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January 20

Saint’s Day for Eulogio, Augurio and Fructuoso

649 – King Chindasuinth, at the urging of bishop Braulio of Zaragoza, crowns his son Recceswinth as co-ruler of the Visigothic Kingdom.
1486 - Christopher Columbus is received by the Catholic Kings for the first time.

Christopher Columbus with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella - Picture - www.josephsmithacademy.org
1500 - Marine Vicente Yanez Pinzon is the first Spaniard to cross the equinox on the American Atlantic coast to access the current Brazil.
1503 - House of Hiring of Seville, responsible for organizing and controlling all service and passenger transport between the New and Old World is created.
1532 - In Mexico, Fernando y Francisco de Sain Spanish founded the town of San Sebastian, now known as Sain Alto, (Zacatecas).
1722 - Prince of Asturias, Luis, married Luisa Isabel de Orleans to strengthen the alliance between France and Spain.
1783 - France and Spain sign preliminary articles with Britain to the Treaty of Versailles, which would recognise the independence of Britain’s 13 American colonies. It recognised Spain’s sovereignty of Florida, and returned Menorca to Spanish control. Gibraltar remained in the hands of Britain.
1834 - In Spain, a royal decree abolished, indirectly, the trade organization.
1866 - Prim's Insurrection ends
1909 - Congress of Deputies approved a law that the export of artworks is prohibited.
1960 - The University of Navarra Opus Dei, is founded whose sponsorship is involved in a broad Catalan capital.
1965 - Generalisimo Francisco Franco meets with Jewish representatives to discuss legitimising Jewish communities in Spain
1994 - Rafael Angel Martínez González, was appointed professor at the Institution Tello Téllez de Meneses.
2021 - An explosion occurred in a building on Calle de Toledo in Madrid.  Four men were killed in the blast: a 35-year-old electrician, who was also a parishioner and had gone there to visit his friend, the priest; a 45-year-old bricklayer who was working nearby the scene; a 46-year-old Bulgarian passerby; and a 36-year-old parish priest who died in hospital the day after the explosion.Ten other people were wounded, including one in critical condition. The building was seriously damaged in the incident, with the top four floors being totally destroyed. A nearby school and a nursing home were also affected by the blast but nobody was hurt in those two locations; the nursing home was evacuated.

