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December 19

Saint’s Day for Darío, Urbano, Nemesio, Timoteo and Gregorio
1308 - The Treaty of Alcala de Henares, Ferdinand IV of Castile and Jaime II of Aragon close positions against the common enemy, the Kingdom of Granada
1796 - French Revolutionary War: Two British frigates under Commodore Horatio Nelson and two Spanish frigates under Commodore Don Jacobo Stuart engage in battle off the coast of Murcia
1842 - The equivalence of traditional weights and measures in metric system is published in Spain.
1897 - US President William McKinley, announced his country's intervention in the war in Cuba against Spain.
1967 - the UN adopts a resolution inviting the governments of Spain and the United Kingdom to resume negotiations with a view to putting an end to the colonial situation in Gibraltar

Javier Solana - https://www.infolibre.es/

1995 - Spain’s Foreign Minister, Javier Solana, is chosen as General Secretary of NATO, the first Spaniard to hold the position.
2009 - FC Barcelona wins the Club World Cup against Estudiantes de La Plata, after beating it 2-1 in extra time, thus becoming the first football team to win the sextet.

1629 - Melchor de Liñán y Cisneros, Spanish viceroy in Peru (d. 1708)
Felipe V - https://okdiario.com/

1683 - Felipe V, the first Bourbon King of Spain from 1 November 1700 to 14 January 1724, and again from 6 September 1724 to his death in 1746. His total reign of 45 years is the longest in the history of the Spanish monarchy (d. July 9 1746, Buen Retiro Palace Madrid)
1796 - Manuel Bretón de los Herreros, poet, playwright, and critic (d. 1873)
1821 - María Mendoza de Vives, writer.(d. 1894)
1835 - Antonio Gisbert Perez, painter of historical subjects (d. 1902)
1873 - Ángel García Díaz. sculptor (d. 1954)
1876 - Enrique Plá y Deniel, cardenal (d. 1968)
1880 - Nemesio Otaño organist, choral director, educator and composer (Basque Suite) born in Azcoitia (d. 1956)
1886 - Ángel Herrera Oria, priest and journalist (d. 1968)
1921 - Eduardo Pons Prades, writer and historian (d. 2007)
1946 - Eduardo Serra former Partido Popular Defence Minister. during the first mandate of José María Aznar.
1951 - Migueli (Miguel Bernardo Bianquetti), footballer.
1954 - Juan Uslçe, painter and sculptor.
1963 - Cristina Marcos, actress.
1977 - Jorge Garbajosa, basketball player, forward and administrator (Toronto Raptors: president Spanish Basketball Federation) born in Madrid
1979 - Óscar Sánchez, footballer.
1992 - Iker Muniain, footballer.
1992 - Nasser Saleh, actor.

966 - Sancho 1. King of León, nicknamed Sancho the Fat was a king of León twice. He was succeeded in 958 by Ordoño IV and, on his death, by his son Ramiro (b. 935)
1936 - Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Cuban communist writer killed in action during the Spanish civil war. (b. 1901)
1937 - Fernando Espinosa de los Monteros y Bermejillo, politician and diplomat (b. 1884)
1990 - Xavier Benguerel, (Daniel Rovira), writer. (b 1906 Barcelona)
1998 - Antonio Ordóñez, bullfighter (b. 1932)
2000 - Carlos Cano, copla singer born in Granada. (b. January 28, 1944)
2003 - El Vaquilla (Juan José Moreno Cuenca), criminal (b. 1961)
2005 - Julio Iglesias Puga, gynaecologist, father of the singer, Julio Iglesias. He was kidnapped by ETA at the end of December 1981, and was held captive until he was freed by police three weeks later. (b, July 26, 1915, Oursense)
2011 - José Antonio Fernández Romero, translator (b. 1931)