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January 25

Saint’s Day for Elvira, Juventino, Donato and Sabino.

1232 - An army of forces of the military orders of the Bishop of Plasencia and recapture the city of Trujillo.
1516 - When Ferdinand the Catholic died, his daughter Juana de Castilla inherited the Crown of Aragon.
1569 - Felipe II decrees the establishment of the Inquisition in the American colonies.
1704 - The Battle of Ayubale results in the destruction of most of the Spanish missions in Florida.
1955 - Spain is invited to send an observer to the UN.
1976 - Municipal elections are held in Spain after 40 years.

1990 - the television channel Antena 3 starts regular broadcasts. It was the first private channel to broadcast on a national level in Spain.
2016 - A 6.3 grade earthquake in the Alborán sea has been felt across Andalucía
2017 - Mallorca  ‘the rapid advance of the Xylella bacteria is killing almonds, olives, fruit trees and plants’- the Govern has confirmed the extension of the plague with 92 cases and will try to limit the number of trees which need to be uprooted

1725 - Pablo de Olavide, writer and politician (d.1803 ).
1829 - Carlos de Haes, painter of Belgian origin (d.1898 ).
1834 - Pablo Hernández Salces, composer, born in Zaragoza (d. 1910)
1863 - Joan Brull i Vinyoles. was a Catalan painter active in the late 19th century. (d. 1912)
1853 - Eulalia de Abaitua y Allende-Salazar or Eulalia Abaitua lived in Barcelona, Liverpool and London before becoming an early Spanish photographer based in the Basque port of Bilbao. Her work is now a resource of early Basque culture. (d. 1943)
1869 - Carmen Bonaplata-Bau, was a Spanish operatic soprano who made her début at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan in 1886 in the title role of Verdi's Aida. From 1892, she appeared on several occasions at La Scala but also sang in New York (1896), Buenos Aires (1897) and in her native Barcelona (1902). (d. 1911)
1879 - Gabriel Maura and Gamazo, writer and politician (d.1963).
1891 - Fernando Delgado was a Spanish actor, screenwriter and film director. (d. 1950)
1894 - Florián Rey, director one of the masters of silent cinema, was born as Antonio Martínez del Castillo, in La Almunia de Doña Godina, Zaragoza. He directed The Cursed Village, widely recognized as a seminal work in silent Spanish cinema, and helped launch the career of famed Argentinian–Spanish actress Imperio Argentina. (d. 1962)
1911 - Lorenzo Goñi, painter and draftsman (d.1992).
Ramón Mercader - photo - https://www.biografiasyvidas.com/
1913 - Jaume Ramón Mercader del Río more commonly known as Ramón Mercader, was a Spanish communist and NKVD agent who assassinated Leon Trotsky, the renowned Russian Bolshevik revolutionary, in Mexico City in August 1940 with an ice axe. He served 20 years in a Mexican prison for the murder. Joseph Stalin presented him with an Order of Lenin in absentia. Mercader was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union after his release in 1961. He divided his time between Cuba and the Soviet Union. (d. 1978)
1916 - Sixto Marco, painter and draftsman (d. 2002).
1917 - Federico Sopeña, musicologist (d.1991).
1920 - Miguel Diaz Negrete, architect (d.2011).
1928 - Adolfo Marsillach, actor (d.2002).
1929 - Rafael Pi Belda, sculptor.
1930 - Alberto Gil Novales, historian.
1934 - Luis Ontaño, cyclist.
1943 - Manuel Delgado Villegas, also known as El Arropiero, was a Spanish serial killer active between 1964 and 1971. Delgado claimed to have carried out 48 murders in Spain, Italy and France – of these cases the Spanish police were only able to investigate twenty-two in Spain and considered him the definite perpetrator of seven. He was never brought to trial, as he was diagnosed with a severe mental disorder, and in 1978 the Audiencia Nacional ordered that he be preventively detained at Carabanchel Penitentiary Psychiatric Hospital. He was released into the care of a psychiatric hospital in 1996 and died two years later of a smoking-related lung disease. (d. 1998)
1943 - Fernando Pérez Royo, politician.
1944 - Fernando Bonilla, obstetrician and gynecologist.
1947 - Ángel Nieto, motorcycle racer, born in Zamora He was one of the most accomplished motorcycle racers in the history of the sport, winning 13 World Championships and 90 Grand Prix victories in a racing career that spanned twenty-three years from 1964 to 1986. (d. 2017)
1958 - Antonio Jesús López Nieto, football referee.
1964 - Patxi Zubizarreta is a Spanish writer who writes in the Basque language (Euskara).
He studied Basque philology in Vitoria, where he currently resides. He is an author of children's and youth literature, a specialty in which he has won several prizes, has also been dedicated to translation and literature for adults and has a facet as creator of shows that combine music, image and literature.
1975 - Ruth Díaz, actress
1977 - Marta Rovira i Vergés. is a pro-Catalan independence politician from Cataluña and Spanish lawyer who has fled Spain to avoid being judged by the Spanish Supreme Court and now she lives in Geneva
1979 - Roberto Fernández Alvalleros, footballer.
1980 - Xavi Hernández Creus, "Xavi", Barcelona footballer and manager, born in Terrassa
1989 - Víctor Ruiz Torre, footballer

750 - Ibrahim ibn al-Walid, Umayyad caliph
1747 - Juan Antonio Vizarrón y Eguiarreta, religious and politician (b.1682.).
1896 - Vicente Palmaroli, painter (b. 1834).
1973 - Cirilo Cánovas García, politician (b. 1899).
1990 - Damaso Alonso, poet and scholar (b. 1898).
1990 - Luis Moya Blanco, architect (b.1904).
1992 - Manuel Hernández Mompó, painter (b. 1927).
1997 - Manuel Tunon de Lara, historian (b.1923).
2012 - Mabel Manzotti, actress and politician (b.1938).
2013 - Jaime Salom, playwright and physician (b.1925).
2015 - Demetrio González, Spanish-born Mexican actor (Dos Corazones y un Cielo) and singer, complications from a stroke (b. 1928)
2019 - Jaume Trasera Cunillera, Bishop of Solsona (2001-2010) (b. 1935)
2022 - José Ruiz Baos, bullfighter, complications from a stroke (b. 1949)