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January 11

Saint’s Day for Higino, Salvio, Martín de León and Anastasio.

1284 - In a compilation entitled Recognoverunt Proceres, Pedro III gives Barcelona civil and economic privileges.
1565 - The Spanish conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi takes possession of the Eastern Carolinas, today Marshall Islands.
1654 - Arauco War: A Spanish army is defeated by local Mapuche-Huilliches as it tries to cross Bueno River in Southern Chile
1753 - Ferdinand VI of Spain and Pope Benedictus XVI sign concord
1866 - 220 people drown in the Bay of Biscay to sink the English ship passengers London.
1875 - Alfonso XII disembarks in Valencia, from Barcelona, and goes to
Madrid to occupy the throne of Spain.

1932 - Claudio Sanchez-Albornoz was appointed rector of the Central University of Madrid.
1933 - An anarchist uprising that had a harsh reaction from the government of Azana and the Civil Guard took place in Casas Viejas (Cádiz).
1935 - The Juan de la Cierva autogyro demonstrated impressive tests in Madrid, by descending and rising vertically from a height.
1936 - The guerrillas of Azorín play opens in Madrid.
1945: -Law founding the Institute of Hispanic Culture (currently the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, AECI).
1952 - The weaver of dreams, by Antonio Buero Vallejo opens in Madrid.
1957 - Heavy rains on the island of La Palma: 28 dead, many injured and serious economic losses.
1961 - Manuel Santana is named sportsman of the year.
1981 - Javier Pérez de Cuellar was elected secretary general of the UN.
1982 - The Statutes of Autonomy for Andalucía, Cantabria and Asturias come into effect with their publication in the Official State Bulletin.
1984 - Salvador Dalí announces the creation of the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation and the donation of 621 of his works.
            Josu Ternera  - https://www.rtve.es/
1989 - The leading ETA activist José Antonio Urrutikoetxea Bengoetxea, otherwise known as Josu Ternera, is arrested in Bayonne, France.
2014 - About 110,000 people march peacefully through Bilbao, demanding Basque independence and freedom for more than 600 ETA prisoners

347 - Theodosius I, also known as Theodosius the Great, was a Roman Emperor from 379 to 395, and the last emperor to rule over both the Eastern and the Western halves of the Roman Empire. On accepting his elevation, he campaigned against Goths and other barbarians who had invaded the Empire. His resources were not sufficient to destroy them or drive them out, which had been Roman policy for centuries in dealing with invaders. By treaty, which followed his indecisive victory at the end of the Gothic War, they were established as foederati, autonomous allies of the Empire, south of the Danube, in Illyricum, within the Empire's borders. Theodosius I was obliged to fight two destructive civil wars, successively defeating the usurpers Magnus Maximus in 387–388 and Eugenius in 394, though not without material cost to the power of the Empire. He issued decrees that effectively made Nicene Christianity the official state church of the Roman Empire. He dissolved the Order of the Vestal Virgins in Rome. In 393, he banned the pagan rituals of the Olympics in Ancient Greece. After his death, Theodosius's young sons Arcadius and Honorius inherited the east and west halves of the empire respectively, and the Roman Empire was never again re-united, though Eastern Roman emperors after Zeno would claim the united title after Julius Nepos's death in 480. Theodosius is considered a saint by the Armenian Apostolic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church, and his feast day is on January 17. (d.17-Jan-0395)
844 - Abd Allah I of Córdoba, emir Umayyad between 888 and 912 (d. 961)
889 - Abd-ar-Rahman III, ruler, 8th Emir of Córdoba (d. 961)
1653 - Gaspar de la Cerda, 8th Count of Galve Lord of Salcedón and Tortola was viceroy of New Spain from November 20, 1688 to February 26, 1696. (d. 12-Mar-1697)
1775 - Luis Roberto de Lacy,  was a brigadier general in the Spanish Army who fought in the Peninsular War. He came from an Irish family that had two previous generations serving in the Spanish army: his grandfather, Patrick de Lacy Sr., had been a general in the infantry regiment of the Spanish "Irish Regiment" of Ultonia, and his father, Patrick de Lacy Jr., had risen to the rank of lieutenant colonel before his early death. (d. 05-Jul-1817)
1848 - Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench painter, and one of the most prominent artists of Valencia from the end of the nineteenth century, working in the Impressionist style. (d.18-Oct-1916)
1879 - Esteban de Bilbao Eguía, politician (d. 1970)
1893 - Florentino Ballesteros, bullfighter (d. 1917)
1914 - Salvadora Honorata del Hoyo Alonso, was one of the first women members of Opus Dei. A domestic worker by profession, Dora was the first to join the Prelature of Opus Dei as an assistant numerary meaning that she dedicated herself professionally to caring for people and looking after the material needs of Opus Dei centers. From 1946 until her death, she lived in Rome, Italy where she collaborated first with Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, Opus Dei's founder, and later on with his successors Álvaro del Portillo and Bishop Javier Echevarría, in the domestic management of the first Opus Dei center there, later the movement's headquarters.Her process of canonization was opened in Rome on June 18, 2012 by Echevarría, at the request of many who knew and worked with her.  Her mortal remains lie close to the tomb of Escriva, in the crypt of Our Lady of Peace Church in Rome. (d.10-Jan-2004) 
1938 - Josep Maria Flotats, theatre actor and director.
1943 - Eduardo Mendoza, writer.
1943 - Luis Varela, actor.
1954 - Vicky Peña, actress.
1956 - Vicente Martínez-Pujalte, politician.
1959 - José Luis Llorente, basketball player.
1968 - Alberto San Juan, actor.
1971 - Aitor Arregi, footballer.
1972 - Luis Miguel Martín, runner.
1976 - Eduardo Madina, politician.
1981 - Joan Cornellà Vázquez cartoonist and illustrator, famous for his unsettling, surreal humor and black humour comic strips as well as artwork.
1992 - Dani Carvajal, footballer for Real Madrid.

1495 - Pedro González de Mendoza, Archbishop of Toledo. (b. 1428)
1641 - Juan Martínez de Jáuregui y Aguilar, poet and painter (b. 1583)
1956 - Manuel Velasco de Pando, engineer (b. 1888)
1968 - Pedro Gual Villalbí, economist and politician (b. 1885)
1975 - Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, playwright and director of the Spanish newspaper ABC. (b. 1897).
1988 - Federico Mendizábal, writer (b. 1901)
1989 - Cristino Mallo, sculptor (b. 1905).
1995 - José Corts Grau, Catalan writer (b. 1905).
2008 - Pepín Bello, writer. (b. 1904).
2013 - Anna Lizaran, actress (b. 1944).
2022 - Jordi Sabatés. pianist (b. 1957)