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December 20

Saint’s Day for Domingo de Silos, Liberato, Macario, Eugenio and Ceferino

1494 - The Catholic Monarchs dictate the jurisdiction to Las Palmas, capital of the Canary Islands.
1592 -  In Madrid a certificate of Felipe II declares city to La Habana, Cuba .
1603 - Hernando Talavera Gallegos arrived in Chile, as lieutenant governor of the Kingdom of Chile, after a hearing in the Royal Court, and later internal governor (because of the death of Ribera)
1795 - The remains of Christopher Columbus were removed from Santo Domingo Cathedral to be taken to Cuba.
1808 - Peninsular War. The Siege of Zaragoza begins
1960 - The National Library of Spain buys codex Cantar de Mio Cid.

Photo montage - https://www.abc.es/

1973 - The Spanish Prime Minister, Luis Carrero Blanco, is killed in a car bomb attack in Madrid.
2003 - The Socialist candidate, Pasqual Maragall, takes possession as President of the Generalitat de Cataluña, after more than two decades of government by Jordi Pujol, leader of the Convergencia i Unió coalition.
2006 - Four people die and 34 are injured when a coach carrying supporters of the Recreativo de Huelva football club to a match with Real Madrid crashed head on into a lorry.
2011 - Mariano Rajoy Brey took possession of Prime Minister of Spain.
2016 - ‘the most furious flash-flood in 70 years’. Los Alcázares suffered worst from the downpour with two deaths and hundreds of residents rescued and thousands of flooded houses, and considerable damage in the Mar Menor. Rainfall from Thursday to Monday (in litres per square metre), Sierra Espuña – 320, Cartagena city – 246, San Javier Airport - 228
Torre Pacheco – 209 The flood maintained closed last night 18 roads and no trains were able to reach Cartagena. Reservoirs in the region have gained 27 Cubic Hectometres.

Carolina Colorado - http://escritoras.com/
1820 - Victoria Carolina Colorado y Romero de Tejada was a writer, famous for her poetry, considered the equivalent of contemporary Roman authors like Rosalia de  Castro born in Almendralejo (d. January 15, 1911 Lisbon)
1822 - Domingo Moriones and Murillo, military governor of the Philippines in the final years of his life.
1851 - Isabel de Borbon y Borbon, known as La Chata, Infanta of Spain, Princess of Asturias and Countess of Girgenti.
1867 - Antonio Palau and Dulcet, bookseller, bibliographer, cultural historian and cervantista.
1876 - Cástor Jaureguibeitia Ibarra, Matador. (d. 1928)
1886 - Domingo Julio Gómez García, composer born in Madrid (d. 1973)
1899 - Joaquín Garrigues Díaz-Cañabate, jurist.
1904 - Bernat Artola Tomás, poet.
1909 - Augusto Benedico (stage name of Augusto Perez Lías), Spanish actor who spent most of his career in Mexico.
1925 - Oriol Bohigas, architect.
1929 - Manuel Losada Villasante, the biologist who won the Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Investigation in 1995, was born in Carmona, Seville.
1935 - Valerio Lazarov, Film and television director.
1948 - Rekab Bouissef Mohamed, Moroccan writer in Spanish language.
1963 - HRH the Infanta Elena of Spain, the eldest daughter and eldest child of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía.
1975 - Ignacio Escolar, journalist and blogger.
1984 - David Tavaré pop-euro dance singer ( Hot Summer Night (Oh La La La)) born in Pollença
1990 - Marta Xargay, basketball player for the Spanish national team.

0639 - Chintila, Visigoth king of Spain. (b. ?)
0910 - Alfonso XIII, King of Asturias. (b. 848)
1073 - Santo Domingo de Silos, monk, monastery in Burgos takes his name. (b. 1000)
1591 - Juan V of Lanuza, Aragón lawyer. (b. 1510)
1783 - Antonio Soler, composer. (b, 1729)
1849 - Dionisio Aguado y García, musician. (b. 1784)
1911 - The Catalan poet, Joan Maragall i Gorina, grandfather of the President of the Generalitat de Cataluña, Pasqual Maragall. (b. 1760)
1924 - Ricardo Bellver, sculptor. (b. 1845)
1973 - Luis Carrero Blanco, Prime minister of Spain (1973) assassinated by ETA (b. 1904)
1995 - Vicente Zabala, bullfighting critic.
2002 - Jose Suarez Carreño, poet, novelist and playwright. (b. 1915)
2004 - Eusebio García Luengo, writer. (b. 1910)
2007 - José Luis Pécker, journalist and radio presenter. (b. 1927)
2009 - Tedy Villalba, film producer (b. 1935)