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February 29

1504 - In Jamaica, Christopher Columbus uses his knowledge of a lunar eclipse that night to convince Native Americans to provide him with supplies.

1528 - Domingo Báñez (born in Valladolid) was a Spanish Dominican and Scholastic theologian. The qualifying Mondragonensis sometimes attached to his name seems to refer to the birthplace of his father, Juan Báñez, at Mondragon in Guipúzcoa. (d 1604)
Martin Zurbano Baras - https://dbe.rah.es/
1788 - Martín Zurbano Baras, was a Spanish military figure. A guerrilla leader, he is considered a "martyr to Spanish liberty".Born in Varea, La Rioja, the youngest of four siblings, he fought in the War of Spanish Independence as a guerrilla. With future generals like Francisco Espoz y Mina, he defended the Constitution of 1812, and helped create the province of Logroño. He then fought in First Carlist War on the Liberal (Isabeline) side and rose to the rank of field marshal. A British article written in 1840 describes his role in this war: "In time of peace a contrabandista, or smuggler, he soon after the commencement of the war sought and obtained permission to raise a body of men to act in conjunction with the queen’s troops against the Carlists. His standard, once displayed, was resorted to by smugglers, robbers, and outcasts of all descriptions, attracted by the prospect of plunder and adventure. These were increased by deserters..."Zurbano commanded the force known as the Compañía de Tiradores de Alava (founded 1833), which had been joined with the Partida de Contra aduaneros (Anti-aduanero Party), and was known as the Partida de la Muerte (Party of Death). By 1836, the force was known as Batallón de Voluntarios de la Rioja Alavesa and was disbanded in 1840.He was an ardent follower of Baldomero Espartero, who named him military governor of Girona and commander general of Biscay in 1840. Zurbano participated in the bombardment of Barcelona in 1843.Zurbano suppressed the moderado faction in Biscay in 1841, and fought against Juan Prim in Catalonia (1843). He fled to Portugal after the fall of Espartero, but Isabel II granted him a pardon.In 1844, he led a revolt with 80 men who advocated the adoption of the Constitution of 1837 (Grito de Nájera) and the return of Espartero.  It included the support of key generals, including Juan Prim. Zurbano was imprisoned by Ramón María Narváez. He was arrested and executed by firing squad, along with his sons Benito and Feliciano, by order of Narváez.(d. 1845)
1836 - Guillermo Morphy y Ferríz de Guzmán, best known as Conde Morphy or Count Morphy was a Spanish aristocrat, music critic, musicologist, historian, educator, composer and politician.  He became personal secretary to King Alfonso XII of Spain in 1875. He became a highly admired figure in artistic circles of late nineteenth century Madrid, and for his service to the Crown of Spain. He was a friend of Isaac Albéniz, who he arranged a grant for to study at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.He served as director of the Royal Concert Society at the Teatro Real in Madrid until 1891. (d. 1899)
1888 - Carles Pi i Sunyer, Catalan politician (d. 1971).
1928 - Gustau Biosca, footballer (d. 2104).
1960 - Karlos Santisteban Zimarro, is a Spanish writer, in the Basque language. He has written numerous literary works in almost all genres, especially children's and young people's literature. He is also a translator of many works into the Basque language.
1972 - Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón , economist and politician, Prime Minister of Spain (2018-) born in Madrid. He has also been Secretary-General of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) since June 2017, having previously held that office from 2014 to 2016. He served as a Madrid city councillor from 2004 to 2009, before being elected to the Congress of Deputies.
1980 - Rubén Plaza, Cyclist2000
1988 - Mikel Balenziaga Oruesagasti, Basque professional footballer who plays for Athletic Bilbao as a left back.

1932 - Ramon Casas, painter (b. 1866).
2012 - Jose Luis Milá i Sagnier, noble and Spanish lawyer (b 1918.).