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February 4

Saint’s Day for Andrés Corsini, Gelasio and Donato.

1043 - King of the Taifa of Málaga appointing Idris II.
1493 - Christopher Columbus left the island of La Española (which includes today's Haiti and Dominican Republic) to Spain back from their first American tour aboard La Niña.
1782 - British troops which had seized the island of Menorca surrender to the attack of the Spanish-French army.

José Maria Aznar (2004)

1782 - The Spanish sailor Jose de Mazarredo makes a number of observations on the currents of the Strait of Gibraltar.
1860 - In Tetuán (Morocco) the first Moroccan war, Spanish invaders defeated the patriotic forces in the Battle of Tetuán  
1888 - in the province of Huelva is produced one of the first popular revolts child exploitation and environmental degradation caused by the mines of Rio Tinto.
1906 - were arrested in Cadiz, lacking complete documentation, 21 Andalusian day laborers who were preparing to emigrate to America. The misery is compounded daily in Spain.
1913 - Barcelona finish the work promoted by the Institute of Catalan Studies orthographically in order to normalize the Catalan language.
1924 - a seaplane piloted by Major Delgado and Captain Franco makes a flight on Teide (Canary Islands).
1937 - Decree of the Spanish Ministry of Justice to have equal civil rights for both sexes.
1955 - Greek shipowner Stavros Niarchos acquires for $ 400,000 La Piedad picture by El Greco.
1981 - Twenty members of Herri Batasuna boo the speech of King Juan Carlos I in the House of Meetings of Guernica.
1984 - ETA assassin to a former member of ETA terrorist organization, the engineer and builder Miguel Francisco Solaun.
1985 - Spain signs the UN convention against torture.
1989 - Spanish surgeon and urologist Usón Aurelio has successfully completed the comprehensive change sex to a woman by "technical Shanghai" new surgical method.
1991 - tickets are put on sale for the Olympics Barcelona in 1992. Tickets for the opening ceremony are the most requested.
2002 - The Ministry of Education announced that the reform of secondary education will include an examination to obtain a bachelor's degree.
2004 - the Partido Popular Prime Minister, José María Aznar, addresses the United States Congress, reaffirming Spain’s support for the war in Iraq.
2006 - President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero inaugurates the fourth terminal of Barajas airport, increasing its capacity to seventy million passengers annually.
2017 - The 31st Goya Awards were presented at the Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel in Madrid on 4 February 2017 to honour the best in Spanish films of 2016. Actor and comedian Dani Rovira was the master of ceremonies for the third time in a row. The Fury of a Patient Man won Best Film, as well as Best Supporting Actor, Best Original Screenplay and Best New Director, but A Monster Calls won the most awards, with nine awards, including Best Director. Actress Emma Suárez won two awards on the same night: Best Actress for Julieta and Best Supporting Actress for La próxima piel

1716 - José Solís y Folch de Cardona, grande de España and knight of the Order of Santiago was a colonial administrator and viceroy of New Granada from November 24, 1753 to February 25, 1761. (d, 1770)
1749 - Josefa Amar y Borbón was a writer, who belonged to a group of intellectuals that were bound together by a common concern for the decadent conditions of Spain and a desire to fix the situation through education. She is known as part of the first generation of Spanish feminists. (d.1833).
1817 - Francisco de Cárdenas Espejo, lawyer, journalist and politician who served as Minister of Justice under King Alfonso XII.  (d. 1898).
1843 - Andrés Marín  was a tenor. He belonged to the choir of the Teatro Real, which debuted in 1866.  (d. 1896)
1845 - Regino Martínez Basso, violin player (d. 1901).
1858 - Francesc Gimeno i Arasa (born in Tortosa) was a Catalan painter and graphic artist; best known for his landscapes, city scenes and self-portraits. (d. 1927)
1890 - Sister Josefa Menéndez, was a Catholic nun and mystic. She was born to a Christian family in Madrid, where she suffered various trials. In 1920, at 29, she entered the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Poitiers. Her religious life was spent cleaning and sewing. While a nun, she reportedly received visions of Jesus. (d. 1923)
1892 - Andrés Nin, Catalan politician (d. 1937)
1919 - Joan Bastardas i Parera, The first family name is Bastardas and the second is Parera.Joan Bastardas i Parera ,was a Catalan Latinist and Romance philologist, (d. 2009)
1929 - Fernando González Ollé, writer and researcher 
1934 - Fernando Manzaneque, cyclist (d. 2004).
1937 - Félix Grande, writer.
1942 - Ovidi Montllor, singer songwriter and actor (d. 1995).
1942 - Joaquim Rifé, footballer.
1948 - Actress and singer Pepa Flores, better known to the public as Marisol, who was born in Málaga.
1951 - Román Felones, politician and historian.
1953 - José María Barreda, politician. A member of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, he was the President of the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha from 2004 until 2011.
1954 - José Ignacio Goirigolzarri Tellaeche,  economist and executive.
1959 - Juan Manuel López Iturriaga, basketball player.
1962 - Jaume Duch Guillot, born in Barcelona, is the spokesperson of the European Parliament and the Director-General of Communication of the institution, a position he assumed in February 2017 after more than a decade as the Media Director.
1974 - Rocío Monasterio San Martín is an architect, businesswoman and politician.
1975 - Lucía Figar de Lacalle (born Madrid), politician in the People's Party.
2004 - Fernando Boza, actor.

1534 - Alfonso III of Fonseca, ecclesiastical, Spanish bishop and patron (b 1475)
1624 - Vicente Espinel, poet and musician (b. 1550)
1893 - Concepción Arenal, criminal writer (b.1820)
1932 - Luis Menéndez Pidal, painter (b. 1861).
1993 - Marta Rocafort and Altuzarra, second wife of Alfonso, Prince of Asturias (b.1913).
1998 - Cristóbal Martínez-Bordiú, doctor (b. 1922).
2011 - Diego Lozano, football player and trainer (b. 1924).
2019 - Isacio Calleja,  footballer (b. 1936)