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December 26

Saint’s Day for Esteban, Marino and Zoísmo.

1246 - King Alfonso X of Castilla married Violante de Aragón in Valladolid 
1491 - The forces of the Catholic Monarchs, Fernando and Isabel, take control of Almería from the Nasrid ruler of Granada, Muhammad XIII.
1552 - Troops from the Emperador Carlos 1 of Spain departed Metz after 60 days of weakness 
1713 - Felipe V signed a Royal Decree, drafted by Jean Orry, by which Spain is divided into 21 provinces for administrative and tax purposes.
1792 - José Ocariz, Spanish consul in Paris, protest publicly in a letter by the condition of the prisoner is subjected to Louis XVI.
1815 - Casimiro Marco del Pont replaces Mariano Osorio in the Captaincy General of Chile. He was the last Spanish governor in Chile.
1846 - Trapped in snow in the Sierra Nevadas and without food, members of the Donner Party resort to cannibalism.

Mariano Barroso - Photo www.spainisculture.com

1884 - Spain announces that it has taken the area between Capes Bojador and Blanco under its protection, the territory which is known today as Western Sahara. The first early protectorates are established in the Spanish Sahara.
1921 - A new metro station in Madrid between Puerta del Sol and Atocha roundabout opens.
1993 - The Dakar Rally this year has a tour around Spain and crossed the country twice.
2016 - ‘the King warned breaking laws only creates ‘sterile tensions’ - these norms guarantee democracy in our country against the challenges of moral poverty. His speech had a marked social aspect and wanted to impulse ‘consensuses’ between the political groups to consolidate the recovery. PP, PSOE and Ciudadanos praised the message and Podemos said ‘sounds like Rajoy’

1747 - Stefano Arteaga, Jesuit musician and writer 
1771 - Julie Clary, Queen consort of Spain (1808-1813).
1791 - José Gutiérrez de la Vega, painter who specialized in portraits and religious subjects. (d. 1865)
Francisco Casimiro del Pont - https://gl.wikipedia.org/

1815 - Francisco Casimiro Marcó del Pont y Ángel was a soldier and the last Governor of Chile. He was one of the main figures of the Chilean independence process, becoming the final Spaniard to rule as Royal Governor of Chile from 1815 to 1817, when he was deposed and captured by the patriot forces after the Battle of Chacabuco (d. 19 May 1819) 
1859 - María de la Concepción de Borbon y Borbon, Infanta of Spain, seventh daughter of Queen Isabel II of Spain and King Francis of Assisi of Bourbon.
1900 - José Gaos y González-Pola, philosopher exile in Mexico after the Spanish Civil War.
1901 - Juan José Barcia Goyanes, doctor (d. 2003)
1910 - Imperio Argentina, Argentine-Spanish actress and singer. (d. 2003)
1920 - Fernando Argila, footballer
1922 - José María Rodero, actor
1933 - Clemente Auger, magistrate.
1938 - José Luis Alcaine, educated in Tangier's he was the first cinematographer to use fluorescent tube as key lighting in the 1970s. He has worked on films such as Belle Époque (Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, 1993), Two Much (1995), Blast from the Past (1999) and The Skin I Live In (2011). He won the European Film Award for Best Cinematographer for Volver. His enormous cinematographic work has been rewarded with five Goya Awards for the best photography of a total of eighteen nominations. On 18 February 2019, he received the Medalla de Oro al Mérito en las Bellas Artes.
1944 - Txutxi Aranguren football player and trainer (d. 2011)
1951 - Fedra Lorente, actress.
1954 - Palmolive (Paloma Romero McLardy)- Spanish-British punk rock drummer and songwriter (The Slits; The Raincoats) born in Melilla
1959 - The award-winning director and screenwriter, Mariano Barroso, was born in Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona province.
1960 - Emilio del Valle, former advisor of Cantabria
1963 - Joan Plaza, basketball head coach
1969 - Isaac Viciosa, runner.
1975 - María Vasco, race walker.
1975 - Pablo Puyol, actor and singer and dancer.
1976 - Pablo García Fernández guitarist from the band War Cry
1979 - Xavier Florencio, cyclist 
1985 - Yu Shirota, Japanese-Spanish actor and singer.

1666 - Beata Maria de Jesus Ruano, mystic.
1727 - Baltasar de Zúñiga, conquistador.
1764 - Benito Jerónimo Feijoo, writer.
1818 - Isabel de Portugal, Queen consort of Spain, (1816-1818).
1855 - Carlos Martínez de Irujo y McKean, diplomat and politician, Duke of Sotomayor. (b 1802)
1949 - Mateo Hernández, painter and sculptor.
1966 - José Yárnoz, architect (b. 1884) 
1988 - Pablo Sorozábal, German-Spanish composer and conductor (b. 1923)
2003 - Teresa Vico, theatre director.
2009 - Francisco Gil de Sola Caballero, marine (b. 1918)
2011 - Gonzalo Torrente Malvido, writer and screenwriter (b, 1935)