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December 4

Saint’s Day for Bernardo, Juan Damasceno and Bárbara.

1248 - the Infante Alfonso of Castile, who later became Alfonso X the Wise, takes Alicante from the Moors and names the city’s castle after the saint who is honoured on that date, Santa Bárbara.

Alfonso of Castilla - picture www.lab.rtve.es

1868 - Freedom Volunteers begin in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) an insurrection led by the anarchist Fermín Salvochea.
1977 - two million people take to the streets in Andalucía to demand full autonomy for the Region: eighteen year old José Manuel García Caparrós was shot dead by a police officer in the demonstration which took place in Málaga.
1978 - The Mountain Aloya (Galicia) is declared a National Park.
2010 - A state of alarm was declared because most of the airspace remains closed after the massive walk out by air traffic controllers the day before.

1512 - Jerónimo Zurita, historian (d. 1580)
1711 - Barbara de Portugal (Maria Madalena Bárbara Xavier Leonor Teresa Antónia Josefa) Queen of Spain, born in Ribeira Palace, Lisbon (d. 1758)
1763 - Carlos Martínez de Irujo and heel, diplomat and politician, I Marquess of Irujo House.
1827 - Salvador Albacete, politician (d. 1890)
1844 - Augusto Arcimís, scientist and weather forecaster (d. 1910)
1880 - Pedro Segura, cleric (d. 1957)
1892 - Francisco Franco Bahamonde, the general and dictator who held power in Spain for almost four decades (1936-75), was born in Ferrol, Galicia (d. 1975)
1898 - Xavier Zubiri, philosopher.
1913 - Matías Prats Cañete, journalist who was for many years one of the most well-known voices on Spanish radio, was born in Villa del Río, Córdoba. His son, Matías Prats Luque, followed in his father’s footsteps and is now one of the most well-known television journalists in Spain.
1927 - Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio, writer and anarchist.
1946 - Karina, singer.
1951 - Julio Robles, bullfighter.
1957 - David Rivas, economist, professor and writer.
1958 - Luis Garcia Montero, poet and essayist.
1965 - Álex de la Iglesia, director, producer, and screenwriter (As Luck Would Have It) born in Bilbao
1967 - Guillermo Amor midfield footballer and executive (37 cups FC Barcelona) born in Benidorm
1967 - Jesús García Castilla, drummer (Platero y Tú).

1594 - Fray Domingo de Salazar, priest.
1868 - Francisco Arjona Herrera, bullfighter.
1945 - Julio Martínez Hombre, engineer, farmer and astronomer.
1951 - Pedro Salinas, poet and playwright.
1960 - Luis Astrana Marín, writer.
1976 - Pepe Marchena, flamenco singer songwriter (b. 1903)
1996 - José Antonio González Caviedes, politician (b. 1938)
2000 - Julián Infante, Guitarist in Tequila and Los Rodríguez
2005 - Gloria Lasso, Spanish-Mexican singer (b. 1922)
2008 - Roberto Segura, cartoonist (b. 1927)
2009 - Jordi Solé Tura, politician and jurist (b. 1930)
2010 - Xabier Lete, poet and singer songwriter (b. 1944)
2013 - Joana Raspall i Juanola, author and poet (b. 1913)