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February 13

Saint’s Day for Benigno, Licinio, Esteban, and Gilberto.

1352 - An alliance between venciains and catalans was imposed by the genoveses in their fight for the Crown of Aragón.
1542 - In Brazil the Spanish conquistadors Gonzalo Pizarro and Francisco de Orellana, are the first European pioneers to know the Amazons rivers
1668 - Spain recognises Portuguese independence under the Treaty of Lisbon, putting an end to almost three decades of conflict.
1801 - In Aranjuez, Luciano Bonaparte and Manuel Godoy sign Agreement of Aranjuez.
1809 - French take Zaragoza after a long siege
1837 - Madrid romantic writer Mariano José de Larra committed suicide.

1839 - As the composer’s health becomes steadily worse, Frédéric Chopin and his lover, the French novelist, George Sand, leave Mallorca, after three months on the island.
1867 - A Royal Decree that prohibits the recommendations in dealing with matters pertaining to the State Administration promulgated.
1880 - King Alfonso XII signs a law abolishing slavery.
1927 - Sports Corporation America is founded.
1928 - In Barcelona the I Championship of Spain Marathon, held between Barcelona and Castelldefels occurs.
1930 - General Emilio Mola was appointed Director General of Security.
1933 - Students of the schools of engineers and architects made a general strike for the approval of the Surveyors Act.
1934 - The Spanish Falange merge and the Boards of National-Syndicalist Offensive in a single patriotic grouping national-unionist: FAITH of the JONS.
1951 - Miguel Primo de Rivera y Sáenz de Heredia, brother of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, was appointed ambassador to Spain in London.
1956 - A cold snap across causes are reached in Santander the -7 ° C, the lowest temperature of the century.
1964 - Spain and Mauritania signed a fishing and commercial agreement.
1967 - An American professor working in the Spanish National Library in Madrid comes across two hand written notebooks of text and drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, which had been lost for two centuries.
1976 - Oviedo-Gijón-Avilés motorway is opened.
1987 - The ministries of heath and consumers, imposed a test for AIDS/SIDA on all blood donors
1992 - Congress of Deputies approves the Law of Citizen Security.
1997 - Spanish Congress approves the bill Liberalisation of Telecommunications and sets the conditions of the second phone operator in Spain (Retevisión).
1998 - 300 teachers, artists, intellectuals and public figures signed the Manifesto for Democracy in Euskadi (the Basque Country), which rejects any kind of negotiation with ETA.
2001 - Javier Bardem is nominated for an Academy Award for his role in Julian Schnabel's film Before Night Falls, being the first Spanish actor to do so.
2002 - Madrid is inaugurated the 21st (twenty-first) edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair, ARCO.
2002 - Ana Patricia Booty assumes the presidency of Banesto, part of the financial empire Santander (financial group), controlled by her father, Emilio Botin entity.
2003 - In Madrid, a medical team achieved replace the thoracic aorta with a prosthesis in a patient 64 years old.
2004 - Spain launches electronic ID.
2004 - Near the Galician coast, the Civil Guard intercepted a boat with 5,000 kilos of cocaine.
2006 - In France, the police detain two members of the ETA logistics apparatus.
2023 - The Spanish city of Salamanca has broken off a partnership with a UK-based company that promised to turn it into a mini-Dubai amid suspicions it has fallen victim to a “fake sheikh” scam.

