 - Tamara Seisdedos, singer and actress.
1972 - Raquel Barco writer.
1982 - Natalia, singer.


Averroes - http://www.xn--espaaescultura-tnb.es/

1198 - Averroes, astronomer, physicist and philosopher (b. 1126)
1474 - Enrique IV, King of Castilla y León, nicknamed the impotent, was the last of the weak late-medieval kings of Castile y León. During Enrique's reign, the nobles became more powerful and the nation became less centralised (b. January 5, 1425 in Valladolid)
1582 - Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, 3rd Duke of Alba, general and politician, 12th Constable of Portugal (b. 1508)
1634 - Fadrique Álvarez de Toledo and Mendoza, military and politician. (b. 1580).
1937 - Ángel Pestaña Nuñez was a Spanish Anarcho-syndicalist and later the founder of the Syndicalist Party (b. 1886)
1955 - Joaquín Álvarez de Toledo y Caro, noble (b. 1894)
1980 - Josep Llorens i Artigas, ceramics producer (b. 1892)
1992 - José Osuna, theatre director
2002 - Luis Ciges, actor.
2007 - Alberto Datas Panero, painter.
2009 - Francisco Piquer Chanza, actor (b. 1922)
2011 - Enric Barbat, singer songwriter (b. 1943)