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Exchanging Currency

Please remember, you will need to have your passport for exchanging currency in Spain. The currency in use here is, of course, the Euro.

Any amount of cash over 6,010.12 €, or its equivalent in foreign currency, must be declared to Customs upon entering the country. Under European Union regulations, any amount of 10,000 € or more must be declared if you arrive in Spain, or another EU country, from outside the European Union. The same applies if you travel outside the EU.

Photo  EFE

You may find that it is cheaper to exchange currency at a bureau de change than at a bank. Try to avoid changing your money at the airport as the offices there can often be quite expensive.

Another option is to use your debit or credit card to withdraw Euro currency from the cash machine at a Spanish bank. There is a large network of ATMs, and most will take foreign cards. The charges will depend on your bank and the type of card, so check with them before you leave for your holiday.

You must have photo ID when you pay by card. If your own currency is not the Euro, take care if you are offered the option of paying in your own currency when you pay by card. You may find that it costs you more than the exchange rate on the day.