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January 14

Saint’s Day for Eufragio, Fulgencio and Benita.

1503 - Creation of the House of Trade of the Indies in Sevilla, designed to deposit America imported and exported goods.
1514 - Royal decree authorizing the marriage of Spaniards with Indians.
1526 - Treaty of Madrid, between Francis I of France and Carlos I of Spain, after the battle of Pavia.
1539 – Spain annexes Cuba.
1724 - King Philip V of Spain abdicates the throne.
1739 -  2nd El Pardo agreement: Agreement between Spain and England, which establishes the basis of trade in the American colonies.

King Alonso XII entering Madrid - picture www.retalesdehistoria.blog

1809 - Treaty of alliance between England and Spain to jointly fight against Napoleon Bonaparte, whose armies had invaded Spain.
1812 - The Cortes de Cádiz suspends death by hanging as a form of execution. It was not officially abolished until the reign of Fernando VII in 1832, when the garrotte was brought in as the standard method of capital punishment.
1851 - Juan Bravo Murillo is commissioned by Queen Isabel II to form a new government.
1858 - Francisco Javier Istúriz Montero is named president of the government 
1875 - Alfonso XII enters Madrid to take over the Spanish throne, marking the restoration of the monarchy and the end of the brief First Spanish Republic.
1835 - The first edition of the newspaper Ya in Madrid.
1937 - Nationalist forces start their offensive in Málaga in the Spanish Civil War.
1987 - The government announced a new industrial revolution, which supposed the loss of 30,000 jobs
1990 - 43 people lose their lives when a fire breaks out in the discotheque ‘Flying’ in Zaragoza.
1997 - José María Gil-Robles is elected president of the European Parliament.
2006 - Princess Leonor, the eldest daughter of the Prince and Princess of Asturias, is baptised with water from the River Jordan in Zarzuela Palace.
2011 - Canaria transport company Global issues a statement launching the implementation of the contactless card, pioneering experience in Spain.
2017 - The 22nd ceremony of the Forqué Awards was held at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville. The gala was hosted by Carlos Latre, Antonio P. Pérez was gifted the EGEDA Gold Medal recognizing a career in the film industry
2020 - There was a major explosion at the Chemical Industries of Ethylene Oxide (IQOXE) site in Tarragona. Three people died, although none of the fatalities were on-site, and seven people were injured because of the explosion. The first explosion occurred between 18:40 and 19:00 and affected an ethylene oxide tank of the company. The second one affected a transformation station of the same company. The blast was noticed within a radius of several kilometres. Following the explosion, there was a severe fire with a large smoke plume. Thirty teams of firefighters were moved to the area. They ensured that the propylene oxide left in the tank burned in a controlled manner.


1507 - Catherine of Habsburg Queen of Portugal, born in Torquemada (d. 1578)
1660 - Madre María Rosa, was a Capuchin nun from Madrid. She left Spain in 1712 with four other founding nuns to Lima, Peru to establish a new Capuchin convent. She was an example of the early modern women who were a part of the expansion of the Atlantic world. Her documentation of her journey is the oldest known travel document written by a woman. It was very atypical for a woman to be literate much less travel to the new world. Her account of her journey is a valuable insight to a pious woman's interpretation of the world outside of the cloistered walls of a covenant and proof that a woman, particularly one tied down by a strict Catholic council, had a burning spirit of mission with “equal flame” to those of so many men in Catholic Europe.
1835 - Marcelo Spínola y Maestre, priest. (d. 1906)
1858 - Eugenio Lucas Villaamil sometimes called "The Younger" was a Spanish costumbrista painter.Many of his works were painted in the style of Francisco de Goya; and the attributions are sometimes confused. (d. 23-Jan-1918)
1861 - Miquel Capllonch Rotger, was a Majorcan pianist and composer. He studied music in Pollença with his cousin, Joan Rotger, organist of the parish of Pollença. He continued his musical studies with William Massot and at the Conservatory of Music in Madrid, with teachers like Tragó, Galiana, Chapí and Hernando. He then worked in Madrid with the Polish composer Weber. He taught music for the royal families of Prussia (the Hohenzollerns ) and Saxony, and gave concerts for European royalty. In 1906 he married Gabriela Miteau with whom he had four children. In 1912 he moved with his family to Madrid, and three years later to Barcelona. He died in Pollença on 21 December 1935 and is commemorated by a bronze bust in the main square of Port de Pollença, Placa de Miquel Capllonch, which is named after him.
By Andy Mabbett - Treball propi, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=19361026

1910 - Aurelio Suárez, painter (d. 2003)
1913 - Benita Gil Lamiel was a Spanish teacher and syndicalist organizer. She was made a Commander of the Order of Isabella the Catholic in 2014, at age 101. (d. 26-Jul-2015)
1915 - Javier Benjumea Puigcerver, businessman (d. 2001)
1924 - Fernando Álvarez de Miranda, politician.
1928 - Carlos Luis Álvarez, Cándido, journalist (d. 2006)
1935 - Juan de Ribera Berenguer, painter.
1943 - Miguel Ángel Ladero Quesada, historian.
1951 - Carme Elías, actress.
1957 - Alfonso de Galarreta, Spanish-Argentine bishop of the Society of Saint Pius X.He was declared excommunicated latae sententiae by Pope John Paul II because of his unauthorized consecration by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1988, deemed by the Holy See to be "unlawful" and "a schismatic act". 
1965 - Toni Cantó, actor who played the transvestite Lola in the Pedro Almodóvar film, ‘Todo sobre mi Madre,’ was born in Valencia.
1971 - Manel Fuentes, journalist.
1973 - Eva Bes, tennis player
1975 - Alberto Olmos, novelist. Beyond being a successful novelist, Olmos is a pioneer of Spanish-language literary criticism on the internet. He has written for the newspapers El Mundo, El País and ABC and the journals Qué Leer and Granta en español. He has been translated into Italian, Swedish and English.
1975 - Rodolfo Sancho, actor.
1980 - Carolina Cerezuela, actress.
1981 - Rosa López, pop singer born in Láchar (Granada)
1981 - Concepción Montaner, long jumper
1982 - Víctor Valdés, goalkeeper born in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
1985 - Marc Minguell, water polo player who competed in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics.

1901 - Víctor Balaguer, the Catalan poet, politician and historian, died in Madrid.
1949 - Joaquín Turina, composer and academic (b. 1882)
1957 - Irene Caba Alba, actress (b. 1899).
1958 - José Miaja Menant, soldier. (b. 1878).
1982 - Juan José Espinosa San Martín, politician (b. 1918).
1984 - José Fernando Dicenta, actor and writer. (b. 1929).
1994 - Federica Montseny, anarchist leader. (b. 1905).
Sara Montiel - https://www.rtve.es/
2000 - Sara Montiel, singer and actress Over her long career she made many films and records and she became the first Spanish artist to triumph in Hollywood, where the diva good looks saw her being giving memorable roles, such as the role of Antonia, the niece of Don Quixote in the 1947 Spanish film version of Cervantes novel. (b. 1915)
2001 - Julio Robles, bullfighter. (b. 1951).
2014 - Juan Gelman, poet, journalist and Argentine translator, Cervantes Prize 2007.
2010 - Andrés Pazos, Uruguayan actor of Spanish origin (b. 1945).
2010 - Antonio Fontán, journalist and politician (b. 1923)
2011 - José Paz Vélez, sculptor of Seville (b. 1931).
2012 - Txillardegi, linguist and politician (b. 1929)
2022 - Ricardo Bofill, architect COVID-19 (b. 1940)