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February 18

Saint’s Day for Simeón, Secundino and Eladio.

1519 - the conquistador Hernán Cortés sets sail from Cuba with 11 ships and 1,000 men on his expedition to conquer Mexico.
1637 - Eighty Years' War: Off the coast of Cornwall, England, a Spanish fleet intercepts an important Anglo-Dutch merchant convoy of 44 vessels escorted by six warships, destroying of capturing 20 of them
1701 - Philip of Anjou arrives in Madrid and has a great reception from the people who want to crown him king of Spain.
1880 - The government published the law providing for the abolition of slavery in Cuba.
1906 - a balloon crewed by three men and a woman makes the Madrid-Illescas (Toledo) trip in three hours and fifteen minutes.
1908 - The Spanish Congress approves the creation of the National Insurance Institute.

Isabel Preysler - Photo www.teinteresa.es

1931 - Admiral Juan Bautista Aznar-Cabañas forms what will be the last government of Alfonso XIII. He was President of the Cabinet until 14th April 1931 when the Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed.
1961 - Barcelona - Francoist censorship allows The Seventh Seal (filmed in 1956), the first film by Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman.
1964 - US government demands explanation from the Spanish Government on Spain maintaining relations with Cuba.
1970 - Spain's Supreme Court annulled the record of suspension of the newspaper El Alcázar.
1980 - Madrid the trial for the attack on the Labour office in Atocha Street begins.
1981 - Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo proposes the integration of Spain into NATO.
1982 - The trial against those involved in the coup of 23-F.
1983 - The resignation of Lavilla Landelino as president of the Union of Democratic Center portends the end of this game.
1984 - Almost all of the Spanish Catholics, although only 35.2% are practicing, according to statistics sources.
1992 - Seville, an accidental fire devastates the pavilion of the Discoveries, flagship of the Expo-92.
1998 - The Galician city of Santiago de Compostela is awarded the European Prize for Urban Development, established by the European Commission.
2003 - Murueta (Vizcaya), the Ertzaintza deactivates a bomb with seven kilos of dynamite
2007 - Andalucía - a referendum ratifies the Statute of Autonomy of Andalucía.
2017 - The Volem acollir protest (meaning "We want to welcome") was a protest march in Barcelona took place The purpose of the march was to demand more openness towards refugees and a more active role of the European Union in the European migrant crisis. They planned for it to be the largest protest in Europe and they achieved the goal.] The size of the march was estimated at 160,000 by police and 500,000 by organiser
2017 - ‘A sentence which has returned the proportionality to the Nóos Case’ – the verdict, which unanimously absolved Infanta Cristina, and more than half of the accused, condemned Urdangarin to six years and to his partner Diego Torres to eight years – the prosecutor requested both me to be imprisoned. Christina has to pay 265,000 € from making a wealth, ‘but she escaped her alleged participation in her husband’s activities’.

1735 - Bernardo de Iriarte, politician (d. 1814).
1812 - Francisco Chacón y Orta, solider (d. 1893).
1839 - Pascual Cervera y Topete, admiral (d. 1909).
1894 - Rafael Sánchez Mazas, journalist, writer and politician (d. 1966).
1929 - Luis Ruiz de Gopegui, physicist.
1931 - Salustiano del Campo, sociologist.
1931 - Laura Valenzuela, actress, presenter and model.
1934 - Paco Rabanne, Spanish-French fashion designer & perfumer, born in Pasajes
1946 - José Ginés Siu, Olympic gymnast.
1947 - José María Cañizares, golfer
1947 - José Luis Cuerda, filmmaker.
1947 - Amaya Uranga, singer.
1951 - Isabel Preysler, the model from the Philippines who was the first wife of the singer, Julio Iglesias, and is the mother of the Spanish pop star, Enrique Iglesias. She was born in Manila.
1969 - Anne Igartiburu, television news reader.
1972 - Fabian Picardo, Gibraltarian politician and barrister, 7th Chief Minister of Gibraltar
1986 - Marc Torrejón, footballer, born in Barcelona
1987 - Vicente Guaita, footballer

1926 - Manuel Báez Gómez "El Litri", bullfighter (b. 1905).
1940 - Mauricio López-Roberts, writer (b 1873.).
1949 - Niceto Alcalá-Zamora, first President of the Second Spanish Republic,(1931-36) died in exile in Argentina aged 71
1952 - Jardiel Enrique Poncela, writer (b 1901.).
2002 - Jose Ortega Spottorno, writer and editor, founder of the newspaper El País and Alianza Editorial (b 1918.).
2003 - Rafael Requena, painter (b. 1932).
2022 - Mauri, footballer (Athletic Bilbao, national team) (b.1929)