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February 28

Saint’s Day for Justo, Rufino, Alercio, Macario and Román. Día de Andalucía.

380 - In Zaragoza, a council condemnation for the first time priscilianismo.
1246 - The Siege of Jaén ends in the context of the Spanish Reconquista resulting in the Castilian takeover of the city from the Taifa of Jaen.
1525 - Cuauhtémoc, Mexico’s last Aztec Emperor, is hanged by order of Hernán Cortés.
1571 - Felipe II decreed the organization of the Spanish army.


1707 - King writes a Royal Decree that incorporates Crown assets seized from the Moors from Granada.
1789 - A decree of King allows traffic of African slaves in Cuba.
1814 - The army of Simón Bolivar beats the Spanish forces led by José Tomás Boves in the First Battle of San Mateo
1844 - At the Teatro de la Cruz (Madrid) the play Don Juan Tenorio, José Zorrilla debuts
1969 - The 1969 earthquake hits Portugal, Spain and Morocco
1976 - Spain withdraws from Western Sahara, leaving Ceuta & Melilla (Spanish Morocco) as the last European possessions in Africa
1980 - A referendum in Andalucía approves the fast track to autonomy under Article 151 of the 1978 Spanish Constitution. Today, the date is celebrated as the Día de Andalucía.
2002 - The peseta, Spanish currency ceases to be legal tender.
2014 - Ratings agency Moody’s has increased it ranking for the autonomous regions of Spain. The Basque Country remains a step above the rest of Spain going from Baa2 to Baa1. Meanwhile Castilla y León, Galicia, Madrid and Barcelona now have the same ranking as Spain at Baa2.

1462 - Juana la Beltraneja, daughter of King Henry IV of Castile and his wife Juana de Portugal (d. 1530).
1697 - Agustín Gabriel de Montiano y Luyando,  dramatist whose work is linked to Neoclassicism. He was a member of the Royal Spanish Academy and was also a noted historian; he founded the Real Academia de la Historia in 1735 and became its first director. He was a Secretary of "Cámara de Gracia y Justicia y Estado" (some sort of Spanish High Court of Justice and King Council). (d.1764)
1874 - Soledad Jiménez, actress (Kid Galahad, The Phantom of the Range) born in Santander (d. 1966)
1886 - José Gutiérrez Solana, painter.
Pepita Embil Sorano and mother of Plácido Domingo - https://es.wikipedia.org/
1918 - Josefa Embil Echániz, better known as Pepita Embil was a Spanish Basque soprano who starred in zarzuela and operetta productions throughout Spain and Latin America. Known as the "Queen of Zarzuela," she is especially remembered for her son, the internationally famous operatic tenor Plácido Domingo, whose early career she helped to nurture. Embil began her professional career singing as a soloist in choirs, including the Basque national choir, Eresoinka, which based itself in France during the Spanish Civil War. While still in her twenties, she appeared in the world premieres of several new zarzuelas. She collaborated with some of the most prominent Spanish composers of the 1940s, including Federico Moreno Torroba, Jacinto Guerrero, and Pablo Sorozábal. In late 1948, she moved to Mexico with her baritone husband, Plácido Domingo Ferrer. In Mexico they ran a successful zarzuela company of their own, which toured throughout the Americas.Over the course of her career, Embil made several recordings, primarily of zarzuela music. (d. 1994)
1921 - The actor who was best known for his role as Chanquete in the popular early 1980s TV series Verano Azul, (based in Nerja) Antonio Ferrandiz Monrabal, was born in Paterna, Valencia.
1925 - Odón Alonso Ordás, composer and orchestra conductor. (d. 2011)
1950 - Imanol Uribe, is a Spanish screenwriter and film director. He was born in San Salvador, and is of Basque ancestry. He has won the Goya Award for Best Director for Días contados as well as the San Sebastian Film Festival's Golden Shell for Bwana.
1958 - María Casal, actress.
1958 - Jeanne Mas, French pop singer (Johnny, Johnny, Toute première fois) and actress, born in Alicante
1963 - José "Pepe" Mel Pérez is a former footballer who played as a striker, and is the manager of UD Las Palmas. He amassed Segunda División totals of 215 matches and 78 goals over eight seasons, for Real Madrid Castilla, Castellón and Betis.
1987 - Sabrina Vega Gutiérrez (born  in Las Palmas) is a Spanish chess player who holds the title of the FIDE titles of International Master (IM) and Woman Grandmaster (WGM).
1996 - Jack Harper (born in Málaga) is a Scottish professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Alcorcón, on loan from Getafe, as a forward.

1510 - Juan de la Cosa, cartographer and explorer (b, 1450)
1589 - Diego Perez de Valdivia, Priest.
1613 - Lupercio Leonardo de Argensola, poet and chronicler (b 1559.).
1903 - Laureano Figuerola, politician and economist (b. 1816).
1941 - The grandfather of the previous King of Spain and his predecessor as monarch, Alfonso XIII, died in Rome of a heart attack aged 54
1962 - Julio Camba, journalist and writer (b. 1884).
1981 - Álvaro Cunqueiro, writer (b. 1911).
2003 - Anuel Ferrol, photographer (b. 1923).
2004 - Carmen Laforet, author (b. 1921)
2005 - Francisco Cabrero, architect (b. 1912).
2019 - Xabier Arzalluz, lawyer and academic (b. 1932)