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January 7

Saint’s Day for Raimundo de Peñafort, Julián and Teodoro.

1325 – Alfonso IV becomes King of Portugal.
1899 - In Madrid the first issue of the magazine Literary Life, directed by Jacinto Benavente appears, among whose contributors included Rubén Darío, Miguel de Unamuno and Antonio Machado.
1908 - In Spain it is promulgated the Law of the squadron, to provide the country with maritime forces, of which lacked after the disasters suffered in the wars in Cuba and the Philippines.
                                          Niceto Alcalá Zamora - https://es.wikipedia.org/

1936 - Niceto Alcalá Zamora, President of the Spanish Republic, dissolves parliament and calls new elections for 16th February. They were won by the Frente Popular, an electoral coalition of left-wing parties which had been created specifically for that purpose.
1940 - The priest Rafael Villoslada Peula founded the Professional Schools of the Holy Family.
1970 - An 18 year old computer studies student, Mariano Ventura Rodríguez, tries to hijack an Iberia flight from Madrid to Zaragoza. He wanted the plane diverted to Albania.
1972 - In Ibiza, a 6-R Caravelle of Iberia LAE collides with the mountain Sa Talaia of Sant Josep. The 104 people on board die.
2014 - The infanta Cristina of Spain is charged by the judge hearing the Nóos case, with money laundering and tax crimes
2015 -  ‘Rajoy is preparing the Government and the PP for new elections’. The Prime Minister expects a long process for legislature and will ask the Cabinet to not allow the sensation of paralysis to continue.
2018 - ‘Improvising converted the AP-6 into a rats’ maze’ – 3,000 vehicles had to be rescued by the military after being trapped on the motorway for some 15 hours. The Government is fining the concessionary company which blames the volume of traffic combined with the snowfall.

891 - Abderramán III Califa from Córdoba (d. 961)
1528 - Juana III Queen of Navarra (d. 1572)
Juan Manuel Pérez de Guzmán - https://es.wikipedia.org/
1579 - Juan Manuel Pérez de Guzmán, 8th Duke of Medina Sidonia,  He was the son of Alonso Pérez de Guzmán, 7th Duke of Medina Sidonia, commander-in-chief of the Spanish Armada and Ana de Silva y Mendoza, daughter of Ana de Mendoza, Princess of Éboli. He married in 1598, aged 19, Juana de Sandoval, daughter of the Duke of Lerma, a favourite of Philip III of Spain. He was promoted to Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1615, aged 36 and 34 years after his father. In the same year he became 8th Duke of Medina Sidonia. In 1625 he commanded, from Jerez de la Frontera, the military operations neutralizing the attack on Cadiz by a Dutch-English Fleet, commanded by Sir Edward Cecil. His eldest daughter Luisa de Guzmán (1613–1666) became queen-consort of Portugal when her husband John II, 8th Duke of Braganza, became John IV, the first King of Portugal of the House of Braganza in 1640. In order to encourage her husband when the Portuguese nobility offered him the crown of Portugal, Luisa is known for her phrase: "better Queen for one day, than Duchess all my life". His granddaughter Catherine of Braganza married King Charles II of England.
1720 - José Bernardo de Gálvez y Gallardo, soldier and politician.
1768 - The elder brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, who was José I,  French King of Naples and Spain from 1808 to 1813, was born in Corsica. (d. 1844)
1779 - Pedro José de Zavala, 7th Marquess of Valleumbroso, was a Spanish-Peruvian nobleman and soldier. (d. 20-Jan-1850)
1833 - San Josep Manyanet y Vives, priest and teacher (d. 1901)
1852 - Faustino Nicoli politician and industrialist born in Barcelona (d. 1925)
1864 - Julio Cejador, humanist and philologist.
1870 - Enrique Chicote, actor.
1876 - Rafael Ángel Jorge Julián Barrett y Álvarez de Toledo,  writer, narrator, essayist and journalist, who developed most of his literary production in Paraguay, becoming an important figure of the Paraguayan literature during the twentieth century. He is particularly known for his stories and essays with profound philosophical content that exposed a vitalism that in some way anticipated existentialism. His philosophical and political statements in favour of anarchism are also well known. (d. 17-Dec-1910)
1882 - Raimundo Martín, religious man, bishop of Verapaz, Guatemala (d. 1975).
1893 - Eudoxia Piriz Diego, Medical first degree in Medicine in Andalucía
1907 - Nicanor Zabaleta, harp player , born in San Sebastián It is estimated that Zabaleta sold nearly three million records.He was awarded the Premio Nacional de Música of Spain in 1982 and six years later, in 1988, he was elected to the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. Zabaleta's final concert on June 16, 1992 in Madrid was given when his health was already declining.(d. 1993)
1913 - Francisco Fernández del Riego, writer and politician (d. 2010).
1916 - Fernando Sancho, film actor (d. 31-Jul-1990)
1919 - Julián Gallego Serrano, historian.
1937 - Carlos Westendorp y Cabeza,  diplomat and former Secretary General of the Club of Madrid.
1948 - Javier Fernández,  (born in Mieres, Asturias) is a  politician, mining engineer, and civil servant.
1958 - Inmaculada Rodríguez-Piñero,  politician for the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE). Married with two children, she earned a master's degree in economic theory from the University of Minnesota and served as economic and employment spokesperson for the PSOE.
1963 - Carmen Machi, actress She's mostly known for her role as Aída García in 7 vidas and Aída.
1974 - Julen Guerrero, footballer.
1974 - Daniel Martin Dockx, Olympic dressage rider. Representing Spain, he competed at two Summer Olympics (in 2012 and 2016).
1976 - Vanessa Lorenzo, fashion model, born in Barcelona
1977 - David Alarza Palacios, Judoka
1989 - Elisa Mouliaá, actress She is known for having played Irene, in the most-watched TV show in Spain, "Águila Roja" ("Red Eagle"), on Televisión Española. She studied drama at the International study of actor Juan Carlos Corazza, and has starred in some films, theatre and TV.
1993 - Nico Santos, German-Spanish singer-songwriter

1355 - Inés de Castro, noble (b. 1325).
1536 - Catalina de Aragón dame, queen consort of England (b. 1485)
1556 - Louis de Blois, flamenco mystic (b. 1506).
1830 - Infanta Carlota Joaquina, daughter of Carlos IV of Spain and wife of John VI or Portugal, dies aged 53
1947 - José García Rodríguez, bullfighter (b. 1875).
1948 - María de Maeztu, educator (b. 1881).
1950 - Alfonso Rodríguez Castelao, writer and cartoonist (b. 1886).
1971 - Gustavo Bacarisas painted from Gibraltar (b. 1873)
1973 - Pedro Berruezo, footballer (b. 1945).
2007 - Ursicino Martínez, sculptor(b. 1932).
2008 - Lluís Coll, footballer (b. 1937).
2011 - José Félix Sáenz Lorenzo, mathematician, university professor and politician. (b. 1946)
2015 - José Arias, Olympic alpine skier (b. 1922)
2015 - Ricardo Bueno Fernández, politician, member of the Senate (1977-1979, 1993-2000) and Congress of Deputies (2000-2004) (b. 1949)
2022 - Francisco Laína, politician (b. 1937)