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January 12

Saint’s Day for Alfredo, Benito, Nazario and Tatiana.

1072 - In Spain, after the battle of Golpejera, Sancho II was crowned King of Leon.
1230 - Jaime I conquers the island of Mallorca.
1610 - The decree for expulsion of the Moors from Andalucía is enacted.

Ana Rosa - Photo  www.telecinco.es

1832 - Ramon Mesonero Romanos begins publication of its matritenses scenes in the literary magazine Spanish Breeds.
1874 - Cartagena ends the cantonal insurrection against land and sea blockade of government forces.
1924 - Miguel Primo de Rivera dissolved the provincial councils, except Basque and Navarra.
1933 - Uprising of Guardia Civil, 25 die
1937 - Melilla becomes Nazi submarine base.
1959 - The Caves of Nerja are rediscovered in Spain.
1970 - Major floods occurred in the Ebro, Tajo, Duero, Guadiana and Guadalquivir rivers breaking their banks.
1976 - In the Spanish Sahara finalizes the Spanish invasion with the retirement of General Gómez de Salazar.
1988 - Spain installs her first base in the Antarctica.
1991 - Deputy Prime Minister resigns Alfonso Guerra, dragged down by the scandal.
1992 - The Gran Teatro was opened in Madrid.
2011 - the City of Culture of Galicia is inaugurated in Santiago de Compostela.
2016 - ‘Treasury and prosecution are pushing for the acquittal of the Infanta’. The defence of the King’s sister presented a report which will reduce her blame. The tribunal rejected to request the testimony as witness Juan Carlos I. The Government said it is convinced the case will have a ‘just sentence’.

Jusepe de Ribera captures Saint Peter's Humanity - https://www.gazette-drouot.com/

1591 - Jusepe de Ribera, was a painter and printmaker who along with Francisco de Zurbarán, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo and the singular Diego Velázquez, are regarded as the major artists of Spanish Baroque painting (d. 1652)
1716 - Antonio de Ulloa, naval officer and scientist, was born in Sevilla. He was the first Spanish governor of Louisiana. (d. 1795)
1736 - Pedro de Quevedo y Quintano, Roman Catholic clergyman and politician. Named a bishop in 1776, he founded the Seminary of Ourense in 1803, and was one of the five people chosen for the Council of Regency that operated as the executive body of Spain's Supreme Central Junta during the Peninsular War. He was also, at the time, the last Grand Inquisitor, until the Spanish Inquisition was abolished by the Cádiz Cortes. In 1816 Pope Pius VII named him a cardinal. His sepulchre in the Cathedral of Ourense was designed by sculptor Antoni Solà.  (d. 28-Mar-1818)
1809 - In Santa Cruz de Tenerife the Duke of Tetuan Leopoldo O’Donnell y Jorris, the Spanish general and statesman who headed the government for three separate periods between 1856 and 1866 and fought for Isabela II in the Carlist Wars. He was descended from the Irish 16th century chieftain, Calvagh O’Donnell, Lord of Tyrconnell.
1810 - Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies. was King of the Two Sicilies from 1830 until his early death in 1859.
1870 - Antonio Fernández Bordas.was a violinist and musical teacher. (d. 18-Feb-1950)
1901 - Salvador Cardona, cyclist (d. 1985)
1914 - Enrique Miret Magdalena, theologian (d. 2009)
1936 - Miguel de Guzmán, mathematician (d. 2004)
1937 - Vicente Sardinero, baritone opera singer born in Barcelona (d. 2002)
1941 - Rodrigo Uría Meruéndano, judge.
1948 - Carme Riera Guilera, is a novelist and essayist. She has also written short stories, scripts for radio and television and literary criticism. She holds a doctorate in Hispanic Philology and is a professor of Spanish literature at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Riera was born in Palma.
1952 - El Nani (Santiago Corella), matador.
1954 - Jesús María Satrústegui, footballer.
1956 - Ana Rosa Quintana, television journalist who presented the Tele 5 morning show ‘El programa de Ana Rosa,’was born in Madrid.
1956 - Jaime Giménez Arbe, anarchist and bank robber known as El Solitario ("The Loner"). He admitted to more than thirty armed robberies of banks all over Spain, and was also convicted of the murder of two Civil Guards in Castejón (Navarra). In addition, in Vall de Uxó (Castellón), during an exchange of fire with El Solitario, one policeman died due to a stray bullet fired by another policeman.He was sentenced to 47 years' imprisonment in July 2008. He was previously imprisoned in the United Kingdom for drug trafficking, and eight minor trials in Spain had yet to take place. He speaks Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. 
1958 - Cecilio Alonso, handball player.
1963 - Juan Carlos Monedero Fernández-Gala political scientist, writer and politician. He was one of the head members of Podemos until his resignation in April 2015 critical of the direction the party.
portrait of Blanca Li by Ali Mahdavi - https://es.wikipedia.org/
1964 - Blanca Li, originally Blanca María Gutiérrez Ortiz. She is a choreographer, film director, dancer and actress. She has created choreographies for the Paris Opera Ballet, The Berlin Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera, for filmmakers like Pedro Almodovar and Michel Gondry or for musical artists like Beyoncé, Daft Punk ("Around the World" ), Paul McCartney, Kanye West and Coldplay, among others. Whether performance, opera, musical, museum installation, event, music video or feature film, she initiates and realizes a great number of projects : "I like to give life to all that’s in my brain". Never restricted to one style, she gets her inspiration from a broad spectrum of physical forms of expression (from flamenco to classical ballet and hip-hop).
1968 - Laura Mañá, film director.
1985 - Yohana Cobo, actress, born in Madrid
1985 - Borja Valero, footballer.
1986 - Miguel Ángel Nieto, footballer. born in Madrid
1995 - Maverick Viñales, motorbike rider.
1999 - Manu Morlanes, in Zaragoza, professional footballer who plays for Villarreal CF as an attacking midfielder.

1519 - Maximilian I of Austria, Philip the Handsome father and grandfather of Charles I of Spain (b. 1459)
1788 - Francisco Noroña, religious, doctor and botanist (b. 1748)
1809 - Antonio Sangenis Torres, Spanish military engineer (b. 1767)
1894 - Mariano Rius, businessmen (b. 1838)
1960 - Pedro Puig Adam, mathematician (b. 1900)
1963 - Ramón Gómez de la Serna, writer and journalist (b. 1888).
1998 - Ramon Sampedro, a quadriplegic sailor and writer.
2001 - Manuel Aznar Acedo, a prominent radio journalist during the Franco years and Director of Radio Nacional España. He was the father of José María Aznar, the former Partido Popular Prime Minister.
2001 - Mariano Juaristi Atano III, pelota player (b. 1904)
2008 - Ángel González, poet (b. 1925)
2010 - Fina de Calderón, writer, poet and composer (b. 1927)
2013 - Anna Lizaran, actress (b. 1944)
2015 - Germán Cobos, actor (b. 1938)