Fernando Sor - This file comes from Gallica Digital Library 

1778 - Fernando Sor. classical guitarist and composer .While he is best known for his guitar compositions, he also composed music for a wide range of genres, including opera, orchestra, string quartet, piano, voice, and ballet. His ballet score Cendrillon (Cinderella) received over one hundred performances. Sor's works for guitar range from pieces for beginning players to advanced players such as Variations on a Theme of Mozart. Sor's contemporaries considered him to be the best guitarist in the world, and his works for guitar have been widely played and reprinted since his death. Although modern classical guitar players usually do, Sor rarely used his ring finger and refused the usage of nails when playing.As Sor's works were published in various countries, his name was translated, leading to variations in the spelling.  (d. 1839).
1833 - José de Murga y Reolid, aristocrat.
1837 - Valentin Zubiaurre, composer (Ferdinand Set) and educator, born in Garay, Biscay(d. 1914)
1864 - Felipe Trigo. He studied Medicine in Madrid and practised in several villages in Extremadura. He later become a member of Military Health Corps and he was appointed to Philippines, where he was about to die and he had to be repatriated as a Lieutenant-Colonel. In 1900, he quit medicine to concentrate in literature. Eroticism was the main subject of his works, but he was also interested in social denounces and critics about illiteracy and caciquism with peasants in Spain and specially in the Extremadura of his times in particular. Felipe Trigo committed suicide in 1916 for unclear reasons.
1879 - Emilio Herrera Linares, military, scientist and politician (d. 1967).
1891 - Joan Junceda, full name Joan García Junceda i Supervia (in Barcelona), was one of the most important Catalan artists and illustrators in the first half of the 20th century.(d.1948)
1902 - Valentin Ruiz Aznar, choirmaster, composer and priest,  born in Borja (d. 1972)
1921 - Gregorio del Olmo, painter.
1924 - Francisco Alonso-Fernández, psychiatrist and professor.
1932 - Julio Aparicio, bullfighter.
1932 - Marcelino Campanal, football defender (11 caps Avilés CF, Sevilla FC, Deportivo de La Coruña) born in Gijón (d. 2020)
1935 - Marcelino Oreja, polítician. He served as Foreign Minister between 1976 and 1980.
1946 - María del Pilar Velázquez Llorente in Madrid, she made her debut in 1964 at the Teatro Español, with the drama Caminos de Damasco. Between 1966 and 1977 she starred in about 50 films and television roles; she was active in Italian genre cinema, especially in spaghetti westerns.
1946 - Pilar Bayer Isant is a  mathematician specializing in number theory. She is a professor emerita in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Barcelona.
1952 - Regina Otaola, polítician.
1954 - Spain’s most famous transsexual, the actress and model Bibiana Anderson, now known as Bibiana Fernández, was born in Tangiers as Manuel.
Miguel Poveda.  Photo - ANTONIO HEREDIA -  https://www.elmundo.es/
1973 - Miguel Ángel Poveda León  (born in Barcelona) is a flamenco singer known by his stage name "Miguel Poveda". His father is from Lorca in Murcia and his mother from Puertollano (Castilla-La Mancha). Poveda is a flamenco singer and interpreter of other genres. He has collaborated with artists from various disciplines who were previously unknown to flamenco audiences. In 2003, he moved to Sevilla. He often collaborates with Spanish flamenco guitarist Juan Gómez "Chicuelo", with whom he has toured extensively in Europe, Japan and the US.
1974 - Raquel Meroño, actress.
1979 - Libertad Morán, writer.
1979 - María Rodríguez Garrido, also known as La Mala, La Mala María, or Mala Rodríguez (Mala, Spanish for bad), is a Latin Grammy Award-winning Spanish hip hop rapper.
1981 - David Gómez Martínez, decathlete. He is a two-time national junior champion, an eleven-time national senior champion, and a two-time Olympian.
1988 - Irene María Montero Gil, MP is a Spanish politician and psychologist,
1990 - El Rubius (Rubén Doblas Gundersen) YouTube star (6th most subscribed channel) born in Mijas

1017 - Sancho García, Count of Castilla.
1585 - Alfonso Salmeron, priest and scholar (b. 1515)
1828 - Francisco Salva Campillo, physician and physicist (b 1751).
1837 - Mariano José de Larra, journalist and author (b. 1809)
1923 - Alejo Vera y Estaca, painter (b. 1834).
1939 - Marcelo Adrián Obregón, soldier and one of the last of the Philippines (b. 1877).
1940 - Elisha Meifrén and Roig, painter (b 1858.).
1972 - Julio Martínez Santa-Olalla, archeologist (b. 1905).
1996 - Antonio Ruiz Soler, Antonio the Dancer, dancer and choreographer (b. 1921).
1998 - Jose Barraquer, Spanish ophthalmologist (b 1916.).
1999 - Carles Sabater, singer, composer and actor (b 1962.).
2002 - Ramón Moreno Grosso, footballer (b. 1943).
2012 - Frank Braña, actor (b. 1934)