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Driving licences in Spain

A new points driving system was introduced in Spain in July 2006

The minimum driving age in Spain is 18 for cars (for Type B vehicles over 3,500 kg.) A ‘B’ licence also allows you to drive a moped up to 50cc, and currently, a motorbike up to 125cc – although the central traffic authority is studying annulling the latter. The minimum age for a moped licence (without a car licence) is now 16, and for above 50cc, 18. The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.05 %.

The new driving points system which came into force on 1st July 2006, works in reverse, with points being taken off for infractions. Experienced drivers (who have been qualified for more than three years) start off with 12 points, and those who have less than three years experience, 8 points. Two extra points are awarded after three years with no offences, with an additional point to reach the maximum of 15 being awarded after a further three years.

The number of points removed depends on the infraction and its severity: lesser infractions will mean the loss of two points, going up to six for the more serious. The maximum number of points which can be lost in one day is eight.
(*see below for a list of infractions and the points which can be lost).

Lost points may be re-earned by following a road safety course (total duration: 12 hours), where the driver can regain up to four points. The number of points recovered can never be higher than the amount lost. Drivers may take the course once every two years.
Alternatively, you will regain your initial credit if you make no further infractions in the following two years (if the original infraction was minor.) Three years are required for serious infractions.
The loss of all your points means the automatic loss of your licence, and a ban of either six or twelve months depending on whether or not it is the first occasion. A detailed re-education course in road safety must be followed in order to regain the lost licence, which includes an exam.

*Speeding: between two and six points depending on how far above the speed limit you were travelling.
Using the mobile phone or any other apparatus considered a distraction – three points.
Not using your seat belt or helmet for bike riders – three points.
Drink driving – four or six points.

Points can also be lost in the following circumstances –

Two points will be taken for:
Dangerous parking
Using radar speed trap detectors
Forgetting to turn on your headlights
Taking a child under 12 as a passenger on a motorbike

Three points will be taken for:
Making an illegal turn
Driving too close to the vehicle in front

Four points will be taken for:
Driving without the correct licence
Taking a vehicle onto a motorway that is not authorised
Reversing on a motorway
Dangerous driving or overtaking
Blocking another driver from overtaking
Jumping a red light
Disobeying police instructions
Throwing any dangerous objects from the car – this includes cigarette butts
Driving with too many people in the vehicle

Six points will be taken:
For extreme dangerous driving, which could be, for example, taking part in racing, driving against the traffic and so on.
Professional drivers risk losing six points if they do not respect official rest periods