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February 9

Saint’s Day for Apolonia, Donato, Nicéforo, Primo and Sabino

654 - The Capture of Fort Rocher takes place during the Anglo-Spanish War.
1601 - Philip III of Spain arrives with his court in Valladolid.
1724 - In Spain the nobles proclaimed king Luis I, son of Felipe V.
1822 - Haitian President Jean Pierre Boyer, commanding 12,000 men, invades Spanish Santo Domingo. This invasion ended the period known as Ephemeral Independence Jose Nunez de Caceres and began the Haitian occupation of 1822-1844.
1851 - Spain's second railway line that runs between Madrid and Aranjuez is inaugurated.

Javier Mariscal - Bar Cel Ona chair - Wikipedia

1904 - In Spain a vote of censure is rejected against the Congress president, Francisco Romero Robledo.
1910 - After the fall of the Liberal government, King Alfonso XIII instructs José Canalejas, a supporter of democratization and social reform, the formation of a new cabinet.
1912 - Sevilla, Guadalquivir river flooded some neighborhoods.
1923 - The University of Salamanca is created and UD Salamanca is founded.
1937 - Sevilla, General Gonzalo Queipo de Llano gains the title "adopted son."
1946: the United Nations General Assembly unanimously condemns the Franco regime and refuses Spain’s admission.
1950 - at the Albéniz Theatre in Madrid Las mocedades of Hernán Cortés, Joaquín Dicenta drama (son) is released.
1957 - The king of Morocco, Mohamed V arrived in Madrid.
1957 - in an exhibition at the Palacio de Cristal (Madrid) the most outstanding works are those of Joaquin Sorolla and Mariano Fortuny.
1962: Spain makes its first application to join the European Common Market. She was not to be admitted until 1986.
1968 - Spain amending the Basic Law of the Autonomous System of Equatorial Guinea, definitive step towards the independence of that country.
1977 - The Spanish government ends the restoring of diplomatic relations with most communist countries of Europe.
1978 - Carmen Conde enters the Royal Spanish Academy, becoming the first woman to be part of this institution.
1984 - In Asturias, the popular song Asturias, beloved country, was declared the official anthem.
1998 - in the Bay of Cadiz (South of Spain) Spanish researchers detected a new type of organic contaminant that could have caused the change of sex of some species of fish.
2000 - In Madrid, the international art fair ARCO 2000 is inaugurated.
2002 - In Ecija (Sevilla), the Civil Guard impounds 200,000 pieces of an archaeological collection.
2002 - In Sevilla, Marta Domínguez athlete from Palencia achieves a new national record in 1,500 meters with a time of 4: 07.69 minutes.
2005: More than 40 people are injured when an ETA car bomb explodes at the Campo de las Naciones in Madrid, just 500 metres from the official ceremony later that day where the King and Queen of Spain inaugurated the ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair.
2005 - In France, police arrested 14 people accused of belonging to ETA and gives by disarticulated the trap apparatus of the terrorist group. France hands the terrorist Juan Maria Insausti Mugika, alias Karpov, former head of ETA forming apparatus.
2006 - Congress approves the reform of the Valencian Statute.
2017 - The UK has opened a war with the farmers in Murcia over the inflated prices of lettuce – the local exporters accuse the British supermarket chains who operating in pounds of diverting the real reason which is ‘Brexit’. Fruit Logistic – the largest wholesale fruit and vegetable fair in the world opened its doors yesterday.
2023 - National Police force has arrested 29 people for their alleged involvement in a criminal network responsible for drug trafficking and money laundering, supposedly headed by three businessmen from the Axarquía.

1711 - Luis Vicente de Velasco e Isla, Spanish sailor and commander (d. 1762)
1804 - Luis Candelas, Spanish bandolero (d. 1837).
1898 - Carlos Jiménez Díaz, doctor (d. 1967).
1923 - Fernanda de Utrera, flamenco singer (d. 2006).
1931 - Xavier Benguerel, Catalan composer (Llibre Vermell; Jo, Dalí) born in Barcelona (d. 2017)
1942 - Manuel Castells, sociologist and professor. especially associated with research on the information society, communication and globalization. The 2000–2014 research survey of the Social Sciences Citation Index ranks him as the world's fifth most-cited social science scholar, and the foremost-cited communication scholar.He was awarded the 2012 Holberg Prize, for having "shaped our understanding of the political dynamics of urban and global economies in the network society."
1944 - Manuela Carmena Castrillo is a retired Spanish lawyer and judge who served as Mayor of Madrid from June 2015 to June 2019.
1950 - Francisco Javier Errando Mariscal, better known as Javier Mariscal is a Spanish artist and designer whose work has spanned a wide range of mediums, ranging from painting and sculpture to interior design and landscaping.
1964 - Ernesto Valverde, football player and trainer.
1974 - Helena Resano, journalist and presenter.
1982 - Domingo Cisma González, footballer
1983 - Mikel Arruabarrena Aranbide, footballer
1983 - Celia Freijeiro, actress
1991 - Maxi Iglesias, actor.

1588 - Álvaro de Bazán, 1st Marquis of Santa Cruz, Spanish admiral (b. 1526)
1943 - Antonio Zozaya, writer (b. 1859)
2002 - Vicente Sardinero, Spanish opera singer (b. 1937)
2003 - Miquel Batllori, historian (b. 1909).
2007 - The man who invented table football, the publisher and poet, Alejandro de Finisterre. His real name was Alejandro Campos Ramírez.
2008 - Genaro Celayeta, footballer (b. 1954).
2013 - Leonardo Polo, philosopher (b. 1926).
2022 - Alicia Hermida, actress (Maribel and the Strange Family, Black Humour, El Bosque animado) (b.1933)