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January 26

Saint’s Day for Timoteo, Tito, Teógenes and Paula.

1085 - In the Taifa of Zaragoza, Al-Musta'in he married the daughter of Abu Bakr of Valencia, attended the Taifa kings of al-Andalus and, in all probability, in the presence El Cid.
1500 - The Spanish navigator, Vicente Yáñez Pinzón, becomes the first European to discover Brazil.

Vicente Yáñez Pinzón - Picture www.biografiasyvidas.com

1565 - Oceania, Spanish Miguel Lopez de Legazpi begins the invasion of Guam.
1641 - Barcelona, the French army and militias Catalan defeat the Spanish army at the Battle of Montjuïc. Catalonia becomes a satellite republic of France.
1720 - King Felipe V of Spain adheres to the conditions agreed by the Quadruple Alliance of 1718.
1812 - Napoleon Bonaparte ordered the division of Catalonia in departments.
1824 - within the framework of the independence of America, King Ferdinand VII decided not to negotiate with the rebels of the Spanish colonies in America the recognition of its independence.
1838 - In Spain, the Chartists, led by Ramon Cabrera, occupy the fortress of Morella after several months of siege.
1898 - within the framework of the Spanish-American War, enters Havana the US battleship Maine, whose sinking, attributed to the Spaniards, served as a pretext for the United States declared war on Spain.
1939 – Spanish Civil War – Catalonia Offensive: Troops loyal to nationalist General Francisco Franco and aided by Italy take Barcelona.
1960 - In Spain the Constitution of the Spanish Federation of Volleyball / Volleyball (RFEVB) is constituted.
1973: the businessman, Felipe Huarte, is freed after seven days of captivity by ETA terrorists and payment of a ransom of 50 million pesetas.
1979 - the cities of Oviedo (Spain) and Valparaiso (Chile) twin.
1979 - In Spain, the government authorizes ten foreign banks to establish branches in Madrid.
1979 - Spanish police gunned down Marti Marco (militant Terra Lliure) after he skipped a roadblock.
1987 - In Spain, King Juan Carlos I and Sofia placed the first stone of the Universal Exposition in Sevilla in 1992, on the grounds of the Isla de la Cartuja
2015 -  an F-16D Fighting Falcon jet fighter of the Hellenic Air Force crashed into the flight line at Los Llanos Air Base in Albacete, Spain, killing 11 people: the two crew members and nine on the ground. Twenty-one others, all on the ground, were injured, Initial findings were that a technical fault developed on board the F-16 during take-off, and the two crew members had tried to eject

1695 - José Quer, physician and botanist This botanist is denoted by the author abbreviation Quer when citing a botanical name. (d.1764).
1854 - Julio Cervera,military engineer pioneer in the development of radio, educator, explorer, and military man. He also authored various scientific and geographic books and articles. (d.1927).
Sabino Policarpo Arana Goiri - photo https://en.wikipedia.org/
1867 - Sabino Policarpo Arana Goiri, self-styled as Arana ta Goiri'tar Sabin  He was the founder of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) and father of Basque nationalism. He died in Sukarrieta at the age of 38 after falling ill with Addison's disease during time spent in prison. He had been charged with treason for attempting to send a telegram to President Theodore Roosevelt, in which he praised the United States for helping Cuba gain independence from Spain.  (d. 1903)
1886 - Fidel Pagés Miravé was a Spanish military surgeon, known for developing the technique of epidural anesthesia.He practised a wide range of traumatological and surgical techniques, both for war injuries and civil purposes, contributed to the modernisation of surgery in Spain and participated actively in the reorganisation of the Spanish Military Health system in the 1920s. (d. 1923)
1904 - Manuel Lora-Tamayo, chemist and politician (d.2002).
1926 - José María Valverde, writer and professor and translator (La espera, Historia de la literatura universal) born in Valencia (d.1996 ).
1927 - Pedro Maso, filmmaker (d.2008)
1927 - María Jesús Valdés, actress. (d. 2011)
1933 - Juan Carlos Díaz Quincoces, footballer.
1935 - The politician, José Sánchez Guerra y Martínez, a three times government Minister and Prime Minister for a brief period in the years leading up the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera.
1939 - Luis de Velasco Rami (born in Valencia) is a Spanish economist, essayist and politician.
1942 - Rafael Arias-Salgado, politician.
1960 - Montserrat Boix Piqué is a Spanish journalist, considered among the most influential women in her country. In early 2000, she created and developed the concepts of social cyberfeminism, and a year later those of feminist hacktivism. Another of her main areas of work is gender violence and communication. She has also stood out as a defender of the right to communication and citizenship rights for women.
1971 - Máximo Huerta Hernández is a Spanish journalist and writer. In June 2018 he was appointed by PM Pedro Sánchez to the post of the Minister of Culture and Sport of the Sánchez government, and resigned one week afterwards due to tax evasion.
1977 - Luján Argüelles, television presenter
1978 - Rafael Ojeda Rojas alias Falete .He's an artist that cannot be pigeonholed – a refreshing figure in the more traditional flamenco and copla scene.
1981 - Alex Ferrer is a Spanish DJ, producer, promoter, founder of the electronic music group Deeplomatic Recordings and co-founder of Coincidance Music Festival. Alex has been related to the music industry since his early teens, emerging from a background of House and Garage and been heavily influenced by an upbringing of Latin, Funk, Disco and Soul, he has since featured on a mammoth list of DJ line-ups, radio shows, flyers and music releases.
1983 - Arturo Casado Alda is a Spanish middle distance runner.
1985 - Fernando Llorente Spanish international footballer 

1576 - Juan Ortiz de Zarate, football striker.
1935 - Jose Sanchez Guerra, politician, lawyer and journalist (b 1859).
1980 - The leading Socialist politician, Andrés Saborit, and former General Secretary of the PSOE Party, just three years after returning after returning to Spain after 38 years in exile. He proclaimed the Second Spanish Republic from the balcony of Madrid City Hall on 14th April 1931.
1998 - Emilio Alarcos Llorach, linguist and literary critic (b.1922).
2001: Ramón Díaz García, a cook at Navy Command in San Sebastián, dies in an ETA car bomb attack.
2015 - Two Greek pilots and eight French citizens die when the Greek F-16 crashed at the Los Llanos airbase, Albacete
2015 - José Luis Allende, Olympic sailor (b. 1927)
2015 - Miguel Ángel Cascallana, Olympic handball player (1972) (b. 1949)