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July 8

Saints Days: Edgar, Priscila, Auspicio, Adriano II and Eugenio II

1325 - Muhammad Ismail orders his cousin, King Ismail I be killed in the Alhambra, so that his son Muhammad IV can take the throne of Granada

Miki Roqué - Photo www,rtve.es

1808 - Joseph Bonaparte approves the Bayonne Statute, a royal charter intended as the basis for his rule as king of Spain.
1923 - The Communist Party of Spain held its second congress, where Oscar Perez Solis was elected as general secretary.
1983 - In Getafe, Madrid, Getafe Football Club was formed.
1994 - In la sierra de Atapuerca (Burgos) they discovered, in the strata TD6 del discovery known as the Gran Dolina, found fragments of early man.
2013 - Nine people have died and 21 were injured after a bus careered off the road near the central town of Avila
2014 - France denies having amended its penal policy by moving 2 ETA convicts to the prison in Mont-de-Marsan; closest to the Basque Country, which was their main region of operation.
2020 - continues: two quartzite stones were discovered, dating to 600,000 years ago, a find which filled in a gap in the evidence for human occupation of the site over a timeline of 1,200,000 years.  The site was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, under the name, Archaeological Site of Atapuerca
2022 - A judge has named three former ETA leaders as suspects in their July 10 1997 kidnapping and murder of PP councillor Miguel Ángel Blanco and now face charges of terrorist kidnapping and murder. 

1545 - Carlos, Prince of Asturias (d. 1568)
1811 - Luis González Bravo, writer and politician (d. 1871).
1913 - Alejandra Soler, politician (d. 2017)
Faye Emerson Show 1950
1917 - Faye Emerson, American-Spanish actress and singer (d. 1983)
1922 - Mariano Medina, weather forecaster (d. 1994).
1923 - Manuel Alvar, philologist(d. 2001).
1923 - Antonio Herrero Losada, journalist (d. 2001).
1926 - Juanito Navarro, actor (d. 2011).
1950 - Pedro Miguel Echenique, scientist.
1952 - Nacho Martínez, actor (d. 1996).
1953 - Eberhard Bosslet, German artist living on the Canarias.
1956 - Carlos Herrera, TV journalist.
1977 - Canco Rodriguez, actor
1983 - Daniel Navarro, cyclist.
1988 - Miki Roqué, footballer died of bone cancer (d. 2012)

1538 - Diego de Almagro, general and explorer (b. 1475)
1984 - Claudio Sánchez-Albornoz, historian (b. 1893).
1987 - Gerardo Diego, poet and author (b. 1896)
1998 - Lili Álvarez, tennis player, author and feminist (b. 1905)
2008 - Sixto Ríos, mathematician (b. 1913).
2022 - Former Angolan President, José Eduardo dos Santos died in Barcelona (b. 1947)