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July 30

Saints Days: Pedro Crisólogo, Abdón, Senén, Rufino and Máxima

1017 - Leon, King Alfonso V promulgates the Law of Leon.
1086 - The Almoravid army under the orders of Yusef, crosses the Strait of Gibraltar and disembarks in Algeciras

Aleix Espargaró - photo www.formulamoto.es

1309 - The Nazarenes defeat the Christians in Algeciras
1502 - Christopher Columbus lands at Guanaja in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras during his fourth voyage.
1635 - Eighty Years' War: The Siege of Schenkenschans begins; Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange, begins the recapture of the strategically important fortress from the Spanish Army.
1789 - The Malaspina exhibition, the most important political and scientific journey of the ‘illustración española’ leaves from Cádiz
1808 - José Bonaparte leaves Madrid when he hears of the victories of the Spanish troops over the French in the Battle of Bailen
1811 - Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, leader of the Mexican insurgency, is executed by the Spanish in Chihuahua City, Mexico.
1878 - Madrid the construction of the current building of the Stock Exchange started.
1910 - the Spanish Government, chaired by José Canalejas, suspends diplomatic relations with the Vatican.
1912 - The Scouts in Spain Spain association is founded; which officially started Scouting in that country.
1969 - The bikini is seen on Spanish beaches
1976 - King Juan Carlos I decrees a political amnesty which affects 500 people who had been jailed for their beliefs.
1983 - New labour law in Spain which establishes a 40 hour week and 30 day annual holidays.
1984 - The number two of ETA, Eugenio Etxebeste, was arrested by the French police.
1992 - The Indo-British writer Salman Rushdie, threatened by Islamic extremism, appears in public in El Escorial.
2009 - Palmanova bombing: At least two people are killed in a car bomb explosion at a Guardia Civil barracks in Palma Nova on the Spanish island of Mallorca

1900 - Emilio Cebrián Ruiz, composer.
1921 - Joan Triadú, writer and literary critic (d. 2010)
1934 - Gonzalo Suárez, writer and screenwriter.
1936 - Infanta Pilar, Duchess of Badajoz daughter of Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona and Princess María Mercedes of Bourbon-Two Sicilies born in Cannes, French Third Republic
1941 - Rosa Maria Sardà, actress and TV presenter.
1942 - Danny Daniel, singer and composer.
1946 - Conrado Alonso Buitrón, politician.
1955 - Elena Irureta, actress.
1967 - Daniel Sirera, politician.
1984 - María León, actress.
1989 - Aleix Espargaró, motorcycle racer

1523 - Juan de Anchieta, composer.
Portrait by Jean Nocret https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
1683 - Maria Theresa of Spain, was Queen of France as the wife of King Louis XIV. She was born an Infanta of Spain and Portugal as the daughter of King Philip IV and Queen Elisabeth, and was an Archduchess of Austria as a member of the Spanish branch of the House of Habsburg. María Theresa is subject to the rumour that he had given birth to an illegitimate child, the child being Louise Marie Thérèse- a nun at an abbey at Moret-sur-Loing
Her marriage in 1660 to King Louis XiV her double first cousin, was made with the purpose of ending the lengthy war between France and Spain. Famed for her virtue and piety, she saw five of her six children die in early childhood, and is frequently viewed as an object of pity in historical accounts of her husband's reign, since she was often neglected by the court
Without any political influence in the French court or government (except briefly in 1672 when she was named regent during her husband's absence during the Franco-Dutch War) she died at the early age of 44 from complications from an abscess on her arm. Her grandson Philip V inherited the Spanish throne in 1700 after the death of her younger half-brother Charles II and the War of the Spanish Succession, founding the Spanish branch of the House of Bourbon which has reigned with some interruption until present time 
1834 - Diego Clemencín, writer, Cervantes and politician.
1930 - Joan Gamper, Swiss-Spanish footballer and businessman, founded FC Barcelona (b. 1877)
1958 - Florentino López Cuevillas, historian and writer in the Galician language.
1982 - Patxi Gamborena, footballer (b. 1901)
1989 - Ramón Areces, businessman and founder of the department stores, El Corte Inglés (b. 1904)
2013 - Antoni Ramallets, footballer and manager (b. 1924)