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December 14

Saint’s Day for Nicasio, Justo, Arsenio, Isidoro and Juan de la Cruz

1541 - Francisco Dávila instituted the mayorship of Dávila
1788 - Carlos IV ascends to the Spanish throne on the death of his father Carlos III.
1852 - Federico Roncali Ceruti is named president of the Cabinet.

Iberia's first flight - www.wikipedia.es

1927 - Iberia’s first commercial flight, from Carabanchel aerodrome in Madrid to Barcelona.
1930 - Captains Miguel Ángel García Hernández and Fermín Galan are executed for the mutiny of the garrison at Jaca.
1942 - The law for Compulsory Health Insurance is approved.
1947 - The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, home of Real Madrid, is inaugurated with a match against Os Belenenses.
1955 - Spain is admitted to the United Nations.
1982 - Gerardo Iglesias is elected general secretary of the PCE replacing Santiago Carrillo.
1987 - The Courts in Castile y Leon approved law designating Valladolid capital of this autonomous community.
1988 - 14-D the UGT and CCOO unions called the first general strike in Spain that was supported massively and forced the government of Felipe González to withdraw their labor reform.
ERE case – ‘Mega case against PSOE Andalucía clientele regime’ – Justice has finally set the socialist ‘aristocracy’ on the accused bench, seven years after when ABC discovered the fraud of nearly €800 million.

Juan Nicasio Gallego - https://phte.upf.edu/
1777 - Juan Nicasio Gallego, was a priest and poet. He was born in Zamora and received his training at Salamanca, entering into Holy Orders, he soon went to Madrid, where he was given a post in the royal palace, being made director of the royal pages (d. January 9, 1863 in Madrid)
1779 - Mariano Rodríguez de Ledesma, composer, born in Zaragoza (d. 1847)
1784 - María Antonia de Borbón-Dos Sicilias, Princesa de Asturias (d. 1806)
1802 - Carlos Martínez de Irujo y McKean, diplomat and politician, Duke of Sotomayor (d. 1855)
1831 - Arsenio Martínez Campos, soldier and politician (d. 1900)
1846 - Joaquín Costa, politician, sociologist and polygraph (d. 1911)
1916 - José María Knörr, businessman (d. 2012)
1916 - José María García Escudero, historian.
1920 - Orlando Pelayo, painter (d.1990)
1928 - Juanito Alonso, goalkeeper.
1940 - Paco Camino, bullfighter.
1942 - Juan Diego actor
1950 - José Bono, the former Defence Minister and President of Castilla-La Mancha for more than two decades, was born in Salobre, Albacete
1958 - Enrique Regidor Poyatos, doctor, writer and investigator
1976 - Santiago Ezquerro, footballer. (Athletic Bilbao) born  in Calahorra
1979 - Swan Fyahbwoy, singer.
1987 - Markel Susaeta, footballer.
1987 - Ana María Polvorosa, actress.

1591 - San Juan da la Cruz, mystic poet, priest and saint (b. 1542)
1788 - Carlos III King of Spain (1759-88) & Naples and Sicily (1734-59) (b. 1716)
1810 - José María Fernández de Córdova y Rojas, was a Spanish soldier who played an important role in the early stages of the Argentine War of Independence (b.1744)
1836 - Francisco Espoz y Mina, soldier. (b. 1781)
1909 - Agustí Querol Subirats a prominent sculptor (b. May 17, 1860 Tortosa) 
1962 - Alfredo Kindelán y Duany, 1st Marquess of Kindelán was a general and politician. A close ally of Francisco Franco before and during the Spanish CIvil War, their relationship would later become strained as Kindelán emerged as a leading advocate for a swift restoration of the monarchy (b. March 13 1879 in Cuba)
1978 - Salvador de Madariaga, essayist and diplomat.(b. July 23, 1886 A Coruña)
1978 - Edmundo Mundo Suárez, footballer (b. 1916)
1984 - Vicente Aleixandre, who was awarded the 1977 Nobel Prize in Literature (b. April 26, 1898 Sevilla)
1984 - Alberto Fernández Blanco, cyclist (b. 1955)
1985 - Antonio Tovar, linguist. (b. May 17, 1911 Valladolid) 
1986 - Pedro Sainz Rodríguez, writer and politician. (b. January 14, 1897 Madrid)
2008 - Ramón Barce, composer and philosopher (b. 1928)