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January 27

Saint’s Day for Julián, Avito, Dacio and Mauro.

1554 - Off Cádiz the Spanish navigator Pedro de Heredia drowns and dies, he founded Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)
1612 - Felipe III granted the first privilege to run in closed bullrings, origin of the arenas
1759 - Spanish forces clash with indigenous Huilliches of southern Chile in the battle of Río Bueno 
1794 - On the island of Santo Domingo, a Spanish fleet under Admiral Gabriel de Aristizábal- take the French Fort Dolphin Square.

Pedro de Heredia - www.icarito.cl

1801 - The city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife was declared capital of the Province of Canary by King Fernando VII.
1925 - Madrid Alcazar Theater opened.
1951 - Madrid Lazaro Galdiano Museum was inaugurated.
1993: the canopy roof at the entrance to the Cine Bilbao in Madrid collapses onto the crowd queuing up outside, killing six people.
1993: the bodies of three teenage girls who disappeared in Alcácer, Valencia, on 13th November 1992 are found buried near Tous.
1994: a general strike is held against the government’s labour reforms.
2000 - Madrid, the work of Francisco de Goya Countess of Chinchon, entered the collection of the Prado Museum.
2002: The Prime Minister, José María Aznar, formally announces to the party congress which elects him President of the Partido Popular for the fifth consecutive occasion, that he will not be standing for re-election as Prime Minister.
2012 - The airline Spanair ceases its business operations, ending 26 years of history.
2013 - Spain defeats Denmark to win the 2013 World Men's Handball Championship
2016 - Dismantled the ‘criminal organisation’ in the Valencia PP’. A circle is closing in on Rita Barberá and the Guardia Civil are investigating the financing of their election campaigns. A corrupt gang directed by Alfonso Rus, pillaged millions from public funds, according to the judge. There are 24 detained, among them 8 PP organisers for granting public contracts to companies in exchange of commissions.

1806 - Juan Crisóstomo Jacobo Antonio de Arriaga y Balzola was a Basque composer He was nicknamed "the Spanish Mozart" after he died, because, like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, he was both a child prodigy and an accomplished composer who died young. They also shared the same first and second baptismal names; and they shared the same birthday, January 27 (fifty years apart).  (d. 1826)
1826 - Carlos de Haes, painter (d. 1898).
1844 - Juan Navarro Reverter  born in Valencia,was a historian and politician who served as Minister of State between 1912 and 1913. (d. 1924)
1896 - Agustín Muñoz Grandes,  general, and politician, vice-president of the Spanish Government and minister with Francisco Franco several times; also known as the commander of the Blue Division between 1941 and 1942. (d. 1970)
1910 - Félix Candela, architect and engineer (d. 1997).
1920 - Juan de Arespacochaga, engineer and politician (d.1999).
1934 - Federico Mayor Zaragoza, politician and professor. UNESCO director (1987- 1999 ) born in Barcelona
1936 - Manfred Gnädinger, German sculptor living in Galicia (d.2002).
1949 - Montxo Armendariz, filmmaker. Secretos del corazón won several Goya Award, Berlin Film Festival and received the Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Film.

1953 - Enrique Martínez Heredia, cyclist.
1960 - Francesc Ricomá de Castellarnau, Married with two daughters, Ricomá gained a diploma in Labour relations and subsequently worked as a technical adviser to the Spanish National Statistics Institute.
1962 - Anselmo Fuerte, cyclist.
1967 - Manuel Quijano, singer (Café Quijano).
1985 - Teodoro García Egea, politician He has been a member of the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th terms of the Congress of Deputies representing Murcia.
1989 - Anton Shunin, footballer
1971 - Rolando Uríos, Spanish handball player of Cuban origin.
1976 - Xavier Estrada Fernández  is a  professional football referee. He has been a full international for FIFA since 2011
1982 - Ernest Urtasun Domenech ecosocialist politician. He serves as Member of the European Parliament since 2014, integrated within the Greens–European Free Alliance (Greens/EFA) political group.
1989 - Alberto Botía, footballer
1995 - Alex Monner, actor 

1554 - Pedro de Heredia, the Spanish explorer who founded the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias, died when his ship is wrecked off the coast of Cádiz. (b. 1505)
1638 - Gonzalo de Céspedes y Meneses, author and poet (b. 1585)
1800 - Costillares (Joaquín Rodríguez), bullfighter (b. 1743).
1901 - Regino Martínez Basso, violinist (b. 1845).
1997 - Daniel Txopitea, painter and sculptor (b.1950).
1999 - Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, writer (b. 1910).
2002 - Mari Carmen Prendes, actress (b. 1906).
2004 - Felipe Ruiz Martín, historian (b. 1915).
2007 - Claudio Guillén, writer renowned for his studies on comparative literature and the son of the poet, Jorge Guillén, died in Madrid.
2011 - Paco Maestre, film and television actor. (b. 1957).
2022 - María Pellicer, politician, deputy (1993 -1996) member of the Aragonese Courts (1999-2011) and mayor of Castejón de Sos (2003-2011) (b. 1950)