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July 4

Saints Days: Laureano and Isabel de Portugal

1811 - Spain founds the Supremo Consejo de Grado 33 and ends the Scottish antitique and accepted Rite.
1961 - Langreo, Popular Union of Langreo born after merging the club Racing de Sama with CP La Felguera.
1970 - Chartered Dan-Air Comet crashes into mountains north of Barcelona, killing112 holidaying Britons
1994: Spain suffers a heatwave – Murcia reaches 47.2 the highest of the provincial capitals, Alicante also makes the record 41.4 ºC

Victoria Abril in Cannes - 2013 - Wikipedia 

1997 - the council of Bimenes (Asturias) is the first to declare the officers of the Asturian language within its territory, causing a chain reaction among various Asturian municipalities.
2007 - Wikipedia in Spanish reached article 250,000.
2011 - In Mérida a rumpus in the central avenue of the city (Square of Peace) for the construction of an underpass, which is rejected by citizens occurs, although accepted by others.
2012 - 12th century manuscript Codex Calixtinus from Santiago de Compostela Cathedral rediscovered, after being stolen, in the garage of an employee of the cathedral
2017 -The UK has published their first survey on Spanish immigration, a collective which has not stopped growing over recent years despite the late recovery of Spain and the threat of Brexit. Of the 116,000 residents, less than 3% are unemployed and most are working in teaching, health and public administrations (19,400 people) financial sector (17,000) and hostelry (16,700). The UK is the country which has attracted most Spaniards in absolute terms last year - more than 13% according to the Spanish National Statistics Institute and since 2009 the number has doubled.
2018 - The Spanish Government accepted another NGO vessel, in this case a Spanish NGO called Open Arms carrying 60 migrants after Italy and Malta rejected again open a port for the ship. The same happened two weeks later
2022 - Spanish police seize underwater drones designed to carry drugs, the vessels would have allowed traffickers to smuggle 200kg of drugs across strait of Gibraltar. National Police arrested eight people in Cádiz, Málaga and Barcelona, and said it was the first time they had come across underwater drones being used to smuggle drugs

1816 - Laureano Figuerola, politician and economist (d. 1903).
1917 - Manolete, (Manuel Laureano Rodríguez Sánchez) bullfighter born in Córdoba (d. 1947)
1926 - Alfredo Di Stéfano, Argentine soccer forward (Spain 31 caps. Argentine 6. Colombia 4. European Cup 1956-60, Real Madrid) and manager (European Cup Winners' Cup 1980 Valencia) in Buenos Aires (d. 2014)
Di Stéfano playing for Spain in 1960
By Dhindsaabhaypartap - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=105175852
1934 - Carmen Santonja, singer and composer and member of the duo Vainica Doble (d. 2000).
1935 - Narciso Ibáñez Serrador, theatre director.
1939 - Manuel Summers, film producer (d. 1993).
1949 - Pedro Antonio Martín Marín, politician and businessman.
1959 - Victoria Abril (Rojas), actress (Libertarias) and singer born in Madrid Born in Málaga, Abril became widely known in Spain in 1976 when she appeared in the show Un dos tres.. responde otra vez  for two years. In addition to working in Spain, she has made films in France, Italy, and Iceland.
1963 - Laureano Márquez, Spanish-Venezuelan political scientist and journalist
1970 - Alberto Ardines, drummer in the bands Avalanche and Sauze.
1983 - Miguel Ángel Muñoz, actor and singer

1541 - Pedro de Alvarado, general and explorer (b. 1495)
1577 - Rodrigo de la Haya, sculptor (b. 1520).
1580 - Santos de Aliseda, composer (b. ????).
1866 - Casiano del Prado, engineer and geologist (b. 1797).
1946 - Juan Rejano, poet (b. 1903).
1966 - Félix Fernández, actor (b. 1897).
1980 - Pedro Vallana, footballer (b. 1897).
1994 - Juan Gil-Albert, writer (b. 1904).
1995 - Irene Gutiérrez Caba, actress (b. 1930).
2011 - Emili Gisbert, journalist (b. 1954).