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July 10

Saints Days: Cristóbal, Amalia, Rufina and Segunda

1488 - The Marqués of Cádiz achieved the surrender of Vera in Almería to the Christian troops.
1512 - The Spanish conquest of Iberian Navarre commences with the capture of Goizueta

Miguel Ángel Blanco - Photo www.flickr.com

1739 - King George II authorises the Admiralty Board to seek maritime reprisals against Spain (War of Jenkin's Ear)
1810 - During the War of Spanish Independence, troops of the First French Empire (under General Régis Barthélemy Mouton-Duvernet) set fire to the town of Almazan, because of the stubborn resistance within its walls made 1600 men (under the command of Spanish guerrilla Jerónimo Merino).
1821 - The United States takes possession of its newly bought territory of Florida from Spain.
1877 - In Puerto Rico, the town of Mayagüez formally receives the character of city by the Spanish crown.
1936 - The hymn of Andalucía was presented in Sevilla
1962 - The ninth Government of Spain is formed during the Franco dictatorship, led by Francisco Franco, with the entry of technocrats ministers Opus Dei members, who will begin one economic policy conducive to the implementation of the Development Plan.
1997 - Miguel Ángel Blanco, a member of Partido Popular, is kidnapped in the Basque city of Ermua by ETA members, sparking widespread protests.
2009 - One person is killed by a bull, the first such fatality in 14 years, during the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona
2010 - Between 1.1 and 1.5 million people, according to organisers, and 56000 demonstrators, according to Spanish protesters-counting specialized company Lynce, demonstrate in central Barcelona demanding greater autonomy for Catalonia within Spain
2022 - A Judge has named three former ETA leaders as suspects over the groups 1997 kidnapping and murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco, and the three now face charges of 'terrorist kidnapping and murder'

1515 - Francisco de Toledo, aristocrat and soldier (d. 1582)
1817 - Miguel Lafuente Alcántara, writer and Arab specialist (d. 1850)
1834 - Jose Maria Sbarbi and Osuna, religious, philologist and musicologist (d. 1910)
1902 - Antulio Sanjuan Ribes, theatre actor and poet (d. 1982)
1913 - Salvador Espriu, author, poet, and playwright  born in Santa Coloma de Farmers (d. 1985)
1921 - Francisco de Asis Sancho Rebullida, jurist and foralist (d. 1995)
1964 - Eloy Olaya, footballer.
1975 - Ruth Gabriel, actress.
1983 - Gabi, footballer

1099 - Possible date of death of Rodrigo Diaz the Cid, Castilian knight (nc b.1048)
1584 - Guillermo de Orange, aristocrat of the Spanish Netherlands (b. 1533)
1603 - Joan Teres I Borrull, archbishop and academic (b 1538)
1766 - Isabel de Farnesio, Queen consort (b. 1692)
1839 - Fernando Sor, guitarist and composer (b. 1788)
1923 - Andres Manjon, priest and educator (b. 1846)
1944 - Adolfo González Posada, jurist, sociologist and writer (b. 1860)
1978 - Alfonso Paso, writer (b. 1926)
1981 - Joaquín Gorjón González, retired Guardia Civil, assassinated by the terrorists ETA (b. 1922)
1983 - Estrellita Castro, singer and actress (b. 1908)
1989 - Matías Vega Guerra, politician (b. 1905)
2010 - Aldo Sambrell, actor, producer and film director (b. 1931)
2013 - Concha García Campoy, journalist (b. 1958)