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January 23

Saint’s Day for Ildefonso, Clemente, Aguila and Severiano

1677 - Carlos II of Spain and Queen mother named prime minister Juan José of Austria.
1731 - A new Treaty of Vienna, by Austria, England and Spain join forces to bring you Carlos III of Spain for the succession to the throne of Naples and Sicily is signed.
1810 - The French easily move through Andalucia and seize Jaén and Córdoba.
1822 - The Charities Act was passed.
1855 - Spain's government announced cuts to the severance of relations with the Holy See.
1878 - King Alfonso XII married his cousin, María de las Mercedes de Orleáns, in Madrid. The young Queen died of typhoid in June that year.

King Alfonso XII married his cousin, María de las Mercedes de Orleáns - www.blogdeltajo.es

1902 - In Vigo, the explosion of a boiler gunboat Condor caused two dead and five wounded.
1920 - In Barcelona the work La de San Quentin, by Benito Perez Galdos premiered.
1921 - In Vitoria the name "Sport Friends" was changed for Deportivo Alavés and the club was born.
1931 - The need for a passport while crossing the border between Spain and Portugal is abolished by agreement between the two countries.
1932 - The Spanish government dissolves the Society of Jesus – the Jesuits – and takes over title to the order’s properties in Spain.
1937 - In Spain, supporters of the military uprising shoot dead 19 people associated with the CNT (National Confederation of Labour).
1939 - The Republican government formally proclaims a state of war.
1952 - In Barcelona (Cataluña) the Mozos de Escuadra and the Barcelona Provincial Government were restored.
1985 - For the first time in Spain, the two combatants military armies in the Civil War jointly participate in a tribute to the Spanish soldiers who died in battle.
1995 - The Partido Popular politician, Gregorio Ordóñez, Deputy Mayor of San Sebastián, is shot dead by ETA while eating with friends in a restaurant in the city.
2016 - ‘Rajoy has retired and left Iglesias and Sánchez to try to form a Government’.
Rajoy: ‘I am maintaining my candidature, but at this time I do not have sufficient votes to be invested’.
2017 - Cataluña, Valencia and the Baleares were punished by strong winds and high seas yesterday which provoked large amounts of flooding and serious damage to infrastructure.
2022 - One in three children in the Murcia region are abusing the social networks – some 24,200 pupils aged between 11 and 18 are suffering parental controls over how to use their mobile phones

1350 - San Vicente Ferrer, was a Valencian Dominican friar, preacher, who gained acclaim as a missionary and a logician. He is honored as a saint of the Catholic Church and other churches of Catholic traditions. (d. 1419)
1868 - Vicente Allanegui y Lusarreta was an Aragonese priest and composer born in Calanda in the Spanish comarca of Bajo Aragón. (d. 1948)
1873 - Mauricio López-Roberts, writer (d. 1940).
1895 - Juan Tizón Herreros born in La Coruña, was a politician and writer who was exiled during the Spanish Civil War. (d. 1945)
1939 - Roser Capdevila, writer.
1943 - Miguel Ángel Revilla Roiz politician, economist and bank employee serving as the 9th President of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria. He has also served as the 5th Vice President of Cantabria from 1995 to 2003 and Minister of Public Works, Housing and Urbanism in the same period. Revilla is member and one of the founders of the Regionalist Party of Cantabria, being a Member of the Parliament of Cantabria since 1983, Spokesperson of the Party in the Parliament from 1983 to 1995 and Secretary-General of the Party since 1988.
1956 - Juan Vicente Herrera Campo born in Burgos is a politician who served as President of the Junta of Castile and León from 2001 to 2019 and a member of the conservative People's Party.He was spokesperson for his party's parliamentary group in the regional parliament since 1995 until 2001 when Juan José Lucas, then President of the regional government, was appointed Minister of the Presidency and Herrera was named new President.
1962 - Elvira Lindo, born in Cádiz, She did not get her degree, as she began to work in television and radio as a speaker, actress and scriptwriter. Her first novel was based on one of her fictional radio characters, the madrileño boy Manolito Gafotas, who has become a classic of Spanish children's literature. Manolito is the son of a trucker and lives a humble life in the working-class quarter of Carabanchel. The character was the protagonist of several first-person novels written with a solid style that includes humour, irony and sharp social criticism. 
1969 - Actress Ariadna Gil in Barcelona. She is known for her expressive acting in films such as Belle Époque or Lágrimas Negras.
1976 - Haritz Garde, drummer(La Oreja de Van Gogh).
1980 - Unai Expósito, footballer.
1986 - Pablo Andújar Alba, is a professional male tennis player Andujar began playing tennis at 6 years old and has won four ATP Tour singles titles, reaching a career-high singles ranking of world No.
32 in July 2015.
1986 - José Enrique Sánchez, footballer

667 - Ildefonsus or IIdehonsus was a scholar and theologian who served as the metropolitan Bishop of Toledo for the last decade of his life. Buried in the Church of San Pedro y San ildefonso, Zamora, (b. 607)
1516 - The Catholic King, Fernando V of Castilla and II of Aragón, died in Madrigalejo, Cáceres, in 1516.
1648 - Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla, dramatist (b. 1607).
1866 - Juan Isern Batlló and Carrera, botanist (b. 1821).
1893 - José Zorrilla, poet and playwright (b. 1817)
1928 - María Guerrero, actress (b. 1867).
1968 - Ricardo Molina, poet (b. 1917).
1974 - Saulo Torón Navarro, writer (b. 1885).
1989 - Salvador Dalí, painter and sculptor (b. 1904)
1995 - Gregorio Ordóñez, politician (b. 1958).
2003 - Rafael Mas Hernández, geographer (b. 1950).
2008 - Jaume Sorribas, actor (b. 1948).
2022 - Antonio Fernández. football player and coach (Málaga) (b. 1943)