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February 25

Saint’s Day for Cesáreo, Donato, Nicéforo, Serapión and Sebastián.

1018 - Berenguer Ramón I is named Count of Barcelona after the death of his father Ramón Borrell.
1119 - Alfonso I the Batallador conquers Tudela.
1281 - Alfonso X the Wise publishes the first Maritime Ordinances of Castile.
1516 - On the death of Ferdinand, his daughter Juana de Castilla inherited the Crown of Aragon.
1869 - Francisco Serrano y Domínguez is appointed president of executive power of the revolutionary government which forced Isabel II off the throne.

José María Aznar - Archive photo

1874 - The Carlist troops achieve victory in the Battle of Somorrostro.
1903 - in Vigo two people die during the carnival parties.
1906 - Miguel de Unamuno gives a lecture in the theater of the Zarzuela, titled The crisis of the patriotism.
1907 - the Philharmonic Orchestra of Barcelona, founded by José Lassalle, is presented in the city of Barcelona.
1908 - A Red Book is published in Spain concerning the affairs of Morocco.
1908 - A statistical study shows that during the previous year 82,606 Spaniards emigrated, aged between 15 and 35 years.
1946 - General Alfredo Kindelán, fervent supporter of the monarchy, is banished to the Canary Islands.
1957 - formation of the Eighth National Government of Spain (1957-1962), presided over by Francisco Franco.
1926 - Francisco Franco becomes Spain's youngest general at 33
1963 - In the Casón del Buen Retiro in Madrid the exhibition Oro del Perú is inaugurated.
1965 - in Madrid, more than 5,000 university professors; issue fines to teachers who support the student movement.
1981 - Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo is invested as Prime Minister, two days after voting on his investiture in Congress was interrupted by the attempted military coup known as 23-F.
1981 - The generals Jaime Milans del Bosch, captain general of Valencia, and Alfonso Armada and Comyn, second chief of t1790 - Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, político español (f. 1853).he High General Staff, are accused of participating in the coup d'etat of the 23rd.
1983 - Statutes of Autonomy of the Balearic Islands, Castile and Leon, Extremadura and Madrid are approved by Organic Law.
1984 - in Madrid a large demonstration is held in favor of freedom of education and against the socialist education law (LODE).
1990 - The Spanish television channel Antena 3 starts emitting on a regular basis.
1992 - in Algorta (Vizcaya), the terrorist band ETA kills a civil guard.
2004 - A group of Spanish archaeologists announces the discovery of an important deposit, rich in fossil remains of dinosaurs, in the town of Riodeva, Teruel.
2006 - In Madrid, the Association of Victims of Terrorism convenes a large demonstration against the government's dialogue with ETA.
2015 - The Supreme Court called Chaves and Griñán to declare as charged in the ERE case

