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January 30

Saint’s Day for Martina, Lesmes, Abad and Félix.

1500 - the Spanish explorer, Vicente Yáñez Pinzon, becomes the first European to set eyes on the Amazon, when he reaches the mouth of the river.

King Felipe  VI - https://en.wikipedia.org/

1648 - The Peace Treaty of Münster and Osnabrück is signed, ending the Eighty Years War between Spain and the Netherlands.
1938 - Formed in Burgos of the First National Government of Spain (1938-1939), in which Francisco Franco officially assumed the posts of Head of State and Government.
1998 - In Sevilla, ETA shot dead the PP councilor Alberto Jiménez-Becerril and his wife Ascension Garcia.
2013 - The Spanish newspaper El País publishes accounting information - which will be known as Bárcenas affair - revealing the alleged payment of bonuses to the Spanish People's Party leaders from undeclared contributions from businesses.
2016 - The tribunal ignored the State and has exposed the Infanta to eight years’. The court criticised the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court and did not apply the ‘Botín doctrine’. She will have to respond to two fiscal crimes, and will have to sit on the accused bench for at least 12 days.
2017 - Alicante, ‘the dead family had been collecting clothes for more than a year to take them on the ferry to Morocco in the summer’ – the forensics have started to inspect the three bodies found at the bottom of the stairs, given the impossibility to enter the flat filled to the ceiling with boxes and bags –  neighbours are baffled by what has happened.
2018 - Felipe VI celebrates his 50th birthday today with the prestige of the Crown, recovered by his undertakings to modernise Spain and his memorable intervention on October 3 against the independents
2023 - Spanish police announced the seizure of 4.5 tonnes of cocaine aboard a Togolese-flagged cargo ship from Latin America which was intercepted off the Canary Islands.
The “Orion V”, which transported cattle from Latin America to the Middle East, had been under surveillance for over two years and had previously been “checked and searched, but no drugs could be found inside, despite the presence of sufficient clues”, police said
2023 - National Court ordered pre-trial imprisonment of a man suspected of killing a Catholic Church officer and injuring four more during a machete attack the previous week in Algeciras. Investigating Judge Joaquín Gadea agreed to the public prosecutor’s request for prison without bail for Yassin Kanjaa. After the 25-year-old Moroccan testified for over an hour in a court in central Madrid, the judge ruled that he should be tried for manslaughter and terrorism charges.

1832 -  Infanta Luisa Fernanda, Duchess of Montpensier, born in Royal Palace of Madrid  She was the youngest daughter of King Ferdinand VII of Spain and his fourth wife Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies, the queen-regent, who was also his niece.(d. 1897).
1842 - Virgilio Mattoni de la Fuente, was a painter of post-romantic realism and a central figure in the modern Andalusian school of painters. (d. 1923)
1846 - María de los Ángeles Guerrero González, Santa Ángela de la Cruz, was born in Sevilla. She founded the Institute of the Hermanas de la Cruz,  a Roman Catholic religious institute dedicated to helping the abandoned poor and the ill with no one to care for them. She was canonized in 2003 by Pope John Paul II. (d. 1932)
1857 - Agar Eva Infanzón Canel, best known by her pseudonym Eva Canel, was a writer and journalist, originally from Spain who settled in Cuba. (d 1932)
1886 - Alfonso Daniel Rodriguez Castelao, writer, painter, musician and artist (d.1950).
1887 - Jordi Rubió i Balaguer  was a Catalan philologist and librarian. (d. 1982)
By Basilio - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/

1899 - Manuel López-Quiroga Miquel, better known as Maestro Quiroga, was a composer especially known for his coplas, cuplés, and zarzuelas. He was also a pianist and one of the group of songwriters, Quintero, León and Quiroga, who created some of Spain's most popular and best-known songs from the mid-twentieth century.(d.1988)
1911 - Francisco Ponzán, anarchist(d. 1944).
1934 - Claudio Rodríguez, poet (d. 1999).
1935 - Pedro Schwartz, OBE politician, economist and Spanish jurist
1940 - Miguel Ángel Martínez Martínez (born  in Madrid)  politician and Member of the European Parliament for the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, part of the Party of European Socialists..
1946 - Vicente Ameztoy, painter.
1959 - Alfonso Agra Tato is a actor He is very active in some of the most popular Galician television series and has also starred in various films spoken in both Spanish and Galician, most notably Wedding Days 
1968 - Felipe VI,(Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos de Borbón y de Grecia) the Spanish King, (2014 - ) the youngest child and only son of King Juan Carlos I and Doña Sofía.
1979 - Carlos Latre, screenwriter, television presenter, impressionist, television director, voice actor, television actor, film actor
1989 - Tomás Mejías, footballer.
1989 - Gerard Granollers Pujol, Catalan is a professional tennis player He has won 12 ATP Challenger tournament titles, all of them in doubles. 
1997 - Alexandra Rodríguez Long is a  pair skater, With partner Aritz Maestu, she is the 2010-11 Junior Spanish champion. They are the first pair team to represent Spain in ISU competition..

1806 - Vicente Martín Soler, Composer born in Valencia (b. 1754).
1955 - Salvador González Anaya, writer (b. 1879).
1983 - Coralia Fandiño Ricart, Galician woman, of the sisters Las Dos Marías (b. 1914).
1989 - Alfonso, Duke of Anjou and Cádiz, politician, pretender to the throne of Spain and France.
1991 - Jose Ferrater Mora, philosopher and essayist (b. 1912).
1997 - Cayetano Luca de Tena, theatre director. (b. 1917).
1998 - Alberto Jiménez-Becerril Barrio, politician assassinated by the terrorist giant ETA (b. 1960).
2002 - Juan Viñas, journalist (b. 1918).
2008 - Fernando de Higueras, architect (b. 1930).
2011 - José Llopis Corona, footballer (b. 1918).
2022 - Santiago Manguán, Olympic long-distance runner (1976) (b 1944)