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December 7

Saint’s Day for Ambrosio, Policarpo, Teodoro, Siervo and Eutiquiano.

1492 - the Catholic King, Fernando II of Aragón, is injured when an attempt is made on his life by Juan de Cañamares in Barcelona.

Bertin Osborne - photo www.totalismo.com

1981 - Spain becomes a member of the NATO alliance
1983 - An Iberia Airlines Boeing 727 collides with an Aviaco DC-9 in dense fog while the two airliners are taxiing down the runway at Madrid–Barajas Airport, killing 93 people.
2016 - ‘Rajoy has cooled the debate on constitutional reform’ - the PSOE has given an undertaking to ‘talk and negotiate’ for a previous accord – Ciudadanos demand for the PP to enact an urgent change as outlined in the pact for investiture – Podemos reminded they have the political strength to force a referendum. The socialists will convene their congress before the summer.

María Josepha Amalia of Saxony - https://en.wikipedia.org/

1803 - Maria Josepha Amalia of Saxony was Queen of Spain as the third wife of King Ferdinand VII of Spain. She was the youngest daughter of Prince Maximilian of Saxony and his first wife. Princess Carolina of Parma, daughter of Duke Ferdinand or Palma. She was a member of the house of Wellin (d. May 18, 1929 in Aranjuez) 
1896 - Juan María Thomas Sabater, composer, born in Palma de Mallorca (d. 1966)
1896 - Julio Prieto Nespereira, painter (d. 1991)
1907 - Antonio León Ortega, sculptor. (d. 1991)
Francisco Javier Jiménez Algora - https://www.facebook.com/
1948 - Francisco Javier Jiménez Algora was an actor. He has appeared in more than 100 films and television shows between 1972 and 2012. He starred in the 1973 film Habla, mudita which was entered into the 23rd Berlin International Film Festival. He died on 30 March 2016 from lung cancer
1953 - Bertín Osborne, Italian singer and TV presenter, was born as Norberto Ortiz Osborne in Madrid.
1955 - Amparo Carballo Blanco, writer.
1966 - Lucía Etxebarria, writer.
1972 - Jordi Burillo, tennis player, born in Barcelona
1974 - Manuel Martínez Gutiérrez, shot putter and actor.
1976 - Vanessa Lorenzo, model.
1978 - David Canal, athlete.
1981 - Javier Ríos, actor.
1985 - Ernesto Monsalve, orchestra director and composer.

1772 - Martín Sarmiento, monk, scholar, and author (b. 1695)
1829 - Isidro González Velázquez, architect (b. 1765)
1941 - Lluís Millet, composer and chorus director (b. 1867).
1997 - Félix Candela, architect and engineer (b. 1910)