1555 - Alonso Lobo, composer (Versa est  in luctum) baptised in Osuna (d. 1617)
1725 - Pablo de Olavide, writer and politician (d. 1803).
1788 - Mateo Ferrer, composer and organist, born in Barcelona (d. 1864)
1790 - Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, politician (d. 1853).
1829 - Carlos de Haes, Spanish painter of Belgian origin (d. 1898).
1830 - Cesáreo Fernández Duro (born in Zamora) was a professional naval officer, writer, scholar and historian. (d. 1908)
1831 - Dióscoro Puebla, painter (d. 1901).
1861 - Santiago Rusiñol, painter, poet, and playwright. He was one of the leaders of the Catalan modernisme movement.He influenced Pablo Picasso as a modern artist,  (d. 1931).
1877 - Manuel González García, prelate (d. 1940).
1879 - Gabriel Maura y Gamazo, writer and politician (d. 1963).
1894 - Florián Rey, actor and film director (d. 1962).
1896 - Fernando de Castro Rodríguez, doctor and scientist (d. 1967).
1906 - Domingo Ortega, bullfighter (d. 1988).
1911 - Lorenzo Goñi, painter and draftsman (d. 1992).
1915 - Justiniano Casas Peláez physicist (d. 1998).
1916 - Sixto Marco, painter and draftsman (d. 2002).
1917 - Federico Sopeña, music expert (d. 1991).
1918 - Miguel Gallastegui, Basque pelota player.
1920 - Miguel Díaz Negrete, architect (d. 2011).
1928 - Adolfo Marsillach, actor (f. 2002).
1929 - Rafael Pi Belda, sculptor.
1930 - Alberto Gil Novales, historian.
1934 - Luis Ontaño, cyclist.
1940 - Jesús López Cobos, orchestra director and musician.
1943 - Fernando Pérez Royo, politician.
1944 - Fernando Bonilla, obstetrician and gynecologist.
1947 - Ángel Nieto, motorbike rider.
1948 - Francisco Villar García-Moreno, politician (d. 2011).
1950 - Xosé Cuíña, politician (d. 2007).
1950 - Francisco Fernández Ochoa, skier (d. 2006).
Carmen Linares - photo https://www.redescena.net/
1951 - Carmen Linares is the stage name of Carmen Pacheco Rodríguez. Born in Linares, Jaén Province, she is known as one of the finest flamenco singers in Spain. She belongs to the same generation of artists like Enrique Morente, Camaron, Paco de Lucía, Pepe Habichuela, José Mercé and Tomatito and she is considered as flamenco legend. Carmen Linares has carved out a place for herself in contemporary Spanish musical culture.  She's conquered a privileged position in the world of Flamenco music on her own merits, having become one of Flamenco music's most critically acclaimed and international artists. She is recognized as flamenco lead vocal reference for young artist generation like Estrella Morente, Miguel Poveda, Pitingo, Arcangel, Marina Heredia and Rocio Marquez.
1953 - José María Aznar, the former Prime Minister was born in Madrid
1955 - Enric Miralles, architect (d. 2000).
1958 - Antonio Jesús López Nieto, football referee.
1960 - Adriana Vega, actress.
1970 - Beatriz Rico, actress
1973 - Julio Iglesias, Jr., model and pop singer (One More Chance) born in Madrid
1975 - Ruth Díaz, actress.
1979 - Roberto Fernández Alvalleros, footballer.
1980 - Xavi Hernández, "Xavi", famous Barcelona football player and now manager .
1987 - Adrián López Rodríguez, footballer
1990 - Alejandra Andreu, model, Miss International 2008

1747 - Juan Antonio Vizarrón y Eguiarreta, priest and politician (b. 1682).
1803 - Pablo de Olavide, writer and politician (b. 1725).
1896 - Vicente Palmaroli, painter (b. 1834).
1949 - Juan Tellería, composer (b. 1895).
1973 - Cirilo Cánovas García, polítician (b. 1899).
1984 - Simón Lecue, footballer (b. 1912).
1987 - Jesús María Viana, centre politician (b. 1942).
1990 - Dámaso Alonso, poet and academic (b. 1898).
1990 - Luis Moya Blanco, architect (b. 1904).
1991 - Manuel García Pelayo, Spanish jurist, first president of the Constitutional Court (b. 1909).
1992 - Manuel Hernández Mompó, painter (b. 1927).
1992 - the Civil Guard officer, José San Martín Breton, is murdered by ETA terrorists in Getxo, Vizcaya.
1994 - Juan Beneyto Pérez, jurist, writer and professor (b. 1907).
1997 - Manuel Tuñón de Lara, historian (b. 1923).
1999 - Cristóbal Zaragoza, writer (b. 1923).
2006 - Luis Valls-Taberner, banker (b. 1926).
2012 - Mabel Manzotti, actress and politician (b. 1938).
2013 - Jaime Salom, playwright and physician (b 1925).
2014 - Paco de Lucia - guitarist, songwriter and producer (b.1947)
2022 - Estanislao de Grandes, diplomat COVID-19 (b. 1948)