1358 - Eleanor of Aragon and Sicily, Princess of Aragon and Queen consort of Castile (d.1382).
1502 - Sebastian de Aparicio, Spanish-born Franciscan, beatified for his work in Mexico (d. 1600)
1553 - Bernardino de Cárdenas y Portugal, 3rd Duke of Maqueda, 2nd Marquis of Elche, was a Spanish noble and statesman.He was the son of Bernardino de Cárdenas y Pacheco, 2nd Duke of Maqueda, 1st Marquis of Elche, and of Isabel de Velasco, daughter of Íñigo Fernández de Velasco, 2nd Duke of Frías, Constable of Castille.He was viceroy of Catalonia and of Sicily.He married Luisa Manrique de Lara, 5th Duchess of Nájera and had 4 sons and 2 daughters. He was succeeded by his eldest surviving son Jorge de Cárdenas y Manrique de Lara.V (d. 1601)
1687 - Sebastián de la Cuadra y Llarena, 1st Marquess of Villarías was a Spanish statesman.He served as Chief Minister between 1736 and 1746 during the reign of Philip V of Spain. He was the third son of Simón de la Quadra y Medrano, Síndico General of the Comarca of Las Encartaciones.For much of this late period in office, Spain was involved in the War of Jenkins' Ear with Britain and the War of the Austrian Succession in Italy. For his service he was made Marqués de Villarías by King Philip V of Spain on 22 March 1739, an honour awarded sometimes either to outgoing First Ministers or during their tenure. He was a co-founder of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in 1744. (d. 1766)
1716 - Carlos III King of Spain  (1759-88) and King of Naples and Sicily (1734-59) born in Royal Alcazar of Madrid. (d.1788)
1718 - Ambrosio de Benavides Medina Liñán y Torres was a Spanish colonial administrator who served as Royal Governor of Puerto Rico, Royal Governor of Charcas and Royal Governor of Chile. (d. 1787)
1809 - Sebastián de Iradier,  Spanish-Basque composer (La Paloma) born in Lanciego (d. 1865).
1848 - Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, politician On 31 March 1884, he was appointed civil governor of Madrid. Since 1880 up to his death in 1905, he held various government ministries including Finance, Justice and Interior, became President of Parliament, and was twice Prime Minister. He is credited with the economic reforms passed in the years 1899 and 1900 that stabilized the nation's economy after the loss of the last Spanish colonies in the Americas and the Pacific Ocean.(d. 1905).
1850 - Emilio Sala y Francés (in, Madrid) was a Spanish painter.(d. 1910)
1857 - Ramón de la Sota, politician and businessman (d. 1936).
1858 - Pedro Vives Vich, engineer and solider (d. 1938).
1858 - Enrique Reig y Casanova was a Cardinal of the Catholic Church and an Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain. (d. 1927)
1873 - Joaquín Álvarez Quintero, writer and comic (d. 1944).
1888 - Lluis Nicolau d'Olwer  was a Catalan politician and writer who held office in the provisional government of the Second Spanish Republic, heading the Economics Ministry from April 1931. (d. 1961)
1895 - Antonio Gallego Burín, politician and journalist (d. 1961).
1901 - Juan García Oliver, anarcho-syndicalist revolutionary and Minister of Justice of the Second Spanish Republic. He was a leading figure of anarchism in Spain.(d. 1980)
1903 - Esteban Vicente, painter (d. 2001).
1920 - Fernando Macarro Castillo ( in Alconada), better known by his pseudonym Marcos Ana, was a Spanish poet and is considered by numerous sources Spain's longest serving political prisoner. Under the Francoist Spain, he was convicted of first degree murder of three people (a priest, a postman and a farmer) at the age of 19 in 1939, crimes he always denied having committed. He spent 23 years in prison, longer than any other republican combatant, being released in 1961 and exiled in Paris.(d. 2016)
1921 - Telmo Zarraonandia, footballer born in Erandio (d. 2006)
1921 - Marcos Ana, poet.
1937 - Amando de Miguel, sociologist.
1943 - Valentín Fuster Carulla is a Spanish-American cardiologist.He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), past President of the American Heart Association, past President of the World Heart Federation, and has been a member of the US National Academy of Medicine.In the United States, Fuster serves as Director of Mount Sinai Heart and Physician-in-Chief of The Mount Sinai Hospital, and Director of the Zena and Michael A.
José Luis Garci - photo https://es.wikipedia.org/
1944 - José Luis Garci in Madrid. The noted director, producer and author, one of his films was ‘Volver a Empezar,’ the first Spanish film to win an Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film in 1982.
1945 - Félix Sanz Roldán, army officer He has the rank of General of the Army and from 2009 to 2019, he served as the Director the National Intelligence Center, the main Spanish intelligence agency. Previously, he served as Chief of the Defence Staff (JEMAD) of the Spanish Armed Forces between 2004 and 2008.
1946 - Alberto Cortina, financier.
1951 - Joaquín Hinojosa, theatre actor and director.
1952 - Joan Barril i Cuixart was a Catalan journalist and writer. He was known for his writing columns in El País, La Vanguardia and in El Periódico de Catalunya. In 1998 he won the Ramon Llull Novel Award for Parada obligatòria.Barril died in Barcelona from pneumonia, aged 62 in 2014
1964 - Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau Nieto, hyperrealist painter, specialist in historical military paints that portray different times of the Spanish Armed Forces, with hyper-realist naturalism.
1967 - Pepón Nieto, actor.
1968 - Roberto Enríquez, actor.
1970 - Rosa Mariscal, actress.
1976 - David DeMaría, singer songwriter.
1988 - Jeffrén Suárez, footballer
1995 – Sergi Samper, footballer

1410 - Martin of Aragon (b. 1356)
1479 - Juan II, the grand, King of Aragón and Navarra.(b. 1397)
1509 - Rodrigo Fernández de Santaella, theologist (b. 1444).
1516 - Juan Díaz de Solís, conquistador (b. 1470?).
1775 - Domingo de Bonechea, navigator and explorer (b. 1730).
1819 - Carlos IV King (1788-1808) dies aged 70
1917 - Alejandro Ferrant y Fischermans, painter (b. 1843).
1955 - Luis Otero, footballer (b. 1893).
1969 - Enrique Ruano, student (b. 1948).
1983 - Sabino Bilbao, footballer (b. 1897).
2007 - Eusebio Cimorra, journalist and writer (b. 1908).
2010 - Mariano Constante, writer (b. 1920).
2011 - Jordi Vila Soler, footballer (b. 1929).
2019 - Lolo Rico, television director and journalist (b. 1936)
2022 - Domingo Miras, dramatist (b. 1925)