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January 29

Saint’s Day for Valero, Constancio, Pedro Nolasco and Mauro

1587 - Deventer and Zutphen surrender to Spain
1919 - The military pilots fly Fanjul and Sousa overfly Sevilla in their biplanes, and stayed in the air for thirty minutes.
1923 - Ist flight of autogiro (Juan de la Cuerva) in Madrid
1981 - Spain's first president in democracy, Adolfo Suarez, resigns.
2017 - in Alicante, ‘killed a married couple and their 12 year old daughter after hundreds of kilos of clothes fell on them in their home in Alicante’ – the family had been hoarding items for sale when the goods fell upon them – the neighbours were concerned about a fire starting. The 18 year old daughter found the bodies when she got up in her house in Avenida de Alcoy – the autopsy will determine whether they were squashed or suffocated.
2023 - In Alicante ‘Saturation in mental health soars two months for an appointment with a paid psychologist’, the professionals are overcome by the avalanche of cases from all ages and warn about the increase in self-injury, anorexia and ideas of suicide among the young

Alex Úbago . https://en.wikipedia.org/

1650 - Francisco del Rincón, OM (29 January 1650 – 28 June 1723) was a Spanish-born Minim friar and prelate of the Catholic Church in the New World, in what is now the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Colombia. (d. 1723)
1791 - Josef (also José or Joseph) de Mendoza y Ríos  astronomer and mathematician of the 18th century, famous for his work on navigation. The first work of Mendoza y Ríos was published in 1787: his treatise about the science and technique of navigation in two tomes. He also published several tables for facilitating the calculations of nautical astronomy and useful in navigation to calculate the latitude of a ship at sea from two altitudes of the sun, and the longitude from the distances of the moon from a celestial body. In the field of the nautical instruments, he improved the reflecting circle.In 1816, he was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. (d. 1816)
1825 - María Francisca de Sales Portocarrero y Kirkpatrick, also known informally as Paca de Alba (born in Granada) was a Spanish noblewoman. She was 12th Duchess of Peñaranda in her own right and five-times Marchioness, five-times countess, viscountess, grandee of Spain and duchess-consort of Alba de Tormes via her marriage to Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart, 15th Duke of Alba. (d. 1860)
1866 - Julio Peris Brell, painter (d.1944).
1886 - Alfonso Daniel Rodríguez Castelao, commonly known as Castelao, was a Spanish politician, writer, painter and doctor He is one of the fathers of Galician nationalism, promoting Galician identity and culture, and was one of the main names behind the cultural movement Xeración Nós. He was also one of the founders and president of the Galicianist Party.(d. 1950)
1867 - Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, was a journalist, politician and best-selling Spanish novelist in various genres whose most widespread and lasting fame in the English-speaking world is from Hollywood films adapted from his works. (d. 1928)
1873 - Prince Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi, Italian navy officer, explorer and mountaineer (Ruwenzori Range, Uganda; Mount Saint Alias; Yukon) born in Madrid (d. 1933)
1868 - Pascual Perez Rodriguez, writer and photographer (d.1804)
1871 - Eduardo López-Chávarri, composer (d. 1970).
1884 - Marcel Perez, born Marcel Fernández Peréz, was an internationally celebrated Spanish-born creator and star of over 200 silent comedy short subjects. (d. 1929)
1899 - Rafael Dieste  was a Galician poet, philosopher, short-story writer, and dramatist writing mostly in Galician language, but also in Spanish language.He began to write with the encouragement of another Galician poet, Manuel Antonio, wrote for the theatre and wrote widely on ethics.  (d 1981)
1903 - Antonio Oliver, literary critic (d. 1968).

1920 - José Luis de Vilallonga y Cabeza de Vaca, 9th Marquess of Castellbell, GE (29 January 1920 – 30 August 2007) was a Spanish actor, author and aristocrat who rose to prominence when he co-starred with Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Julie Christie in Darling. (d. 2007)
1924 - José Asensio Lamiel is an Aragonese painter and sculptor born in Calanda in the Spanish comarca of Bajo Aragón. He began his studies at the School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Zaragoza. In the 1960s he moved to Colombia and worked there for six years; he also worked in the United States, before returning to Spain, where he set up residence in Madrid, and continued to develop as painter and sculptor.
1925 - Vice admiral Cristóbal Colón de Carvajal y Maroto, 17th Duke of Veragua, 16th Duke of la Vega, 18th Marquess of Aguilafuente, 15th Marquess of Jamaica  was a Spanish Navy officer, statesman and a direct descendant of Christopher Columbus. He was, for four decades, Admiral of the Ocean Sea, Admiral of the Indies and Adelantado of the Indies, positions that had been held by his father and all of his direct paternal ancestors up to Christopher Columbus, who took on the duties with the discovery of America in 1492. In 1986, Colón de Carvajal and his personal driver were killed by Basque nationalist terrorist group Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA), which had opened fire at the car they were travelling in and tossed a hand grenade inside, near Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, (d, 1986)
1939 - Luis Gómez Llorente, politician and philosopher (d. 2012).
1944 - Julia García-Valdecasas Minister of Public Administration from 2003 to 2004. (d 2009)
1956 - Rosa María Cid López is a academic. Specializing in the study of women and gender, she served as President of the Asociación Española de Investigación de Historia de las Mujeres (Spanish Association Investigating the History of Women).
1957 - Elia Barceló, science fiction author, in Alicante.
1964 - María José Bueno Márquez, better known as Pepa Bueno is a Spanish journalist, currently host of the well-known radio show Hoy por hoy in Cadena SER./ Born in Badajoz, Bueno started her career as news director of the local station of Radio Nacional de España in Extremadura and later was transferred to Aragón.
1971 - Joan Herrera i Torres. is a  lawyer and politician from Cataluña
1972 - Diego Borrego (born in Málaga) is a golfer. He started playing golf at the age of seven and turned professional in 1991. He was a rookie on the European Tour in 1994, and two years later, he had his best season, winning the Turespana Masters and finishing thirtieth on the European Tour Order of Merit.
1981 - Alex Úbago, Basque singer songwriter and guitarist (¿Qué pides tu?), was born in Vitoria-Gasteiz
1982 - Rubén González, footballer.
1983 - Eduardo Westerdahl, painter (d. 1902).
1984 - Álvaro Cejudo, footballer.
1985 – Marc Gasol, basketball player, born in Barcelona
1988 - Joan Crespo Sistiaga (born in San Sebastián) is a Spanish slalom canoeist who has competed at the international level since 2004.

1859 - William H. Prescott, historian and American Spanish scholar (d.1796)
1866 - Julio Peris Brell, painter (b. 1944)
1938 - Armando Palacio Valdés, one of the most popular novelists of the 19th century, died in Madrid (b. 1853)
1951 - Evaristo Valle, Asturian artist in Gijón.
1983 - Eduardo Westerdahl, painter (b. 1902).
2012 - Carlos Pérez Merinero, writer (b. 1950).
2015 - Amparo Baró actress (7 vidas, Siete meses de billar francés) cancer (b. 1938)