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January 22

Saint’s Day for Vicente, Roroncio, Víctor and Gaudencio.

1188 - In the Kingdom of León, Alfonso IX is proclaimed king after the death of his father Fernando II.
1771 - Spain cedes Falkland islands to Britain
1809 - The Central Board of Seville declares that the Spanish colonies in America "are not properly colonies or factories, like those of other nations, but an essential and independent of the Spanish monarchy."
1810 - Jerónimo Merino whose guerrilla acts on communications between Burgos and Valladolid, surprise a French division near the town of Dueñas, falling into the ambush over 1500 men.
1910 - Begins the return of Spanish troops who fought in the campaign of Morocco.
1921 - In Spain, the government establishes mandatory workers' compensation for all workers.
1926 - The Spanish Air Force hydroplane, ‘Plus Ultra,’ takes off from Palos de la Frontera, Huelva province, landing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the 26th of the month, in the first Transatlantic flight between Europe and South America.

1931 - The telephone service in Spain between the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands starts running.
1972 - The businessman Lorenzo Zabala is released three days after he was taken hostage by ETA.
1993 - The prison officer José Ramón Domínguez is shot dead by ETA terrorists in San Sebastián.
1994 - One hundred scholars of the Spanish language of 20 of the 22 existing in the world urge institutions in Huelva (Andalucía) to their respective governments to defend the Spanish language and culture.
2004 - the Junta de Andalucía announces that agreement has been reached with the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm to provide cell lines for research.
2014 - High earners and opportunist funds are taking up the current real estate bargains in Spain. Two out of three recent house purchases has been made in cash, and foreign investors see that the fall in price is of grand benefit to them.
2015 - Luis Bárcenas leaves prison after his family paid €200,000

1665 - Sebastian de Jesus, Franciscan friar (d. 1743).
1775 - Manuel del Pópulo Vicente Rodriguez García was an opera singer, composer, impresario, and singing teacher. (d. 1832)
1841 - Josep Masriera i Manovens, born in Barcelona was a landscape painter, goldsmith and businessman. (d. 1912)
1852 - Francisco Fernández Iparraguirre, pharmacist, botanist and linguist (d. 1889).
1909 - Faustino Cordón, biologist (d. 1999).
1917 - José Luis Molinuevo, football goalkeeper (d. 2002)
1926 - Aurora de Albornoz born in Luarca, Asturias As a youth, she lived in Luarca with her parents, sister, and extended family, throughout the Spanish Civil War from 1936 to 1939— an event that inspired her later poetry.(d. 1990)
1927 - Juan Guerrero Zamora, director of Television (d. 2002).
1930 - Mariví Bilbao, actress (d. 2013)
Francisco Brines - Photo https://www.bestialectora.com/
1932 - Francisco Brines Bañó He was born in Oliva, Valencia. He is regarded as one of the 50s Generation of Spanish poets, along with Claudio Rodríguez, Jaime Gil de Biedma and Ángel González.  He has won numerous prizes including the Crítica Prize (1966), the National Poetry Prize (1986), the Fastenrath Award (1998), the Federico García Lorca Prize (2007) and the Premio Reina Sofía de Poesía Iberoamericana (2011), Brines was elected to Seat X of the Real Academia Española on 19 April 2001, he took up his seat on 21 May 2006. He was elected to the seat vacated by Antonio Buero Vallejo. He has taught Spanish literature at Oxford University and Cambridge University. (d. 2021)
1933 - Carlos Revilla, dubbing actor (d. 2000).
1956 - Maximino Zumalave born in Santiago de Compostela is an orchestra conductor and pianist.
1957 - Ana Santos Aramburo in, Zaragoza has been the director of the National Library of Spain, since February 2013.
1959 - José Luis Castrillo, painter.
1964 - Pablo Isla Álvarez de Tejera He is the current chairman and CEO of Inditex, a large Spanish corporation and the world's largest fashion group.
1970 - Abraham Olano, champion cyclist who won the World Road Race Championship in 1995 and the Vuelta a España in 1998, was born in Anoeta, Guipúzcoa.
1981 - Emilio Garcia born in Tarragona is an artist and entrepreneur. He is most well known for the "Jumping Brain" sculpture.
1983 - Iban Zubiaurre, footballer.
1990 - Laura Ester, waterpolo player.
1993 - Daniel Alcala Garcia, writer
1996 - .Miguel "Miki" Núñez Pozo in Terrassa, sometimes known by the mononym Miki, is a Spanish singer who represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, with the song "La venda"

1636 - Gregorio Fernández, sculptor (b. 1576).
1755 - Antoni Viladomat i Manalt, baroque painter (b. 1678).
1949 - William Thomas Walsh, American author (Isabella of Spain) dies aged 57
1981 - Maria Moliner, philologist (b.1900).
2007 - Ramón Marsal, footballer (b. 1937).
2013 - Maria Gomez Valbuena, nun of the Sisters of Charity; imputed in the case of stolen children (b. 1925).